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Wang Teng shuddered when he thought about an ancient monster observing him from behind.

The system was above everything and everyone, but the other party might sense it.

After all, you mustnt judge such presences with common sense.

Wang Teng shivered slightly and glanced around him as if there was someone peeking at him from the dark.

The higher his stage, the harder it was for him to pick up attributes.

While Wang Teng was lamenting, the member of the imperial family sitting among the nobles suddenly opened his eyes.

His pupils trembled as he realized something unbelievable.

The nobles looked over in astonishment when they saw this scene.

But soon, the member of the imperial family closed his eyes again.

He seemed to be hiding something.

No one could see through his expression.

Everyone swallowed the questions they had.

There was no chance to ask him anymore.

Wang Teng moved again and proceeded at the same speed as before.

He continued with a steady rhythm.

The white jade stairs didnt affect him at all.

At the same time, the number of purple runes increased!

As Wang Teng climbed higher, more runes lit up.

The pressure increased and the demonic noises penetrated his mind.

The bystanders standing 20 to 30 meters from the white jade stairs started retreating with a change of expressions.

They were heaven-stage martial warriors, but they were worse than a planetary-stage martial warrior.

They felt frustrated.

But that was the truth.

No one could deny it.

The person climbing the stairs was composed and unhurried.

He did have the potential to be a noble!

The nobles widened their eyes in disbelief.

This didnt seem right!

Wasnt he resting because he had reached his limit

Why were the runes skyrocketing in numbers again

Everyone stared at Wang Teng intently, wanting to see glean from him.

At this moment, Wang Teng had passed the 900th step and 2050 runes had lit up.

The terrifying pressure made it difficult for him to progress.

The number of runes bewildered everyone.

This was proof that his talent and potential were extremely high.

In every family, only a small number of descendants had the same level of talent as him.

Yet, this talent appeared on a native from a faraway planet.

This was absurd.

Valterus expression had turned ugly.

The better Wang Tengs talent, the more unhappy he felt.

He wished he could kill him immediately.

At the same time, some distance from the crowd, Cao Hongtu had come to the plaza too.

At first, he didnt want to see him be bestowed with the title.

He lost badly, and he couldnt accept it.

But he still came in the end.

He wore a black gown and stood below, looking up at Wang Tengs back with an angry gaze and tightly-clenched hands.

Cao Wu, Cao Guan, and Cao Ling were beside him.

They were all appalled.

They didnt think that Wang Teng had such talent.

Wang Teng finally frowned.

Although the pressure was increasing, he was benefiting too.

For instance, more Godslayer Sword Scripture attribute bubbles appeared.

However, he did feel some weight on his shoulders.

Hence, he decided to activate the Ancient Gods Body.

Blood churned in his body as if he were in a burning furnace.

They swarmed through his body, strengthening his physical body and exuding a frightening aura.

An occult golden pattern appeared on his forehead.

“What a strong physical strength!”

Many people exclaimed in shock.

Even the nobles above were flabbergasted.

They couldnt believe their eyes.

How did this planetary-stage martial warrior manage to achieve such strength in his physical body

Wang Teng continued climbing the stairs.

He was at the last 100 steps.

He moved leisurely, but he passed close to 30 steps in a blink of an eye.

The runes on the stairs exploded in numbers too, increasing by more than 200 at once.

There were approximately 2300 runes lit up now.

Valteru shot up from his seat with a black face.

“Wang Tengs talent is really high.

Hes almost on par with the strongest noble in our families,” a member of the Jiang family said.

“Impressive! We have seen many unprecedented talents from faraway planets in our history.

Will Wang Teng be one of them” A member of another noble family was staggered.

Good riddance, I need to pull Wang Teng to my side. Borlas eyes lit up as he made the decision in his heart.

“Grandmaster Wang Tengs martial arts talent is outstanding too!” the member of the Ji Family muttered to himself.

If Wang Teng was here, he would recognize this person as Ji Yuanqing, the martial warrior who bought the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill from him.

Wang Teng didnt stop.

He continued climbing at an increasing speed.

The power of the runes exploded in response.

2400, 2500, 2600… he was slowly inching towards the highest record of the legendary prince!

Finally, when he stepped on the 980th step, the number of runes reached 2800.

All the nobles had lost their voices.

Only disbelief was left in their eyes.

No one spoke.

All of them were holding their breaths.

They could tell that Wang Teng hadnt hit his limit.

The runes were still increasing.

Dead silence.

Not even a pin dropping could be heard.

All the nobles stood up and stared in front.

A figure was slowly appearing before everyone.

Even the member of the imperial family opened his eyes to look at the young man.

A clear footstep broke the silence.

Wang Teng climbed the last step and stood right in front of the Great Qian Palace.

A ray of golden light shining down from the towering palace fell on him.

The runes erupted in power.

3000 runes intertwined the white jade stairs, forming a rune chain circling Wang Teng.

This was the limit of the white jade stairs!

No one had ever done it in history!

Wang Teng reached a height no one had ever touched!

Everyone stared at this scene in a daze.

A gentle breeze blew as the purple long gown and the thick black hair danced in the air.

The young man looked exceptionally holy and divine under the light.

Charismatic, dazzling, unprecedented!

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