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Chapter 1088 This Is Just A Small Price You Have To Pay (3)

“Get out!” Kloet shouted in a ruthless voice.

He stayed on the spot and didnt move forward anymore.

The Wang family felt their hearts palpitating violently.

They hesitated.


At this moment, a sigh broke the tension in the air.

“Why do you have to force me” Hardy came out of hiding and glanced around him.

There was a tinge of helplessness in his tone.


Suddenly, a powerful and strange fluctuation surged out from his body.

The space around him started trembling.

Amid cracking sounds, pitch-black lines of dimensional rifts formed around him.

“Quick, stop him!” The cosmos-stage martial warriors were appalled.

They sensed a huge threat from Hardy.

If they didnt stop him, something extremely terrifying would happen.

Hence, all of them charged toward Hardy and hurled attacks at him without stopping.

Hardy disregarded them.

He stared at Kloet and gave a warning, “You cant touch the Wang family.”


The moment he finished speaking, invisible space fluctuations swept out with him as the center.

They cut through space like airwaves.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Force attacks exploded when they touched the spatial fluctuations.

However, the fluctuations didnt disappear.

They continued spreading.

The martial warriors flying forward squinted.

Their heads turned numb, and all of them used their ultimate moves in an attempt to block the fluctuations.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, it was all in vain.

The attacks were nullified when they touched the fluctuations.

The cosmos-stage martial warriors turned pale and flew backward in mid-air as if they were struck by lightning, vomiting a huge mouthful of blood.

They were terrified and full of disbelief.

The fluctuations started flowing toward them again.

This time, they had no time to resist.

If they got hit by the fluctuations, they would be torn into two.

All the cosmos-stage martial warriors were white in the face.

They felt hopeless.

“Hmph!” A snort suddenly sounded in the sky.

A figure appeared behind Hardy out of the blue and struck his back with his palm.


Hardys expression changed.

He vomited a mouth of blood and was thrown forward violently.

His body fell to the ground like a sandbag


A huge hole appeared on the ground after a loud crash.

The fluctuations disappeared without a trace after losing Hardys support.

It was as if they had never appeared.

The other cosmos-stage martial warriors had white faces.

They still had lingering fears.

The dimensional rifts were only less than a meter away from them.

They didnt have any chance of running away and would be instantly killed.

“Thank you, president.”

The cosmos-stage martial warrior thanked the white-haired elder gratefully.

The person who attacked Hardy was the president of Saint Star Pagoda, Sheng Luo!

He was also one of the three heaven-stage martial warriors in the Olant Federation!

President Sheng Luo was dressed in a white gown.

He stood in mid-air calmly with his hands behind his back and nodded slowly.

“Cough.” Hardy stumbled his way out of the dust while coughing blood.

The gray gown he was wearing was torn, revealing his strange body beneath.

His body was almost transparent.

There were occult black patterns on his skin.

He had facial features, but they seemed to be formed from liquid.

His face was making slow waves, so it was hard to see his real face or remember how he looked.

“I didnt expect to see a shadow assassin here,” President Sheng Luo said calmly with a hint of astonishment on his face.

“Shadow Assassin Clan!”

Alston, Manka, and the others were stunned for a moment before they reacted.

The Shadow Assassin Clan!

It was one of the top 20 powerful races in the entire universe!

No wonder this martial warrior was so powerful!

They finally understood the reason and stared at Hardy in bewilderment.

They couldnt push down their emotions.

They didnt understand why this shadow assassin was on Earth.

They were hard to find even in the universe.

“A formidable warrior like you shouldnt be a slave.

Are you interested in coming to my Saint Star Pagoda” the president asked.

“Saint Star Pagoda Whats that Ive never heard of it,” Hardy shook his head and replied contemptuously.

President Sheng Luo furrowed his brow.

He was being looked down upon.

Anger started to boil in his heart.

I invited you with sincerity but youre looking down on me.

This was infuriating!

Manka, Alston, and the others felt speechless too.

This shadow assassin was tempting fate.

How dare he speak to the president like this Did he have a death wish

“You dont know whats good for you,” President Sheng Luo replied angrily.

“Anyway, as a heaven-stage martial warrior, dont you find it embarrassing to ambush me” Hardy scorned.

“The heaven stage!”

The leader of martial arts and the others were flabbergasted.

This elder was actually a heaven-stage martial warrior!

Damn it!

Earth was finished!

“I just wanted to teach you a small lesson,” President Sheng Luo answered.

“A small lesson” Hardy mocked.

He was heavily injured, and the move he made just now had harmed his origin of soul.

He plonked himself on the ground and panted.

“What a pity.

I didnt manage to finish my mission, but I tried my best.

Master wont blame me for not completing the mission properly, right”

“Is it worth it for a little planetary-stage martial warrior” President Sheng Luo asked.

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