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Chapter 1038: The EveTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Wang Teng stayed in the house after he came back to Great Qian City.

He cultivated and digested his gains.

News about his victory spread further and further.

At a moment like this, there would definitely be people visiting him.

The grandmasters he was familiar with came to congratulate him and told him that they would be present on the day of the ceremony to congratulate and give their gifts to him.

Inheriting a barons title was a huge affair.

To Wang Teng, it was a happy event, so the merrier the better.

He didnt have any background in the Great Qian Empire and was all alone.

Hence, there might only be a few visitors on that day.

This would be a great blow to his reputation.

These grandmasters from the Secondary Career Alliance befriended Wang Teng because they acknowledged his potential.

Thus, they were willing to support him and would come for the ceremony.

At the same time, a storm was brewing on the entire Great Qian Planet.

Many factions were talking about this issue.

“Have you heard about the result of Baron Nangongs inheritance”

“That unlucky Baron Nangong How many years has it been Is there finally a result”

“Isnt Baron Nangongs disciple, Cao Hongtu, inheriting his title I heard that he has been accumulating military exploits all this while so that he could get the title.”

“Youre so outdated.

I heard that a native martial warrior from a backward planet came to fight with Cao Hongtu for the title.”

“What A native from a backward planet”

“Really Are you kidding Or is the native martial warrior an unprecedented talent”

“Who knows I heard that he won the title from Cao Hongtu.

He must be an extraordinary person.”

There were many people who felt the same way.

All the factions were discussing and observing this issue secretly.

Not everyone knew the details.

This made them even more curious.

In summary, this topic continued to be trending for a long time and showed no signs of dying down.

“The baron ceremony will be held a day or two later.

Lets go to Great Qian City to watch it.”

“Right, well know after seeing it for ourselves.

Im curious about the native that won the barons title.”

“Sure, see you in Great Qian City!”

“A new baron He will be given a galaxy as his property.

Anyone wants to seek refuge with him”

“Lets see what kind of person he is first.

If hes an idiot, theres no point in it.”

“Thats right.

If he doesnt have any potential, it will be a waste to follow him.”

“Haha, if hes an unprecedented talent, yall must grab the chance quickly!”

Some factions hurried to Great Qian City to take part in this big event.

Within two days, a large number of tourists gathered in Great Qian City.

The atmosphere got increasingly livelier.

Some came to join in the fun while others were here to see Wang Teng.

In the universe, it was difficult to become stronger if one didnt have any background.

Members of nobility were able to rally different factions.

This was the best choice for martial warriors from small factions.

Also, they had a galaxy as their property.

There were a huge number of life planets in a galaxy, so their earnings and potential future development were big.

Moreover, this was a galaxy under a high-tier civilization, different from a galaxy under a low-tier civilization.

The profits were worlds apart and the number of formidable martial warriors was incomparable too.

For instance, the Olant Federation had nine main galaxies but only one cosmos-stage martial warrior guarded each galaxy.

In the Great Qian Empire, there were already thousands of cosmos-stage martial warriors and ample heaven-stage martial warriors.

Nothing was comparable.

There was nothing that needed to be said about all the wealth these life planets could generate.

It was an immeasurable number.

The Olant Federation was dependent on the Great Qian Empire.

There were many mid-tier and low-tier civilizations under a high-tier civilization.

However, they had their own governance, and the high-tier civilization wouldnt interfere in their affairs.

Hence, when a high-tier civilization chose a galaxy for a reward, they wouldnt choose a galaxy from a low-tier civilization.

They would choose one from their territory.

Well, the big nations cared about their reputation too.

They couldnt give a backward galaxy to their own member of the nobility, right Others would think of them as a joke.

Currently, Wang Teng was staying in Fan Tainings residence.

Two days passed quickly.

He received a message from the Great Qian Noble Family Consultation Chamber.

The time of the ceremony was set.

It would be held at 8 am the next day.

The location… was at the Great Qian Palace!

Wang Teng was surprised about the venue.

Mind you, that was the most important and respected place in the entire Great Qian Empire.

It was rumored that the most formidable martial warriors in the empire were stationed here.

Some of them were at the eternal stage.

Those people were at the peak of the universes pyramid.

Above the eternal stage were the gates to divinity.

After all, eternal-stage martial warriors already possessed longevity.

It was difficult to imagine what could be after that so calling itdivinity was understandable.

Of course, this was what Wang Teng heard from others or what he guessed after obtaining the legacy of the Flaming River Martial Warrior.

He didnt know the details clearly.

The stage was too profound.

It wasnt something he could touch at the moment.

Even the Flaming River Martial Warrior didnt understand it, much less him.

But if there were really such a powerful presence in the Great Qian Palace, he might be able to get some benefits.

Other people might be dumbstruck if they knew Wang Tengs plans.

He was eyeing the Great Qian Palace Did he grow balls of steel

Wang Teng touched his chin and pondered for a moment.

He felt that he could go with the flow at that time and only collect wool from this fat sheep when he was safe.

This was the right way.

After confirming his plan, he looked at the message on his wristwatch and scrolled down.

Besides the time and date, there were other details in the message, including things to note during the ceremony and the noble formalities, etc.

The baron ceremony of a high-tier civilization had its rules and regulations.

It wasnt just a simple ceremony.

“This is troublesome!” Wang Teng muttered.

Right then, he heard a knock on the door.

Wang Teng frowned, wondering who came to find him at this time.

“Come in,” he said.

The door wasnt locked.

Master Fan Taining had asked his female disciple to bring an unexpected guest to Wang Teng.

“Guardian Ming Cheng!” Wang Teng stood up and greeted him.

The guest was the heaven-stage martial warrior he had met in the Noble Family Consultation Chamber.

Ming Cheng nodded and took out an item.

“These are the clothes you need to wear tomorrow.

The head of the chamber asked me to send them to you.”

Wang Tengs gaze landed on the purple clothes in his hand.

He was stunned.

The Noble Family Consultation Chamber was extremely efficient.

He received the message a few seconds ago and the clothes were already sent over.

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