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Chapter 1089 This Is Just A Small Price You Have To Pay (4)

“It doesnt matter if its worth it.

Only he can give me what I want.

You cant,” Hardy replied indifferently.

The president of Saint Star Pagoda frowned.

He stopped talking to Hardy and looked down in the Wang familys direction.

“Wang Teng killed my instructors and disrupted our trial.

He must give me an answer for his actions.

Since he ran away, yall can answer for him.

“Are you going to come out yourselves or do I have to invite you

“Theres a limit to my patience.

Ill destroy a city every minute if you dont come out.”

He waved his hand, and a large screen appeared in the sky.

The screen was showing a birds eye view of a city.

A battlecraft gradually stopped above the city, and its canon began gathering Force.

The civilians below were in a panic while despair engulfed the entire city.

Cries were all that could be heard.

“Thats City Shan!” Someone exclaimed in shock, immediately recognizing the place as City Shan in Country Xia.

“Theyre going to destroy City Shan!”

“Damn it!”

“This is too much!”

“How dare they… How can they…”

The leader of martial arts and the others turned pale.

Their hearts were aching.

They didnt think that the alien invaders would do such a thing

“No!” Grandpa Wang shouted.


It was too late.

President Sheng Luo didnt give them any chance, destroying a city just like that.

On the screen, the Force glow soared down from the sky and crashed into the city.

A deafening explosion thundered, and everything was swallowed by the beam of light.

Cries and screams of despair were drowned out.

All that was left was the glaring ball of light.

When the light dissipated, a giant and deep hole replaced City Shan.

The leader of martial arts and the others stared at the screen absentmindedly.

The Wang family was in a daze too.

President Sheng Luo remained indifferent as he watched the happenings.

It was as if he had just wiped out an ant nest.

This was nothing to him.

“Why Why do you have to do this” Grandpa Wang asked with a pale face.

“This is just a demonstration.” President Sheng Luo replied nonchalantly, “The countdown starts now.”

“You…” Grandpa Wang was at a loss for words.

He pointed at the president and trembled in anger.

“Youre too naive.

A city is nothing to them,” Hardy shook his head as he murmured to himself.

The leader of martial arts was filled with anguish.

He didnt know what to say anymore.

There was only hatred left in his gaze.

“One minute is almost up,” President Sheng Luo ignored their gazes and continued lightheartedly.

The image on the screen changed.

It was another city.

This was a renowned, modernized city in the White Eagle Nation.

Similarly, there was a universe battlecraft floating in the air, amassing Force in its cannon as it prepared to wipe this city out.

Faces of despair appeared on the screen.

President Sheng Luo intentionally showed this scene so that the Wang family could see them and suffer mentally.

He wanted to make them the sinners of this planet.

The next moment, Grandpa Wang led the Wang family out of the QY-E63 spacecraft.

Everyone was looking at them in sorrow and silence…

“Have you given up already How disappointing.” President Sheng Luo shook his head.


The Force attack was fired from the battlecraft.

It landed on the city in the White Eagle Nation, and an earth-shaking explosion occurred again.

Ultimate destruction!

The Wang family widened their eyes in terror.

They didnt expect the other party to go back on his words.

Although they came out, he still destroyed the city.

“You… pfft!” Grandpa Wang clutched his chest and spurted out a mouth of blood.

“This is just a small price you have to pay,” President Sheng Luo said softly.

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