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Chapter 1040: To Hell With A Native Martial Warrior From A Backward Planet (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Oh my god, the inheritor of the Situ family came personally!”

“This is incredible! Why is he here”

“Does he have high hopes for the new baron”


The eight dukes were grand figures.

There were five ranks of nobility in total: dukes, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron.

The Situ family had the highest rank and was a powerful faction.

Duke Situ didnt glance at the people around him, climbing the stairs immediately.

Flying cars werent allowed in the Great Qian Palace.

Not even dukes were the exceptions to the rule.

He had to climb the stairs just like everybody else.

He appeared to be moving slowly.

He climbed the stairs one by one but disappeared in the mist quickly.

“Gasp, Duke Situ is powerful.

I heard that there are restriction runes carved into the stairs.

The higher you climb, the bigger the pressure.

Its difficult to move forward,” someone who knew the situation explained.

“Of course.

This is the current inheritor of the Situ family.

Hes at least at the universe stage.”

“This is too scary!”

“Hey, someone else is here.”

A spectator noticed another rune flying car.

Their attention was attracted by it.

This time, it wasnt just one flying car.

A few flying cars landed, and numerous nobles dressed in purple gowns alighted.

They started climbing the white jade stairs one after another.

“Its the Viscount Chen family!”

“The Earl Wang family!”

“The Duke Stewart family!”

The people below started reciting the surnames of the nobles as if counting treasures.

It was easy to spot them.

Every family had its own emblem.

With their numerous years of legacy, everyone recognized them at a glance.

Within a short ten minutes, many nobles arrived.

All of them climbed the white jade stairs.

“Thats one of the eight dukes, the Parkers!” someone exclaimed.

There was a moment of silence.

Everyones gaze landed on the extravagant flying car in the air until it parked.

No one spoke even after someone alighted and climbed the stairs.

They were dumbstruck.

Gasps were suddenly heard.

“As expected of the eight dukes.

His presence was too overpowering.

Duke Situ cant be compared to him.”

“Thats right, look at the symbol of the Parkers.

Thats the legendary universe behemoth, the Blazing Giant Dragon.

Look at how frightening and savage it is.

Its so dark and forbidding.”

“The Parkers family is domineering.

No one dares to provoke them.”

“Well, I heard that the new baron has some grudges with them.”

“Really Hes dead.

What happened The new baron just arrived in the empire, right Why would he have any conflict with the Parkers”

“Who knows Therell be a good show to watch.”

“F**k, I was wondering if I should follow this new baron, but I think I can give up the idea.

I cant afford to offend the Parkers.”


Voices were heard continuously as the discussions never stopped.

The crowd happily talked about the nobles affairs.

After some time, more flying cars came.

It seemed as if the crowd would be given quite a few surprises today.

“The Cavendish family is here.

This is another one of the eight dukes!”

“Haha, the Cavendish family isnt a pushover either.

Theyre no weaker than the Parkers.”

“These two families have always been at each others throats.

Their younger generations have been trying to best the other.

Theres no stopping it.”

“One more! Thats the Ji family!”

“The Ji family is a duke too, but they have always kept a low profile.

I didnt expect them to come today.”

As time passed, more and more nobles arrived.

The plaza was packed with luxury car fleets.

The crowd had to keep retreating, but no one dared to complain.

Everyone was stunned that Wang Teng hadnt arrived even when all the nobles were here.

Wasnt this new baron impatient on this important day


Suddenly, a faraway and sad chime of a clock was heard.

The sound rang in everyones ears, silencing them.

All noises disappeared.

Only the chime echoed in the sky, resounding even after a long time.

Everyone looked up.

The mist around the white jade stairs had disappeared.

Gold light sprinkled down from the sky.

A resplendent and magnificent tall palace appeared in front of everyone.

The onlookers were in awe.

They lost their senses for some time and stared at the palace absentmindedly.

For some reason, the urge to kneel bloomed in their hearts, and the martial warriors started bending their knees one by one.

The majority of the time, the palace was shrouded in mist.

Only some corners of it could be seen, but it was enough for people to guess its grandeur and splendor.

It rarely revealed its full appearance to the public.


A clear footstep was heard.

With the pin-drop silence as the backdrop, the footsteps couldnt be any louder.

Everyone raised their heads and looked in the direction of the sound.

They saw a young figure walking over from afar.

He was wearing a purple long robe.

His back was straight, and he had thick black hair.

His young face was flawless and handsome.

There was a divine Kunwu Beast sewn on his chest.

It moved along with the flow of the robe and appeared life-like.

His noble aura was striking!

His presence was extraordinary!

He was a genius, a talent.

“Is that the new baron!”

Everyone was astounded.

They didnt know how to express their current emotions.

Was this a native martial warrior from a remote planet

Who said that

Come out right now! Let me beat you to death!

Would a martial warrior from a backward planet have this aura and noble presence

The crowd started questioning their lives.

They wondered if they recognized the wrong person.

This might not be the new baron.

It might be an inheritor of some noble family or a talent groomed by a powerful faction.

He went into the world recently, so no one recognized him.

Yes, that was right.

That must be the case.

There were many female martial warriors in the crowd.

Their eyes shone like bulbs when they saw the young man.

He was so handsome and charismatic!

A young talent like him was the perfect candidate for a boyfriend.

Many strange thoughts went through everyones mind.

The figure strode over, passed through the crowd, and arrived below the white jade stairs.

“Wang Teng!”

A voice soared down from above and resounded in the plaza.

“Yes.” Wang Teng raised his head and looked past the tall staircase.

His expression was calm.

“Climb the stairs and stand before me.

Then, you can inherit the barons title.” The voice was heard again.

The instant he finished speaking, purple restriction runes lit up on the white jade stairs.

It made them seem even more mysterious.

“Yes!” Wang Teng replied in a low tone.

“Its really him!”

Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

They stared at the young figure whose back was facing them.

He was the new baron!

At this moment, everyone had to accept the truth no matter how unbelievable it was.

“Oh my god, this young baron looks completely different from what I thought.”

“He looks like a real noble instead of a native from a backward planet.”

“I dare to say that this new baron is a rare talent.

Thats why he can win the barons title.”

“Stop speaking.

I heard that the restriction runes on the white jade stairs are special.

Once activated, the higher the talent of the martial warrior, the more runes will light up and the greater the pressure.

We will know if hes a talent based on the number of runes lighting up.”

“Thats right, lets wait and see.

Im so curious.

I wonder how many runes this baron will light up.”

“Look at his aura.

He must be an exceptional talent.

If not, Ill do a handstand and eat s**t.”

“Oh my god, thats brutal.

Brother, let me record what you just said.

Everyone can be a witness…”

Wang Teng lifted his foot and stepped on the white jade stairs under everyones gaze.

He started his climb towards the Great Qian Palace.

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