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Chapter 1055: Demon, Take This Stick From Me! (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The complicated and mysterious legacy mark between Wang Tengs eyebrows started to glow brightly.

Previously when the legacy mark appeared, there wasnt any light at all.

But it was particularly glaring now.

The legacy mark seemed to be pulled by some kind of force.

It separated from Wang Tengs forehead and started floating in the air.

On the other side, a strange mark that looked like a rune array appeared on the huge metal door.

It rotated slowly.

The array was missing an important core piece in its middle.

The legacy mark started moving toward the core, and the round array was illuminated brightly.

The legacy mark and the entire array fit perfectly.

In just a short while, the two completely merged together.


Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound above the door.

The metal door jolted and parted in front of Wang Tengs eyes.

A dusty gust of wind blew from behind the door.

The treasure vault had not been opened for millions of years.

In the universe, a million years might not mean much, but to an ordinary person, it was an unimaginable period of history.

Fortunately, the treasure vault had a special array for cleaning that ensured no dust would stay inside.

Wang Teng waited till the doors were opened completely before stepping in.

Round Ball floated beside him and entered the treasure vault together.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.

He was dazzled by the number of items inside.

There were all kinds of treasures displayed on the shelves or stored in transparent cabinets in plain view.

The treasures were well preserved, and it was impossible to sense their aura.

However, from their appearances, he could tell that they were extraordinary.

There were all kinds of spiritual herbs, ores, star cores, and star bones.

There were even weapons and battle armor…

Although these things couldnt be compared to a universe-stage martial warriors inheritance, it was still a great fortune.

After all, the Nangong family was of noble origins and had a deep influence.

These items were enough to groom several heaven-stage martial warriors.

No wonder Cao Hongtu wanted to enter the treasure vault so badly.

After all, not everyone was a bug like Wang Teng, who could obtain a universe-stage martial warriors legacy when he was just a celestial-stage martial warrior.

He was spending money without any worries or restraint.

Wang Teng toured the room and realized that all these treasures were impressive.

However, he had a calm expression.

When Round Ball saw him like this, it rolled its eyes and wanted to criticize him for being a despicable man who was intoxicated by success.

But what was with that insuppressible feeling of envy

“Ah!” Wang Tengs eyes lit up suddenly, and he walked towards a corner.

Round Ball was surprised and followed him, wondering what he was trying to do.

“This is a flora crystal!” Wang Teng picked up a pile of jade crystals in the corner and smiled.

He initially planned to buy some crystals or treasures with a strong vitality and transform his space fragment.

He didnt expect to encounter them in the treasure vault.

Sure enough, a cute and handsome boy would be lucky!

“What are you doing with the flora crystals” Round Ball asked.

He suddenly thought of something and exclaimed, “I know, they are for the floral fairies.”

“Thats right.” Wang Teng nodded and didnt explain much.

Sooner or later, Round Ball would learn about the space fragment.

Wang Teng had nothing to hide.

He was just too lazy to explain it.

“You just fancy them for their looks,” Round Ball said with contempt.

“Thats not it.

I want them to help me grow spiritual herbs.

Im not using them for some shameful purpose.” Wang Teng snapped back.

“I dont believe you.” Round Balls face was full of disdain.

“Its up to you to believe me or not.”

He then stored the flora crystals in his space fragment.

The flora crystal was a treasure with strong vitality.

It could only be found in places with a strong life force.

Wang Teng buried them in the ground.

It was enough to change the soil quality and the vitality of the space fragment.

However, he wouldnt use the flora crystals for something as simple as this.

That was such a waste.

Matching the flora crystals with the right rune array would maximize its effectiveness.

This was something that Wang Teng excelled at.

He then picked out a lot of items in the treasure vault, including sprouts and seeds of spiritual flowers and herbs.

Of course, there were also various energy stones and crystals that promoted the growth of spiritual items.

Since he planned to transform his space fragment, he could only do it with the use of rune arrays and various energy stones and crystals with special properties.

He didnt have the power of origin to support the space fragment.

In addition, there were many items in the Flaming River Martial Warriors legacy that could come in handy.

He didnt have to spend money to buy them.

Not long after, Wang Teng came out of the treasure vault.

Without the legacy mark, the doors closed, barring entry to other people.

When Wang Teng left the vault, the sky was already dark.

He was surprised to find that the entire residence was operating orderly, as if there was a hint of a nobles demeanor.

“Master!” Annie appeared in front of Wang Teng at the right time.

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