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Chapter 1022: No Man Would Be Able To Bear With ThisTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The atmosphere turned tense after Sinclamon threatened Wang Teng.

Cao Hongtu was surprised.

He didnt expect Sinclamon to take the soft approach first instead of snatching it from Wang Teng directly.

Why did he do that

Cao Hongtu didnt understand.

He hoped that Sinclamon could slaughter Wang Teng with him and nip all possible threats in the bud.

But this wasnt the time for him to speak.

He was afraid of disrupting Sinclamons plan.

The Parkers were too powerful.

He didnt have Wang Tengs courage to fight the Parkers.

If he did, he wouldnt have sent his daughter into their family.


Oh right, wheres my daughter

Cao Hongtu finally remembered his poor daughter.

Although he had sacrificed her for a political marriage, he still loved her.

An Lan looked at Wang Teng.

He was a little concerned about the Parkers, but he wasnt afraid.

Wang Tengs situation was different though.

He wanted to be a baron in the empire and the Parkers were one of the eight dukes.

If he offended them, he would have a hard time in the Great Qian Empire even if he became a baron.

Now, he possessed two divine flames.

The Parkers had all the more reason to target him.

An Lan knew how important divine flames were to the Parkers family.

They would never allow two kinds of divine flames to land in the hands of another person.

If he didnt give up his divine flames, Wang Tengs life might be at risk.

An Lans expression turned grim.

This must be a hard decision for Wang Teng.

Wang Teng smiled and said, “Youre saying this because youre worried that you cant tame these two divine flames, right”

The crowd was stunned.


They didnt think about this!

Sinclamons expression froze.

He didnt think that Wang Teng would be so quick-witted and see through his plan.

He never expected to find any divine flames in the Flaming River World, so he didnt make any preparations.

Thus, he had no confidence that he could tame the divine flame.

The only choice was to go back and rely on the power of his elders.

Everyone knew that Wang Teng was right after seeing his expression.

Cao Hongtus gaze flickered as he glanced at Sinclamon from the corner of his eyes.

He was enlightened.

Based on his understanding of Sinclamon, he was probably dying to kill Wang Teng after repeated humiliation.

The only reason why he could bear it was the divine flames.

Sinclamon was a fake person too!

“You should know that what Im saying is right.

If you continue being stubborn, youll regret it in the future,” Sinclamon didnt answer him directly.

Instead, he changed the topic.

“Hmph.” Wang Teng shook his head with contempt.

“Even if I give you the chance, you cant do anything.

I can put these two divine flames in front of you and you wont be able to control them.

Are you still trying to fight with me when youre so weak”

“You!” Sinclamon turned red in anger.

His bald head shone brighter.

As a heaven-stage martial warrior, he had never been looked down upon so much.

“Cut the crap.

If you want the divine flames, snatch them from me.

Lets see if theyll listen to you,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Good, seems like you want to do this the hard way.

Since you are so impudent, dont blame me for being merciless.” Sinclamon got angry from embarrassment.

An Lan respected Wang Tengs toughness.

Since both parties had shed all pretenses of cordiality, he decided to open his mouth and speak up, “Isnt this the loser from the Parkers family Didnt you run away the other time Why are you back again”

Sinclamon was helpless and indignant.

His face turned black as he glared at An Lan.

He lost last time and had to run away to keep his life.

This was a humiliation.

When An Lan said this openly in front of him, he wished he could charge over and fight with him with his life on the line.

But he didnt have the balls; he got scared.

“Do you still want to fight” An Lan opened his arms and said calmly.

“Cao Hongtu, work with me to kill this mecha first,” Sinclamon turned and said to Cao Hongtu.

“Wang Teng, wheres my daughter” Cao Hongtu nodded and asked Wang Teng.

“Oh, you still remember her I thought you had forgotten about her.” Wang Teng chuckled and took Cao Jiaojiao out of his space fragment.

“Here she is.”

Cao Jiaojiao was still tied up.

She couldnt move and was lifted up by Wang Teng in an awkward pose.

The bare skin revealed was full of whip marks.

They intertwined on her skin, making her look miserable.

When she came out from the space fragment, she didnt know what was happening.

so she shouted instantly, “Wang Teng, what do you want to do Youre a devil.

Why are torturing me like this My father will never let you go!”


Everyone went silent.

The atmosphere turned awkward for an instant.

Cao Hongtu and Cao Wu felt blood rising to their head when they saw Cao Jiaojiaos state.

They almost fainted.

Sinclamons expression turned hideous.

Cao Jiaojiao was going to marry into his family soon, but she landed in Wang Tengs hand and appeared to have been played.

This was the greatest disgrace for their family.

If Andrais knew that his fiancée got treated like this, he might lock himself up in the toilet and cry—erm, no, he might rush over and kill Wang Teng immediately.

Yes, that was right.

No man would be able to tolerate this.

An Lan looked back and forth between Wang Teng and Cao Jiaojiao with a strange gaze.

He seemed to find this situation interesting.

Cao Jiaojiao finally noticed something amiss with the atmosphere.

She raised her head and saw her father and the others.

Her expression froze.

Embarrassed and furious!

These two words described her current emotions perfectly.

“Cough, this is a misunderstanding.” Wang Teng said awkwardly.

He could tell from their expressions that their thoughts had run a little wild.

“Wang Teng, what did you do to my daughter”

“Wang Teng, what did you do to my sister”

“Wang Teng, what did you do to Cao Jiaojiao”

Cao Hongtu, Cao Wu, and Sinclamon opened their mouths at the same time.

From their questioning tone, one could tell that they were boiling with anger.

If gazes could kill, Wang Teng would be deader than dead.

Wang Teng:

“Wang Teng, admit it.” An Lan suppressed his laughter and fanned the flames.

He didnt mind creating a bigger commotion.

His words further confirmed everyones guess.

Cao Hongtus face turned purple-black.

Wang Teng glared at An Lan fiercely.

This matter affected his innocence, so he hurriedly explained, “Listen to me.

Its not what you think.”

“Bastard, do you think were blind” Cao Hongtu felt frustrated, exasperated, furious, and helpless.

These emotions were displayed entirely on his black face.

His beloved daughter was being trampled by someone, and that person was his enemy.

Wang Teng felt that he had no chance of explaining himself.

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