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Chapter 102: Do You Want My Treasure

Time: 12.12 am.

Location: A secluded corner of the western suburb mental hospital.

Characters: Wang Teng, Lin Chuxia.

It was pitch black around them.

The two black shadows squatted in a hidden corner and whispered between themselves.


“I told you to stop calling me brother-in-law.

You can just say my name.”

“Brother Teng…”

“…Why does it sound so weird”

“What are you doing”

“Im adding some ingredients to the wine to increase the effect.

I have a friend inside who loves to drink strong alcohol,” Wang Teng said in a serious tone.

“Are you sure” Lin Chuxia was doubtful.

“Why will I lie to you Alright, lets go.”

Wang Teng stood up and brought Lin Chuxia to the entrance of the building.

He tilted his body and hid in the darkness.

“Meow like a cat,” he said to Lin Chuxia.

Lin Chuxia was stunned.

Wang Teng urged her again before she meowed twice unwillingly.

Wang Tengs hair stood up when he heard her voice.

This young ladys voice is so chilly! He thought to himself silently.

At the same time, footsteps were heard inside the building, getting closer and closer.

Wang Teng repeated what he did in the past and karate chopped the staff who was attracted by the noise.

Lin Chuxia widened her eyes in shock.

The staff this time was different from the one before.

The staff in front of her was a tall and fat middle-aged woman.

The nurse attire seemed extremely tight on her, and she looked strong and buff.

“I dont think we can wear her clothes,” Wang Teng touched his chin and murmured to himself.

Forget it.

Ill take a look at their changing room later.

Then, Wang Teng dragged the tall female nurse to a corner outside and hid her.

He brought Lin Chuhan to the changing room while evading the cameras.

They found two staff uniforms and changed into them.

Then, they wore their masks and walked up the stairs.

Lin Chuxia found everything interesting and new.

She sized up her surroundings with her bright and big eyes.

The happiness inside her gaze was apparent.

She hadnt come out to play ever since she was young, much less experiencing such exciting things.

Even though they seemed to be doing something bad…

Wang Teng led her all the way up to the third floor.

He found the room that the curly-hair man was in and peeked through the window.

The light was on.

The man with curly hair was staring into space at the side of his bed.


Wang Teng took out his keys and opened the door.

The other party raised his head and asked, “Who are you”

“Dont you recognize me” Wang Teng took off his mask and revealed his face.

“Why do I have to know you” The man with curly hair looked at him curiously, as though he didnt recognize Wang Teng.

Lin Chuxia looked at the two of them curiously.

Wang Teng was slightly stunned.

Why was he arguing with a mental patient He shook his head hurriedly and raised the thing in his hand.

He said, “It doesnt matter if you recognize me or not.

I brought good alcohol and cigarettes.

Do you want them”

The mans eyes lit up.

He sprung up from his bed and replied, “Yes, yes, yes, give it to me quickly.”

“Catch!” Wang Tengs gaze shifted slightly, and he threw the wine to the other party.

The man with curly hair caught the bottle.

His actions were extremely smooth.

He caught the alcohol bottle, twisted the cap, and opened it in one motion.

Gulp, gulp, gulp…

He raised his head and gulped the alcohol down his throat.

“Haha~ Refreshing! I havent drunk alcohol in a long time.” The man with curly hair exclaimed.

Then, he asked, “Wheres the cigarette Didnt you say that you brought a cigarette”

“Oh, take it.”

Wang Teng took a box of squashed cigarettes from his pocket and a 1 RMB lighter.

He threw them at the man.

The man with curly hair caught the items and lit up a cigarette excitedly.

He started smoking.

Wang Teng took the chance to pick up the scattered attribute bubbles on the ground.




Gun Kungfu*1


Gun Kungfu!

One point of Gun Kungfu!

Wang Teng was stunned.

The attributes in front were all spirit attributes.

This was within his expectation, so he didnt find it shocking.

But, he didnt expect a Gun Kungfu attribute to pop out without any warning.

How did it drop

He was puzzled, but he was thrilled at the same time!

This man was indeed the God of Guns!

Gun Kungfu (foundation 4/10)

His gun kungfu jumped from three to four points.

Wang Teng felt that his Gun Kungfu had become more skilled.

I wonder whats the power of this Gun Kungfu if I execute it now. Wang Teng thought to himself.

“Is this man some hidden master” Lin Chuxia moved to Wang Tengs side and whispered after she sized up the man with curly hair.

“How do you know” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and asked her back softly.

“I saw him catching the bottle just now.

A normal person wont be able to do that,” Lin Chuhan replied.

“Its said that hes the God of Guns.” Wang Teng said in a mysterious tone.

He didnt hide the information from her.

“Really” Lin Chuxias eyes were wide open.

She felt a little excited in her heart.

It was as though she had discovered some huge secret.

“Of course.

Why would I lie” Wang Teng continued, “However, he never displayed his skills before, so I dont know if its true.”

Although he had gotten Gun Kungfu attributes from this man and could almost confirm that he was the God of Guns, he couldnt use this as an explanation.

“Why are the two of you whispering secretly” The mans voice suddenly came from the side.

“Oh, we were talking about your hairstyle.

We think that its very handsome.” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

At the same time, he winked at Lin Chuxia and asked, “Right”

“Of course, its really handsome.” Lin Chuxia nodded her head furiously in cooperation.

The man with curly hair also nodded in satisfaction.

“You have good taste.”

He thought for a moment before walking to the side of the table.

He took out a USB and walked over.

Then, he passed it to Lin Chuxia.

“This is for you.

What you want is inside.”

The USB looked familiar.

His words were familiar too.

Are you a distributor

Wang Teng stared at the scene in front of him absentmindedly.

Suddenly, he felt ridiculous.

Was it alright for him to practice Gun Kungfu

“As for you…” The man returned to the table and took out a pen and a piece of paper.

He started drawing illegibly on it.

An abstract and simple line drawing appeared on the paper.

“Do you want my treasure If you want, search for it using this map.

I hid everything here!”

The man with curly hair waved the piece of paper in his hand.

His tone was passionate and enthusiastic, as though he was holding a talk in front of thousands of people.

Wang Teng: …

Do you think I will believe you!

“You dont want it” the man with curly hair asked awkwardly when he noticed that Wang Teng wasnt giving any reaction.

“Haha.” Wang Teng smiled forcefully.

“Never mind.

Looking at your expression, you must be shy.

Ill give it to you reluctantly.

Its getting late.

Hurry up and leave.” The man with curly hair stuffed the piece of white paper in Wang Tengs pocket.

Before he could refuse, he chased the two people out of the room and closed the door with a bang.

“I…” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Pfft!” Lin Chuxia burst out laughing when she saw his frustrated but helpless expression.


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