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Chapter 168: Im Not Convinced

Confer a title

The students here had chosen the military academy as their university, so they naturally knew what a military title represented.

To many people, this was an important reason why they chose the military academy.

It was a type of glory, signifying that the military had recognized the person who was given the title.

This glory was enough to let the person enjoy special treatment at many places.

The benefits couldnt be explained with a few simple sentences.

In summary, it wasnt easy for someone to get a title.

Even the old students sitting at the spectator stand were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped to the floor.

Some of their expressions seemed a little ugly too.

Mind you, only a few third-year and fourth-year seniors were given a military title.

And they received the title because they had gained military exploits during important missions.

Hence, no one had anything to say.

However, Wang Teng was just a freshman.

He didnt gain any military exploits, so what right did he have to be conferred a title

Peng Yuanshan didnt say anything.

This time, he waited for everyone to gradually turn silent before he continued, “I know that some of you are unconvinced.

“How can a freshman who didnt gain any military exploits be given a military title

“Especially the older students.

Some of you have gone through many missions and gained many military exploits.

However, you havent been conferred a title.

Yet, this little freshman climbed on top of you and got one.

You must be uncomfortable.

“But, I dont have to explain anything to you.

Since Wang Teng got the title, he got it.

“However, Wang Teng is indeed an exception.

I can give you a chance.

If anyone is unconvinced, you can challenge him on the same level.

The one who wins will get his title.”

The older students eyes lit up when they heard this.

They were excited.

“F**k, this is a good deal.

If he had said this earlier, I wouldnt have objected to Wang Teng gaining the title.”

“Thats right.

I agree to let Wang Teng have the title.

He deserves it.”

“Cough, as his seniors, why will we be jealous of our junior…”

This was what they were saying, but their eager expressions and restless gazes betrayed their honest thoughts.


Wang Teng stood in the crowd and was stunned once he heard Peng Yuanshans words.

At first, he was quite happy when he said that he was conferring him a title.

Who knew that the president would do this

This was so frustrating!

He chose Huanghai Military Academy because they had promised that he would be given asergeant title.

Although it wasnt the main reason, it was still a condition they had agreed on.

Yet, look at what he did.

He was given the title as agreed, but he also became everyones target.

Those old students obviously wanted to target him.

The other freshmen wanted to laugh at Wang Tengs plight. Hahaha… who asked you to get the title Look, youre the target of all the older students now.

Lets see if you can get a good sleep.

“Hahaha, Old Peng is creating trouble!”

There was a row of school leaders sitting on the rostrum.

They started smiling unconsciously when they heard Peng Yuanshans decision.

“That fellow must be really frustrated.”

“This seems a little unscrupulous.

We agreed to give him a military title at the start.

Thats why he came to our school.

Now that he came, arent we going back on our words by doing this”

“He didnt get the military title because of military exploits, so he doesnt have a valid reason for getting the title.

I think Old Peng did this for his sake.

If he has the ability, he can naturally keep his title.

If he doesnt, he cant blame other people for snatching it.”

There were directors of the different colleges and many instructors sitting at the spectator stand.

They came today to see which students were more outstanding.

Earlier, Peng Yuanshan had frightened the freshmen and asked the latecomers to run 20 rounds because he wanted to test them.

At the same time, it allowed these directors to see the students abilities.

A diamond would shine wherever he was.

These freshmen were like diamonds in the rough.

They needed to go through a filtration process.

To the teachers, an outstanding student was easy to teach.

They would feel proud when they boasted about him.

The effect was obvious.

Among all the freshmen, there were around 30 who didnt get affected.

Among these people, about 12 of them appeared more relaxed.

Of course, among these people, Wang Tengs performance was the most conspicuous.

He looked natural and relaxed, as if he didnt feel anything.

Since he was able to act so indifferently, there was no denying his ability.

But, if they really wanted to test how powerful he was, they needed a knife-testing stone.

Peng Yuanshan threw out the temptation of the military title to use it as Wang Tengs testing stone.

Even if Wang Teng lost, it was alright.

All formidable warriors had suffered defeat before.

All these freshmen, especially the talented ones, were extremely arrogant, as they had never suffered the brutality of society.

If he didnt take them down a peg, it would be hard to teach them in the future.

But, there was a limit.

A martial warrior needed to have some personality.

If they were too down-to-earth, that would be the end of them.

“Wang Teng, please come to the rostrum.

I will confer you your title today,” Peng Yuanshan said in Wang Tengs direction.

Wang Teng felt his gaze landing on his body.

Among so many students, Peng Yuanshan was still able to find him accurately.

“The president is looking in our direction.

Could it be that Wang Teng is near us”

“Im from Donghai.

I have seen Wang Tengs photo, but I dont see him.”

“Brother, are you Wang Teng”

“No, no.”

