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Chapter 1035: The Inheritance Of The Flaming River Martial Warrior.

A Huge Treasure! (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the universe spacecraft.

In the room.

Wang Teng fiddled with the ring that had complex fire patterns on its surface.

He studied them carefully and asked, “Is this the space ring left by the owner of Flaming River World”

“I think so.

It was embedded in the legacy stone and only appeared after you absorbed the legacy stone.” Round Ball nodded and touched its chin after it came out from the life energy stone.

“Lets see whats inside.” Wang Teng sent his spirit into the space ring with a glimmer in his eyes.

Round Ball waited patiently at the side, staring at Wang Teng without moving.

After some time, Wang Tengs spirit came out from the space ring.

His eyes were shining with glee.

“How is it” Round Ball asked hurriedly.

“Theres a lot of good stuff,” Wang Teng exclaimed.

“F**k, I know that there are many good things.

This is the space ring left by a universe-stage martial warrior.

Quick, what items are there” Round Ball shot back.

When it followed Nangong Yue, it mostly met cosmos-stage martial warriors.

It had never seen the treasures of a universe-stage martial warrior.

However, after following Wang Teng who came from a backward planet, it managed to see a universe-stage martial warriors spatial ring.

It hadnt been long since it followed Wang Teng, so this was unimaginable.

It was filled with curiosity.

This was the inheritance of a universe-stage martial warrior.

Left outside, it would definitely cause a huge uproar and bloodbath.

Wang Teng took out a small box and opened it.

There was a fiery-red bank card inside.

The special symbol of the Flaming River Martial Warrior was printed on it.

“A bank card from Universe Bank!” Round Ball immediately recognized the card.

It widened its eyes and exclaimed, “Whats more, this is an exclusive bank card.”

“Thats right.

Based on the will of the Flaming River Martial Warrior, there seems to be a huge wealth inside.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Quick, check how much there is.” Round Ball was going crazy.

A universe-stage martial warrior definitely had his pockets full.

It was dying to know the exact contents.

“Log in and check the account yourself.” Wang Teng threw the card at it calmly.

Round Ball caught it hurriedly.

This bank card was made from a special material.

Cosmos-stage martial warriors wouldnt be able to damage it, but it was still nervous because there was a huge sum of money inside.

This wasnt an ordinary card.

It quickly logged in to the virtual internet page of Universe Bank to check the bank card.

“Dear five-star client, greetings.

Your account balance is 288900…”

A female voice was heard.

It wasnt a dead robotic voice.

Instead, it was a mesmerizing ladys voice that was pleasant and elegant.

It could melt peoples hearts.

Only high-level clients of Universe Bank could enjoy this privilege.

They could customize the voice according to their tastes.

Wang Teng didnt think that the owner of Flaming River World was this kind of person.

Did he like young ladies

Cough… Im focusing on the wrong thing.

Lets go back.

Wang Teng turned his head when he heard the string of numbers and the number of zeros behind them.

He was appalled.

He knew that the amount inside the bank card was big since the owner of Flaming River World placed it specially in a box.

However, the number still exceeded his expectations!

28.89 trillion!!

Yes, 28.89 trillion!

Wang Teng almost sold the Lightning Essence Insect he found inside his stone for four trillion GQC when he was rock gambling.

At that time, he felt that it was a huge sum.

But it wasnt even one-seventh of the balance on the card.

Besides, that was in GQC.

This sum was in Universe coins (UC)!

What was UC

Universe coins were used universally.

Its value was only slightly higher than the GQC because the Great Qian Empire was already a high-tier civilization.

It was at the top of the pyramid when compared to the other powerful factions in the universe, so the value of its currency was similar to the value of the universal currency.

In summary, Wang Teng got extremely rich overnight.

Round Ball took a deep breath.

It felt an upsurge of emotions.

It was an intelligent lifeform, but it had never seen this much money.

There were many treasures in the Nangong familys vault, but this universe-stage martial warriors wealth could give them a run for their money.

Wang Teng accumulated such wealth even before he got the barons title.

Round Ball felt that it had been wasting its life.

It couldnt compare with Wang Teng.

It didnt dare to either…

“This is a five-star bank card.

You can get many privileges from it.

You can bind it to your name,” Round Ball reminded Wang Teng after calming down.

“Alright, Ill leave it to you,” Wang Teng said.

Round Ball rolled its eyes.

It never got a share of good things, yet it was always doing the hard work.

Wang Teng was relaxed.

This was the benefit of having an intelligent lifeform.

It could solve any problem.

It was convenient and dependable.

Very soon, with Round Balls help, Wang Teng bound his name to the bank card and became a five-star client of Universe Bank.

He was a person with many privileges now!

Universe Banks bank cards were differentiated by the number of stars, going from one to nine stars.

The greater the number of stars, the better the privileges.

Five stars was already a high level.

Only universe-stage martial warriors could reach this level.

The unnamed bank card Nangong Yue left behind was good, but it was only a 3-star card.

“Actually, this is nothing,” Wang Teng said.

“This is nothing Wait… is there something incredible in the space ring” Round Ball asked.

“You look like a bumpkin.” Wang Teng glanced at it from the corner of his eyes.

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