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Chapter 131: A Good Person Will Be Safe All His Life

“Are you questioning the authority of the martial arts exam” Wang Teng found it a little funny.

The two people in front of him were indeed from the same family.

Their attitude was exactly the same.

One of them ran over without any reason and started lecturing him without distinguishing truth and false.

The other scolded him and even dared to question the martial arts exam.

Was the martial arts exam something a normal university student like him could question carelessly

These two were both proud and obsessed with themselves.

“So what if I question it The top scholar of the university entrance exam should be someone with good character and ability.

You What is your worth” said Xie Zhilong with disdain.

“Enough! Xie Zhilong, youre going overboard!” Xu Hui couldnt help but stand up and came in front of Wang Teng.

She never expected this meeting to end with an argument.

Wang Teng was in a tricky position.

He might get into big trouble because of this.

“Me Overboard Wang Teng humiliated my uncle just now.

Isnt he the one who went too far” Xie Zhilong got even more furious when he saw Xu Hui speaking up for Wang Teng.

“Zhilong, stop talking.

Theres nothing to say to an evil person like him.

As for your schoolmate, you should stay away from her.

Birds of a feather flock together.”

Xie Kun glanced at Xu Hui.

He shook his head and then said to Wang Teng, “Wang Teng, take care of yourself.

I hope that you wont regret your rebuttal after you step out of this door later.”

“Am I right to say that youre threatening my young teammate”

At this moment, a fierce voice suddenly came from the crowd.

A few figures with powerful auras walked over and stopped beside Wang Teng.

Lin Zhan smiled and said, “You little fellow, you were hiding her and eating food.

No wonder we couldnt find you.”

“You are the ones late.

I couldnt wait any longer, so I sat down to eat something to pass the time,” Wang Teng said with frustration.

Xie Kuns expression changed when he saw Lin Zhan and the others.

“Tiger Warrior team!

“Lin Zhan!”

“Xie Kun, hmph, were old acquaintances.

Come, tell me, were you threatening my young teammate here a moment ago” Lin Zhan glared at Xie Kun and sneered.

“What kind of joke is this Wang Teng is just a high school graduate.

How can he be your team member Lin Zhan, dont seek trouble out of anything.

Do you think Im scared of you” replied Xie Kun.

He appeared tough on the surface, but in his heart, he was scared.

“You better believe me.

The principal of our Jixin Martial House personally placed Wang Teng in our team,” Lin Zhan replied.

“The Jixin Martial House principal did it personally” Xie Kun was flabbergasted.

Wang Teng was able to catch the attention of Jixin Martial Houses principal That meant that he wasnt someone he could touch if he wanted to.

Xie Kun felt his head spinning.

Why did he offend Wang Teng He was now caught between a rock and a hard place.

“So what I just wanted to remind him to be a good person and dont provoke others.

If he did, hed be the one regretting it in the future.” Xie Kun remained stubborn.

“Hmph, I dont think thats what you said just now.” Lin Zhan scoffed.

“Wang Teng, what happened just now Why did this old fellow come and offend you Tell us everything.

We will stand up for you.” A dangerous glint appeared in Liu Yans eyes as she patted Wang Tengs shoulder.

Wang Teng smiled and explained the happenings to them.

After hearing his story, the faces of the members of the Tiger Warrior team turned cold.

They looked at Xie Kun indignantly.

“Old fellow, how dare you reprimand him before understanding the truth I think that youre going senile because of your age,” Lin Zhan said furiously.

When Xie Kun heard Wang Teng explaining the situation, he immediately had a bad premonition.

He had listened to a one-sided story and believed it.

He actually made such a newbie mistake.

He glared at Li Liangda and Li Rongcheng.

In his heart, he hated these two people.

Li Liangda and Li Rongcheng turned pale in fright.

If Lin Zhan and his team members hadnt appeared, Wang Teng wouldnt have been able to explain himself.

Even if he told the truth, Xie Kun would definitely leave the mistake uncorrected.

They could just spend more money to appease Xie Kun after this issue ended.

Xie Kun would get the money and they their revenge.

It was a win-win situation.

