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Chapter 155: Im No Longer The Child You Loved The Most

Doudou went to sleep after she got tired from crying.

Li Xiumei had tidied a room for her.

She decorated it like a princesss room, and it looked very cozy.

It was highly suitable for a little girl.

She carefully placed Doudou on the bed.

When she looked up, she saw Wang Teng standing at the door.

“Shh!” Li Xiumei placed her forefinger on her lips and signaled Wang Teng to speak after they got out of the room.

When they walked out, she closed the door behind them softly.

Then, she said, “She finally fell asleep.

Dont wake her up.”

“This little fellow is very smart and obedient.

She will get over it soon,” Wang Teng said.

“Who can be certain about this” Li Xiumei replied.

“What do you plan to do We dont have the right to keep her with us.

This isnt a solution.” Wang Shengguo came over and spoke to them.

“Why dont we adopt her” Li Xiumei hesitated before suggesting.

“Adopt her!” Wang Shengguo and Wang Teng looked at her in astonishment.

They didnt expect her to have this idea.

“Have you thought about it clearly” Wang Shengguo frowned and asked.

Adopting a child wasnt an easy task, especially for a family like them.

They needed to consider many things.

“Ive thought about it the entire afternoon.

I heard her mother saying that shes the only daughter.

Doudous grandparents have passed away, and she doesnt have any relatives that can take care of her.

Lets not talk about Wang Fuguis relatives.

They are all cruel and unscrupulous people.

None of them has a good heart.

If we allow them to raise Doudou, its like sending her to the tigers den.

We should adopt her,” Li Xiumei said.

“Son, what do you think” Wang Shengguo looked at Wang Teng.

“Me I dont have any objections.

Its alright to have a younger sister,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

“Also, Doudou is really pitiful.

If what Mom said is true and her relatives are all unreliable, it wont be a good idea to pass her to them.”

“Since you think that its fine, I have no objections either.

I like Doudou.

However, no matter how much we discuss, we still need to ask Doudou for her opinion,” Wang Shengguo said.

“Youre right.

Why dont we let her stay in our house for some time before mentioning this matter to her” Li Xiumei asked.

“Lets do that.” Wang Shengguo nodded.

“Alright, lets go and sleep.”

“Ill accompany Doudou today.

I wont be going back to sleep,” Li Xiumei said to Wang Shengguo.

“Haha, Dad, you are out of favor,” Wang Teng didnt forget to land a blow on his father.

“Go away, you little brat.” Wang Shengguo rolled his eyes and pretended that he wanted to knock Wang Tengs head.

Wang Teng dodged and ran away immediately…

A silent night.

The following day, Wang Teng got up early and started his morning exercise in the courtyard.

He faced the sun and cultivated his Force.

During his one-month trip to the Xingwu Continent, he had gradually cultivated the habit of practicing whenever he had the time.

He didnt want to waste any time.

He was back home, so he didnt have the sense of urgency from the life or death situations anymore.

But, he must not stop his practice.

After he finished practicing his Sky Cremating Sword Skill, Wang Teng slowly stabilized himself and retracted his fire Force back into his Force nucleus.

He let out a breath of hot air.

The Sky Cremating Sword Skill is an earth-rank elite-class battle technique.

Its sword presence is harder to comprehend than the Fire Kirin Sword Skill.

It looks like I need to spend more time practicing it. Wang Teng wondered to himself.

He kept his battle sword.

Just as he was preparing to practice his blade skill, he turned and saw a quiet and tiny figure sitting in front of the door of the villa with the corner of his eyes.

The person had her hands on her chin and was staring at him intently with her dark and bright eyes.

“Doudou, why are you up so early” Wang Teng was slightly stunned.

He walked forward and squatted in front of her.

“Sleeping and waking up early are the traits of a good child,” Doudou said in her cute voice.

“Erm… you are right.

Doudou is a good child,” Wang Tengs pupils twirled around his eyes as he quickly praised her.

“Yes, Doudou is a good child.” Doudou nodded in agreement.

This little fellow is quite narcissistic. Wang Teng laughed secretly.

“Brother Wang Teng, were you practicing martial arts just now” Doudou waved her hands exaggeratedly as she asked.

“Yes, I was practicing martial arts.

Is it fun to watch” asked Wang Teng.


Youre so amazing,” Doudou said earnestly.

“Shall I show you another kind of martial arts” Wang Teng smiled.

“Okay!” Doudou nodded.

She stared at Wang Teng without blinking as he walked to the open ground in front.

He held his battle sword in his hand and started practicing.

The glamorous sword rays engulfed Wang Tengs body.

He purposely slowed down his movement and made it pleasant to watch.

His actions werent as sharp, simple, and decisive as when he was in a battle.

The mighty Moving Mountain Blade Skill was forcefully changed into a performance technique that Wang Teng used to coax a child.

What would the other martial warriors think if they saw this scene

“How is it” Wang Teng stopped and asked.

“It looks good.

Brother Wang Teng, youre so amazing.

I wish that I was as powerful as you.” Doudou suddenly got depressed.


Wang Teng was given a shock.

He wouldnt be able to deal with this young girl if she started crying.

“Doudou, why dont I teach you martial arts” Wang Teng had a sudden thought and said quickly.

“Will I be as powerful as you if I practice martial arts” Doudous eyes lit up like light bulbs.

“Of course.

When you practice martial arts, you might become stronger than me,” Wang Teng agreed as though he was speaking the truth.

“I will follow Brother Wang Teng and learn martial arts then.” Doudou stood up immediately and ran towards Wang Teng with her short legs.

“Brother Wang Teng, teach me quickly.”

“Slow down, slow down.

Dont fall.”

When Li Xiumei came out to call them in for breakfast, she saw Wang Teng teaching Doudou how to do the horse stance.

Although Doudou was young, her posture was quite good.

Even an adult would feel deeply ashamed if they saw her perseverance.

“Hey, stop practicing.

Doudou is still young.

How can she practice martial arts Look at the sweat on her forehead.

Dont exhaust her.” Li Xiumei walked over and pulled Doudou into her arms worriedly.

She wiped the huge beads of sweat from her forehead.

“Mom, dont worry.

I know what Im doing.

Adequate practice is good for her,” Wang Teng said.

“I dont understand all these.

Just be careful in the future,” Li Xiumei reminded him in a worried tone.

“Fine, I will take extra notice.

I wont tire out your little doll.” Wang Teng suddenly felt that his family status had been lowered by a few levels.

Mom, Im no longer the child you loved the most!

He was experiencing grief all alone.

“Doudou, lets stop for today, alright Lets go and have breakfast,” Li Xiumei said.

“Okay.” Doudou looked at Wang Teng.

She only replied to Li Xiumei after he nodded.

Li Xiumei was jealous when she saw this scene.

Im looking at you, but you looked at him instead.

Hahaha… Wang Teng was laughing happily in his heart.


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