“If youre not, why are you walking forward”

“Oh, someone behind farted.

Its really smelly.”

“…F**k, it really is.

Were you the one who farted”

When the students around him saw Peng Yuanshan looking in their direction, a thought flashed through their minds.

They started discussing.

“Is Wang Teng so shy” Peng Yuanshan teased.

Wang Teng: …

To hell with being shy!

Am I shy

If you hadnt put me in this position, would I be shy

He felt a little helpless.

However, the situation had already developed to this, so he had no choice but to walk to the rostrum.

“Excuse me!”

The students around him were stunned.

This person, who had remained silent the entire time, was actually Wang Teng!

“Hes Wang Teng”

“He didnt say anything just now.

Hes really calm.”

“Calm Hmph, I think that hes scared.”

“Shh, dont say it out.

Give him some face.”

This was what the male students were saying.

As for the female students, their eyes were shooting threatening beams.

“Hey, Wang Teng is a little handsome.”

“Tsk, why are you fawning over him Hes just a pretty flower.

Ladies like us must not be too shallow.

We cant get enticed by their appearance.”

“Thats right.

Men are soy sauce pig trotters.

They are delicious, but they are flirty!”[1]


Wang Teng was left speechless when he heard the conversations around him.

Am I scared

Dont talk nonsense if you dont know whats happening.

Im just following my heart.

Also, that fat lady over there, what do you mean by soy sauce pig trotters Are you sure youre not talking about food

Please stay on the same channel as me!

He complained in his heart as he walked up the rostrum.

There was an intense angry aura around him as he stood beside Peng Yuanshan.

“Cough, Wang Teng, you seem a little angry” Peng Yuanshan coughed awkwardly as he asked.

“Haha, I wont dare to.” Wang Teng forced a smile on his face.

At this moment, a pretty senior sister wearing military attire walked over with a set of military uniforms.

“Alright, lets not waste any more time.”

The corners of Peng Yuanshans lips twitched a little.

How long had it been since a student dared to talk back to him The last one seemed to be nine years ago.

That fellow was in an extremely high position now.

However, whenever he saw him, he still acted like a mouse encountering a cat.

As expected, he lacked some education.

Memories flashed past his mind for an instant.

Then, he took over the set of military uniforms from the senior sister and said to Wang Teng, “Wang Teng, it has been many years since the last conferment of a freshman.

Im delighted that you have appeared.

“However, your path is just starting.

Your future is long.

I hope that when you graduate in your fourth year, you will have more merits to your name.

“I also hope that one day, I can see you wearing the… general cloak.”

The senior sister beside them was standing quite close.

When she heard this sentence, she widened her eyes.

“General… cloak!”

What was a general cloak

Only a general could wear a general cloak.

All the troops would bow down to him.

The president had such high hopes for Wang Teng

The instructors behind them were shocked too.

Was the presidents expectation a little too high

The old students at the spectator stand were stunned when they heard this.

Then, they felt speechless.

Some of them even started frowning.

They were the favored child of God, but the president had never said these words to them.

Yet, today, he said it to a freshman.

Are we weaker than him

No one was convinced.

The freshmen below were dumbstruck.

“Wang Teng is amazing!”

“F**k, general cloak Wang Teng is my brother from now onwards.

Brother Teng, youre the best! (voice breaks)”

“Boss, do you need lackeys I want to be under your protection~”

Wang Teng raised his head abruptly, staring at the middle-aged man with white sideburns.

A flash of astonishment flashed past his eyes.

However, when he saw the corners of the other partys lips lifting slightly…

Wang Teng was enlightened!


He got fooled again!

This sly old fox is so sinister.

In the future, if anyone dares to say that Im crafty, I will fight with him!

Compared to this boss in front of me, Im as pure as a newborn baby.


No, I cant let him control me!

“Wang Teng, come, take this military uniform, and you will be asergeant!” Peng Yuanshan retracted the expression on his face.

It looked as though the sly old fox expression had never appeared.

Indeed, he had purposely revealed that sly smile just now.

So what if you know that I fooled you

This is a trap set by me.

Even if you dont want to walk into it, you have to!

Wang Teng could almost see his thoughts.

The gears in his brain spun furiously.

Why should I take it just because you ask me to Where am I supposed to put my dignity

Since you want to talk about rules, I will walk within the boundaries set by the rules.

The words the president said just now were unreasonable.

Even after he got his title, other people could take it away by challenging him.

This rule definitely didnt exist in the military academy.

It didnt make sense.

Thinking about this, Wang Teng smiled.

Peng Yuanshan instantly felt a sense of uneasiness in his heart when he saw the smile.

Wang Teng said calmly, “Im not convinced!”

[1] In Chinese, calling a man a pig trotter means the man is flirtatious.


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