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Before Wang Teng made his decision, the teachers from the five universities started quarreling among themselves.

Principal Yu smiled as he watched from the side.

He felt extremely delighted.

He had been a principal for many years.

Talents did appear in his school before, but this was the first time the top universities in the country had come to snatch a student.

Fan Weiming squatted at a corner.

He was astounded.

These admission teachers came from all the top universities in the country.

Yet, they were quarreling over a student.

Was Wang Tengs potential so huge

“Cough, cough,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

He said, “Teachers, stop quarreling.

I have some questions to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

The five teachers replied almost simultaneously.

Wang Teng felt a little scared as five pairs of eyes stared at him.

He asked cautiously, “Mr.

Qin, Mr.

Zhou, I heard that military academies have strong restrictions regarding a students freedom”

The two teachers exchanged glances with each other and nodded.

“We are grooming talents for the military, so we are stricter.

You need to follow our schedules and our rules.

Once you break them, you will be punished.


They didnt hide this point.

They couldnt hide it forever anyway.

But, there was a turning point.

“However, freedom is relative.

Its just like the financial freedom we always talk about.

With money, you can have financial freedom.

Similarly, with power, you can have freedom too.

In the martial arts era, you will get a certain amount of freedom no matter where you go as long as you have the ability.

“Rules are always used to restrain the weak.

If you are strong enough, you will be able to break the rules of the military academies!


“The past talented students were all like this.

It all depends if you have the ability or not.”

“Teacher, you are just spurring me on!” Wang Teng smiled bitterly.

A sly smile appeared on Mr.

Qins face.

However, he didnt reply to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng looked at the other three teachers from non-military academies.

He said sincerely, “Thank you for having high hopes for me.

However, I think that Ive already made my decision.”

The three teachers smiled forcefully.

“Youre not going to reconsider”

Wang Teng shook his head.

The three teachers stopped speaking.

Everyone had their own path.

They had to make their own decisions and choose how they wanted to walk.

Wang Teng stood up and said to the teachers from Capital Military Academy and Huanghai Military Academy, “Teachers, I will go and fill in my application now.”

Then, he walked out of the principals office.

At first, Mr.

Qin and Mr.

Zhou were elated.

But, when they saw Wang Teng keeping them in suspense, they were caught between laughter and tears.

They felt extremely agitated.

It was as though a cat was tickling their hearts.

They didnt know which school Wang Teng would choose.

Principal Yu looked at Fan Weiming.

Fan Weiming quickly followed Wang Teng out of the office.

Wang Teng was the treasure of Donghai No.

1 High School now.

Although he could choose the school he wanted personally, it was still better to have someone supervising his application process in case some mistakes or accidents happened.

Wang Teng filled in his application form under the supervision of Fan Weiming.

Then, he went back to class.

“Wang Teng, which university did you apply for” Lin Chuhan couldnt help but whisper to Wang Teng when she saw him sitting down beside her.

“Oh, are you not angry at me anymore” Wang Teng teased her.

“Are you going to tell me” Lin Chuhan glared at him.

“Alright, alright.

Ill tell you.

I applied for Huanghai Military Academy,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

You shouldnt provoke a woman!

“Huanghai Military Academy!” Lin Chuhan was shocked.

She didnt expect Wang Teng to apply for a military academy.

Yang Jian, who was in front of them, turned around.

“Wang Teng, you applied for a military academy I thought that you would go to The First University.”

“Whether its The First University or Huanghai Military Academy, their quality of resources and teachers are around the same.

Entering the military academy is the path most suitable for me,” Wang Teng replied.

“Sigh, why do I think that youre boasting when I hear this” Yang Jian sighed.

“Get out!” Wang Teng laughed and scolded him.

Then, he asked, “Which university did you apply for”

“Donghai Normal University,” Yang Jian replied.

“I dont want to go overseas.

With my results, this is the only university I can choose.”

Wang Teng nodded.

He noticed that Lin Chuhans application form was still empty, so he asked, “Lin Chuhan, what about you Which university do you plan to apply for”

Lin Chuhan frowned and hesitated before she said, “I want to apply for Donghai University.”

“Donghai University!” Wang Teng looked at her and asked, “I remember that the cut-off point for Donghai Universitys actual combat assessment is 85.

Didnt you get 80 Also, you need to be an advanced stage martial disciple.”

“Did you read the criteria properly Theres the lowest intake requirement at the end.” Lin Chuhan said, “As long as all your general papers are above 135 and your actual combat assessment is above 80, they might admit you on a case-by-case basis, even if youre an intermediate stage martial disciple.

“However, its still a little dangerous.

Thats why I plan to put Donghai Technology University as my second choice.

Even if I cant get into Donghai University, I will be able to get into the Technology University without any issues.”

“Wont you regret it Actually, with your results, if you took the normal university entrance exam, you could have entered Donghai University easily,” Wang Teng said.

“Whats there to regret You know my familys condition.

Whats the use of saying all these” Lin Chuhan replied.

“Alright, its good that youre applying for Donghais universities.

At least were all in Donghai,” Wang Teng said.


Lin Chuhan nodded.

However, there was a hint of sorrow in her heart.

Departures were always sad.

“Young Master Wang, after you graduate from the military academy and become a boss, you mustnt forget your old classmates!” Yang Jian smiled and said.

“Alright, Boss Wang Teng will take care of you!” Wang Teng smiled.

Outside the classroom, the headteachers of all the year three classes were gathered there.

They were casually talking about this years university entrance exam results.

Without a doubt, class eight was the biggest winner in this university entrance exam.

The top scholar of the martial arts exam came from their class, and five other students had managed to get into the martial arts course of other universities.

Mind you, based on their prediction, they felt that only the five advanced stage martial disciples in Donghai No.

1 High School had chances of getting into the martial arts course.

Now, the number of students from class eight who got into the martial arts course had already exceeded their prediction.

No gifted martial disciples had appeared in the other classes, but on average, there were two to three students from each class who managed to get into the course.

The classes where the advanced stage martial disciples were in were higher on the list.

However, one of the headteachers was frustrated.

“Li Rongcheng didnt pass this year.

He will be repeating his year,” he said.

“Li Rongcheng Isnt he an advanced stage martial disciple How did he fail” The other teachers were shocked.

“Who knows I heard that an accident happened during the actual combat assessment, but no one told me the details.” Li Rongchengs headteacher shook his head.

“What a pity,” the other teachers expressed their sympathy.

Fan Weiming managed to gain some admiration from the other teachers.

He returned to his class extremely proudly.

He stood on the podium and looked at the students below him.

Suddenly, he felt a little emotional.

He was sending another batch off again!

Three years was like a cycle!

These children were finally flying to their different worlds.

He could only accompany them up to here.

He would not be participating in their future endeavors.

He might only hear news about them many years later…


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