However, no one expected Wang Teng to be a member of the Tiger Warrior team.

Looking at Xie Kuns expression, they knew that this team wasnt easy to deal with.

The entire situation took a huge turn.

They had a taste of their own medicine!

Li Liangda felt bitter in his mouth.

If he knew this would happen, he wouldnt have cooperated with his useless son and framed Wang Teng.

They didnt know how to end this scene now.

“Lin Zhan, what happened today is my fault,” Xie Kun gritted his teeth and said.

“Are you planning to end the matter with a single apology” Lin Zhan mocked.

“What do you want” Xie Kun was filled with frustration.

However, he couldnt vent it out.

He was in the wrong this time, and he couldnt beat Lin Zhan in a fight.

He couldnt afford to offend the Tiger Warrior team either.

It wouldnt bring him any advantages.


Apologize to Wang Teng,” Lin Zhan said.

“You can also compensate for the damage you did to me mentally,” Wang Teng interrupted.

His teammates expressions turned strange at once.

“Cough, thats right, you need to make some mental damage compensation.” Lin Zhan coughed awkwardly.

“This is an extortion!” Xie Kun glared at them with wide eyes and shouted angrily.

“You can understand it this way too,” Lin Zhan nodded and agreed.

“You…” Xie Kuns face alternated between green and white.

He made one final effort.

“Were at the Bangde Auction House.

If I dont give in to you, what can you do to me”

“We cant do anything to you now, but its a different story once we step outside.” Lin Zhan was nonchalant.

“Fine, fine, I give in.

These are 30 energy stones.

This is my compensation for you.” Xie Kun was trembling in anger as he threw a bag of energy stones at Wang Teng.

“This is too little, only thirty.

Are 3-star martial warriors all so poor” Wang Teng muttered.

“Too little.

You need to give twen—fifty more energy stones.” Lin Zhan wanted to say twenty energy stones at first, but when he saw Wang Teng raising five fingers secretly, he immediately changed his words.

“Fifty Why dont you go and rob someone” Xie Kun exclaimed in shock.

“I heard what you said.

If we snatch from you later, it might not be fifty stones anymore,” Lin Zhan replied.

Xie Kun felt the blood rising up his throat.

He almost vomited a mouth of blood.

He forcefully bore with it and took out another bag.

After counting 50 stones with trembling hands, he passed them to Wang Teng.


he left without any hesitation.

He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would die from anger.

Of course, before he left, he didnt forget to glare at Li Liangda and his son.

This matter hadnt ended!


Xie is really a good person.

Good person, see you.

A good person will be safe all his life.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

Xie Kun staggered and almost fell to the ground.

He instantly quickened his pace and squeezed into the crowd.

Lin Zhan and his teammates laughed uncontrollably.

This brat was really evil.

“Uncle, wait for me!” Xie Zhilong didnt have the face to stay any longer.

He didnt even dare to look at Wang Teng again.

Instead, he chased after his uncle hurriedly.

Li Liangda and Li Rongcheng also escaped when no one was looking at them.

“This…” Xu Hui, Pan Danwen, and the other students were dumbfounded.

The story reversed too quickly.

Before they could react, everything had already ended.

They never expected Wang Tengs friends to be the team members of a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior elite team.

Even Xie Kun didnt dare to offend them and could only run away disheveled.

Especially Xu Hui.

She felt as though this was the first time she knew Wang Teng.

She sized him up repeatedly.

Changes were seen through the people around you.

Wang Tengs change was too huge.

It was already astonishing when he became the top scholar of the martial arts exam as a martial warrior.

Now, he had already integrated into the martial warriors circle at such a young age.

Even his friends were 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.

She then thought of herself.

She was a university student who barely managed to become a martial warrior after she entered university.

Now, she was still waiting for the schools arrangement to head to the Xingwu Continent.

On the other hand, Wang Teng had joined a martial warriors team and most likely gone to the Xingwu Continent already.

He had experienced life and death struggles.

Compared to him, they were the newbies!

Pan Danwen and the other students had obviously thought about this too.

They recalled what they said a while ago and felt exceptionally ashamed.

It was too embarrassing!


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