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Chapter 157: A Happy Banquet

In the afternoon, two days later.

Wang Teng would be starting university in two days.

Crown Hotel was a five-star hotel.

It was very famous in Donghai.

Wang Tengs graduation banquet and his familys house-moving banquet would be held in the Crown Hotel today.

Many people came.

The Wang family and Li familys relatives all came.

Even the business partners of the Wang family attended the banquet.

Wang Teng knew some of them.

As for the others, he had never seen them before.

After Wang Teng was reborn, this was the first time he was meeting his grandparents.

His three grandparents were getting on in years, but they maintained their health well and had good spirits.

They were chatting casually when Wang Teng went forward and greeted them, “Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandma.”

“Dad, Mom!” Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei greeted them too.

“Oh, my lovely grandson is here! Come, let Grandpa take a look at you.” Grandpa Wang was thrilled.

He ignored Wang Shengguo and waved his hands at Wang Teng.

Wang Shengguo couldnt help but roll his eyes.

Wang Teng walked forward.

Grandpa Wang patted the seat beside him and asked Wang Teng to sit down.

Then, he sized up Wang Teng and said happily, “You became more muscular.

This must be the result of practicing martial arts!”

Grandpa Li smiled and said, “I didnt expect my grandson to become the top scholar of the martial arts exam.”

“Hahaha, thats because my Wang familys genes are good,” Grandpa Wang laughed proudly.

“My Li familys genes are not bad either.

Although this is the martial arts era, a martial warrior has to be adept in both his studies and martial arts.

If he cant study well, he will not be able to become the top scholar.” Grandpa Li was unwilling to back down.

“Its called the martial arts exam, so martial arts is the most important.

Studies can only stand aside.” Grandpa Wang pouted.

Wang Teng and his parents were caught between laughter and tears when they saw the two elders quarreling over which familys genes were more outstanding.

They were old children!

The older they got, the more childish they were.

This saying was right.

“Dad, there are others around.

Stop quarreling.

Others will laugh at you,” Wang Shengguo said helplessly.

“Dad, you too.

Whats the point of arguing Also, Wang Teng carries both families genes.

Both are important.” Li Xiumei felt speechless.

“Haha, these two old men are getting more and more childish.” Wang Tengs grandmother laughed happily.

Then, she pulled Wang Teng to her side and asked him worriedly, “Is practicing martial arts tiring You must have suffered a lot.”

“Grandma, Im fine.

Im very talented, so I didnt suffer much,” Wang Teng lied through his teeth.

“Hello, Shengguo, Sister-in-law, you are here.”

At this moment, Wang Tengs oldest uncle, Wang Shenghong, walked over.

His wife, Zhao Huili, was beside him, as well as his cousins, Wang Yanan and Wang Yalong.

“Elder Brother, Sister-in-law!”

“We just arrived.

I didnt know you would be so early.”

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei greeted them.

Wang Shenghong nodded.

He was around seven years older than Wang Shengguo and looked mature and imposing.

His gaze went past Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei and landed on Wang Teng, who was behind them.


“It has been a long time since I saw you.

Little Teng, you have changed completely,” Wang Shenghong exclaimed.

“Of course.

I was shocked when I saw Wang Teng the other time,” Wang Yanan smiled brightly and said.

“Yalong, look at your younger cousin and then look at yourself.

All you do is nothing.

You should change.” Wang Yanan suddenly turned his attention to the young man, who was playing with his phone beside Wang Yanan.

He was a little disappointed and angry while speaking.

“Tsk!” Wang Yalong rolled his eyes.

He was too lazy to even reply.

“You!” Wang Shenghong was so angry that he felt like hitting his son right then and there.

“Alright, alright, were at a banquet.

Dont keep lecturing Yalong.” Zhao Huili doted on her son, so she hurriedly mediated the situation.

“You spoil him!” Wang Shenghong replied furiously.

Zhao Huili ignored him and smiled at Wang Teng instead.

“You children havent met for a long time.

You must have many things to talk about with one another.

You dont have to accompany us elders.

Go and play.”

“Come, Ill bring you to meet some people,” Wang Yanan said to Wang Teng.

After Wang Teng left with his peers, Wang Shenghong said, “Your family is the main lead today.

Many guests came.

Go and welcome them.”

“Alright.” Wang Shengguo nodded.

He asked, “Wheres Shengjun Why dont I see him”

“Hes greeting his colleagues over there.” Wang Shenghong pointed in a direction.

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing.

A stern-looking man was smiling and chatting with a few people with his back straight up.

Wang Shengguo and his brothers looked very similar.

However, their temperaments were all different, including their figures.

It wasnt hard to differentiate them.

Wang Shengguo and Wang Shenghong went to welcome their business friends.

On the other side, Wang Teng got to know a few young people under Wang Yanans introduction.

Their families always had business dealings with the Wang family.

They didnt look like those rich second generations who only knew how to enjoy themselves.

Instead, they were all young and talented.

This person held an important position in a certain family company, while that person had started his own business and had this amount of assets now.

Wang Yanans intention was obvious.

In the past, Wang Teng didnt have the right to enter this circle.

However, he had the ability now.

In fact, his ability was more than enough.

Look at those young people flattering him.

Outstanding people had their pride, and these young people were no exception.

However, in front of Wang Teng, they kept their arrogance in their pockets.

Martial warriors represented another level.

No matter how impressive they were, they couldnt be compared to a martial warrior with great potential.

Wang Teng didnt like this kind of useless networking, but he didnt lose his manners.

He remained polite and sensible.

After a few rounds of introduction, Wang Teng finally escaped this ordeal.

He went to find the other younger generations of the Wang family.

One of them was his third uncle, Wang Shengjuns son, Wang Haoran, and his aunts daughter, Fang Qianwen.

They were both younger than Wang Teng.

When they saw Wang Teng, they gathered around him and asked him about the martial arts exam.

They were all very curious.

As for the Li family, Li Xiumei only had one older sister, Li Xiulan.

She was here with her family today.

Li Xiulans daughter, Tian Xinyu, was one year younger than Wang Teng.

She was year two in senior high this year.

She followed behind everyone.

She had a shy personality and wasnt as outspoken as Wang Haoran and Fang Qianwen.

She was also interested in the martial arts exam, but she didnt go forward and ask questions.

“Brother Wang Teng, how did you study for the exam You became the top scholar!” Wang Haoran said in admiration.

“Study hard and make progress every day!”

Wang Haoran: …

“Brother Wang Teng, you must take a photo with me later.

I told my classmates that youre my cousin, but they dont believe me,” Fang Qianwen pouted and said.

“No problem.

You can take as many photos as you want.”

Wang Teng was more carefree around the younger generations.

He didnt need to restrain himself or put up an act.

He chatted with them casually.

“Tsk, whats so impressive about him” Wang Yalong sat in a corner and glanced at Wang Teng from the corner of his eyes as he muttered in disdain.

He was similar to Wang Teng of the past.

He liked to fool around and drink and was hopeless in his studies.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng suddenly woke up and embarked on the right path.

He was even used as an example to educate him now.

That was why he was unhappy with Wang Teng.

He felt that his act of turning over a new leaf was just a show.

It was shameless.


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