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Chapter 1029: Emergency!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The legacy left behind by the owner of Flaming River World was too huge.

He was just a celestial-stage martial warrior.

Even a heaven-stage martial warrior would require a long time to absorb it.

Wang Teng should have obtained the Legacy Crystal and absorbed it slowly.

However, Round Ball was making things difficult for him.

It didnt say it clearly and caused him to absorb the Legacy Crystal directly into his consciousness, which then caused it to burst and turn into countless memory fragments in his mind.

Wang Teng had to absorb them quickly now.

If he took too long, the memory fragments that were not absorbed in time would disappear.

After all, these memory fragments had no owner and would not exist for long.

Fortunately, Wang Tengs spirit was strong and could withstand this huge torrent of memory fragments and absorb them quickly.

Even so, it would still take a lot of time.

Time passed gradually…

Outside Flaming River World.

The head of the council and the others were passing time comfortably as the Qi family hosted them.

These people represented the different factions of the empire and had high statuses.

They would be treated with respect wherever they went.

The Qi family was already on a decline.

They didnt dare to offend the powerful families and figures from the Great Qian Planet.

Thirteen days went by in a flash.

As time passed, the Qi family monitored Flaming River World more closely.

Qi Tiancheng had a Flaming River Mirror.

It could allow him to see what was going on in Flaming River World.

They could only see what was happening on the surface though.

Otherwise, Flaming River World would have no secrets and would be scoured by them.

But this was enough.

They were only monitoring the degree of Flaming River Worlds collapse.

The head of the council and the others gathered again under the fire tung tree.

Qi Tiancheng tossed the mirror into the air and turned it into a round screen, showing the situation in Flaming River World.

He then said calmly, “About 80% of Flaming River World has collapsed.

It is faster than what we had expected.”

Originally, they estimated the destruction to take fifteen days or longer.

There was even a buffer, and there was plenty of time.

Now, 80% of Flaming River World had already collapsed on the thirteenth day.

It was a bit too fast.

“I wonder what happened.

Why did the collapse quicken” the head asked.

“A few days ago, the flaming river suddenly dried up.

However, I do not know why.” Qi Tiancheng was also puzzled.

It was impossible for him to keep an eye on Flaming River World all the time, and the mirror had its limitations too.

It could only monitor small areas.

The person using it had to adjust it to get the right location.

After all, the mirror was owned by Flaming River Worlds creator.

If it was in his hands, he could control it with a thought.

Qi Tiancheng was unable to replicate his actions.

A universe-stage martial warriors small world was full of wonders.

Even a heaven-stage martial warrior wouldnt be able to easily spy on it.

That was why Qi Tiancheng didnt know that Wang Teng had obtained the Soul Of Thousand Beasts Flame, which caused the flaming river to dry up and bring forward the collapse of the small world.

“Forget it.

A small world is unpredictable.

Flaming River World has existed for so long.

Its time for it to retire.” There was a hint of sadness in the council heads eyes.

After all, he was also a universe-stage martial warrior.

The owner of Flaming River World had fallen for countless years, and now, even the small world that he had left behind had been scoured clean by the later generations, to the point that it was about to collapse.

It was heartbreaking.

“How much time is left” Valteru from the Parkers family frowned and asked.

“Based on the speed of collapse, there are at most five hours before Flaming River World will cease to exist,” Qi Tiancheng calculated and said.

“Council Head, do we tell them to return immediately” Valteru turned and asked.

“Send them the message,” the head of the council nodded and instructed Qi Tiancheng.

Qi Tiancheng had no objections and took out the token.

With a thought, he connected it to Wang Teng and Cao Hongtus tokens.

In Flaming River World, Cao Hongtu and the others were waiting anxiously outside the volcano.

They had to be anxious.

Flaming River World was collapsing, and the destruction was slowly creeping towards the center.

The surroundings had already plunged into the abyss.

Swamps, plains, grasslands… Everything in Flaming River World disintegrated and vanished into the dark abyss.



Not only that, but the star beasts were swarming from all directions.

They fell into complete chaos in the face of death.

It was a horrifying scene.

Countless star beasts roared in despair.

They simply couldnt keep up with the speed of the rifts and were torn apart.

Blood spewed around and their limbs disappeared into the dimensional rifts.

There were a few lucky ones that managed to escape and were rushing towards the volcano as if it was their safe haven.

Cao Hongtu and the others were horrified by this scene.

The star beast riot was not as frightening as the space collapsing.

Despite being a heaven-stage martial warrior, he couldnt stop it.

“Damn it, why are they not out yet” Cao Hongtus face was gloomy as he stared at the pillar of fire in front of him.

An Lan stood in the sky with hands behind his back, as if he was admiring the scenery of space collapsing.

He was extremely calm.

An Feng and the others were used to it.

They stood quietly behind him without uttering a word.

“No, I have to notify Sinclamon.” Cao Hongtu used his watch and sent Sinclamon a message.

Underneath the pillar of flame and outside the castle, Sinclamon immediately received the message.

His expression changed.

“Flaming River World has almost collapsed! Why is it so fast”

He was hesitant.

He looked at the castle in front of him, and a strong sense of unwillingness emerged in his heart.

The reason why he was unwilling to leave was that he was waiting for Wang Teng.

Once he came out of the castle, he would be able to rob him.

Although Wang Teng possessed space talent, he had a high chance to succeed if he struck when Wang Teng opened the door.

Of course, there was only one chance.

There was no other opportunity if he missed.

However, Flaming River World was about to collapse and Wang Teng was still not coming out.

Cao Hongtus desperate urging made him nervous.

“Lets wait.

Lets wait.

I dont believe he wont come out.” Sinclamon gritted his teeth with a grim expression.

His eyes were fixed on the door and he didnt want to move away for one single moment.

Time passed again.

One hour, two hours, three hours…

Sinclamon had already received a dozen messages from Cao Hongtu.

The collapse had already reached the group of volcanoes, and the situation was dire.

Sinclamon ignored it and waited outside for another hour until the destruction reached the central volcano that they were at.


He finally let out an unwilling roar.

His eyes were bloodshot as he took one last glance at the firmly shut door before turning away.

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