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Chapter 1057: Modifying The Space Fragment (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After taking a bath, Wang Teng felt invigorated.

He returned to his room, planning to start modifying his space fragment.

He disappeared with a single thought.

In the space fragment.

Cao Jiaojiao woke up when she saw Wang Teng.

She started shouting immediately, “Wang Teng, when are you going to release me”

She was going crazy here.

Besides two star beasts, there was nothing here, and she was tied up.

She couldnt do anything.

“Huh Youre still here” Wang Teng was shocked.

He almost forgot about her.

Cao Jiaojiaos face turned black.

This bastard had forgotten about her!

As the princess of the Cao family, she had never suffered such treatment before.

She glared at Wang Teng and gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Have you forgotten how I treated you in the past” Wang Teng glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and said indifferently.

Cao Jiaojiao shuddered involuntarily.

A chill ran deep inside her heart.

“As a human, you must understand your situation.

If not, you will live a hard life.”

To hell with knowing her position.

What was her position

A prisoner


Cao Jiaojiao wanted to slap Wang Teng to death, but she still had lingering fears when she remembered his evil deeds.

She had no choice but to admit defeat.

She said weakly, “Wang Teng, please let me go.

Its useless for you to keep me here.

Why dont you let me go My father will give you enough benefits.”

“Cao Hongtu He has probably forgotten about you.

He hasnt mentioned you ever since he came out of the Flaming River World,” Wang Teng snorted when he saw that Cao Jiaojiao still had hope for Cao Hongtu.

His words stabbed into her heart like a shape blade.

“Impossible!” Cao Jiaojiaos expression changed as she screamed.

Although the past taught her otherwise, she was still unwilling to believe that Cao Hongtu had given up on her.

“You can choose not to believe me.

I dont need your trust.” Wang Teng placed his hands behind his back.

His demeanor suggested that he was talking about a casual matter.

“Hows this possible Im a cosmos-stage martial warrior of the Cao family.

Not many people are better than me…” Cao Jiaojiao muttered to herself.

She refused to believe Wang Teng.

“He cant even take care of himself now.

How would he have the time to think about you” Wang Teng sneered.

“What do you mean”

“Guess!” Wang Teng ignored her and walked away.

He observed his space fragment.

This was his first time studying this place after the expansion.

Before this, he only had a brief gauge of its territory.

“Master!” The metal armor flaming scorpion and Little White were here.

They welcomed him immediately when they saw him.

“Cultivate properly.

You dont have to care about me.” Wang Teng waved his hands.

The two spiritual pets carried on with their cultivation and didnt disturb Wang Teng.

He flew up and sized up the space fragment from the top.

He realized that this place was a little barren.

There was nothing.

It was just a huge space of nothing.

“Looks like I need to find some soil and water,” Wang Teng touched his chin and muttered to himself.

Soil and water were the basic ingredients!

Wang Teng was full of motivation.

He returned to his room happily and bought some high-quality soil and water from the virtual universe.

There were all sorts of shops selling spiritual water and spiritual soil in the virtual universe.

The quality was different.

The more expensive it was, the better the quality.

Wang Teng picked the best spiritual soil and water and bought an ample amount to cover the entire space fragment.

The other party was extremely polite and efficient when he saw that this was a big client.

He delivered the items in half an hour.

“Im looking for Mister Wang Teng” A fat pig-human race young man delivered the goods to the residence.

“Master bought them” Annie was surprised.

“Please wait for a moment.”

The young man almost salivated when he saw Annie.

However, he didnt dare to do anything outrageous.

This was the residence of a noble.

Hence, this butler figure wasnt someone a merchant like him could provoke.

After some time, Annie appeared again.

“Hand them to me.

Master has confirmed the delivery.”

“Okay.” The young man checked the virtual network and realized that the customer had indeed confirmed the delivery.

Hence, he passed the goods to Annie and said, “Ill take my leave now.”

Annie went to Wang Tengs room and handed the goods to him.

“Master, these are the things you bought.”

“Alright, put them here.” Wang Teng was studying some arrays.

He replied without looking up.

Annie didnt dare to interrupt him.

She put down the items and turned to leave the room.

She closed the door silently behind her.

After some time, Wang Teng picked up the space ring on the table.

He scanned the contents of the ring with his spiritual power and nodded in satisfaction.

This was how convenient things were in the universe.

One only needed to order things through the virtual universe, and he would get what he wanted immediately.

Of course, you needed to have money first.

Wang Teng had spent 38 billion UC on spiritual water and soil.

It was quite expensive.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng felt nothing.

He believed that any money was worth it if he could start transforming his space fragment.

He took the spiritual soil and water and went back into the space fragment.

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