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Chapter 1065: During The Banquet! (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Bertha had confidence in her own strength initially.

She was a cosmos-stage divine spirit master, so she looked down on planetary-stage martial warriors like Wang Teng.

Even if she was a slave and had to submit to him, she wasnt convinced.

However, when she saw the banquet, she finally understood that a cosmos-stage divine spirit master was nothing compared to her master.

There were too many powerful warriors present today.

There were not only heaven-stage martial warriors but universe-stage martial warriors as well.

A cosmos-stage divine spirit master like her wasnt important.

She wasnt qualified to look down on Wang Teng.

“Its almost time.

Lets begin!” Wang Teng laughed, “I have prepared a feast today.

I hope its good enough for everyone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the servants streamed in and brought in the food and wine that had been prepared beforehand.

Wang Teng had also spent a lot of money on these things.

They were of the highest quality!

The nobles were taken aback when they saw the dishes and started tasting the food.

“This taste.

Its probably from a Force chef grandmaster!”

“And this fine wine.

Its probably been aged for centuries.

How rare!”

“These fruits are also delicacies.

Some are even rare.

You might not even be able to buy them even if you have the money.”

“Like this Fire Heart Fruit from the lava swamps, it takes three years for them to bear fruit and its extremely rare.

Ordinary people wouldnt be able to buy it.

And this Cleansing Spirit Fruit, White Jade Grape… Good things, good things!”

“Baron Wang Teng is so generous! He prepared so many good things.

We can enjoy ourselves today!”

Exclamations came one after another.

The nobles had seen their fair share of the world.

However, they were still surprised.

They could see that Wang Teng had prepared something special.

Everyone ate happily.

After all, many of the delicacies were things that they wouldnt be able to enjoy daily.

Today was indeed a feast for them.

The nobles were also astonished by the surrounding servants and guards.

Every servant was a charming beauty without any exceptions.

And the guards were all at least celestial-stage martial warriors.

Just standing there gave others a sense of deterrence.

For a powerful martial warrior, this was nothing.

However, this was just a barons residence, and Wang Teng had only taken over the residence recently.

Where did he get all these from

This was too extravagant!

The Parkers family and the others were not pleased.

Wang Tengs banquet was lively and everyone was full of praise.

They didnt even have the opportunity to mock him.

If they were still nitpicking in such a situation, they would be the ones embarrassing themselves.

Wang Teng got up to make a toast, especially to the dukes and the elite families.

Since they came here personally, he had to show some respect.

Otherwise, he would be considered rude.

He first came over to the Cavendish family.

“Sir Borla, Brother Di Qi, thank you for attending.”

“Theres no need to be polite,” Di Qi said casually and clinked their glasses.

“Why are you calling me sir Since you called Di Qi your brother, you can just address me as uncle.” Borla waved his hand and smiled.

“I guess Ill have to listen to you,” Wang Teng replied, “Uncle Borla!”

“Youre really a surprising fellow.

You actually drove Cao Hongtu out.” Di Qi finished his wine and looked at Wang Teng in surprise as if he was meeting him for the first time.

“I was just lucky.” Wang Teng smiled.

“I dont think it was just luck.

I heard about it.

You pissed Cao Hongtu and Sinclamon off in the Flaming River World.

Even two heaven-stage martial warriors couldnt handle you,” Di Qi glanced at the Parkers and said in a low voice.

“I was lucky to be able to get a heaven-stage martial warriors help.” Wang Teng squinted his eyes and gave An Lan the credit.

“I know that too.

Wheres that mecha heaven-stage martial warrior who helped you” Borla asked.

“Hes not here as he doesnt like crowded places.” Wang Teng replied.

“Introduce me to him when you have the time.

Im very interested in this mecha heaven-stage martial warrior,” Borla said with great interest.

“Uncle, you are an elder, but you cant snatch him away from me!” Wang Teng cried bitterly.

“Oh, so you want to recruit him” Borla asked in surprise.

“I need a powerful person like him to deter others.

Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble.” Wang Teng snickered.

“You are amazing.

You can even recruit a heaven-stage martial warrior.

Looks like that mecha also intends to stay by your side.” Borlas eyes flashed.

“Its luck.

Its all luck!” Wang Teng laughed.

Di Qi was startled.

It hadnt been long since he last met him, but Wang Teng was already able to recruit a heaven-stage martial warrior.

When he first came to the Great Qian Planet, he had no influence or background.

He was akin to a small fish that had plunged into the ocean from a small stream.

He would have been swallowed up whole by anyone.

But now, Wang Teng had not only defeated Cao Hongtu to obtain the barons title, but he had also gathered a force around him.

It was really unexpected.

Wang Teng chatted for a while before heading over to the Ji family.

He was astonished that a universe-stage martial warrior from the Ji family had come.

Although the elder was very restrained, Wang Teng could tell that he was powerful.

He was definitely not a heaven-stage martial warrior.

After he heard what everyone had said, he managed to obtain his identity.

As soon as Wang Teng came over, Ji Yuanqing smiled, “Mr.

Wang Teng, are you surprised”

“Its a bit of a surprise.

I didnt expect you all to come.” Wang Teng smiled.

“This old man came uninvited.

I hope you dont mind.” An elder by the side chuckled.

“Dont say that.

Its my honor for you to come to my humble abode.”

“Hahaha.” The elder laughed.

“I have to thank you for what happened previously.

Otherwise, this old man wouldnt be alive.

I owe you one.”

The last sentence was said through voice transmission.

It was clear he didnt want to say it out loud on an occasion like this.

He wouldnt want others to know about it.

“Youre too polite.

It was nothing much.” Wang Teng responded using voice transmission as well.

He was elated.

Back when Ji Yuanqing bought the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill, he mentioned that the Ji family owed him a favor.

Now, he had a universe-stage martial warriors guarantee.

This favor was set in stone.

In fact, he wasnt expecting much help from the Ji family.

It was already impressive that a universe-stage martial warrior owed him a favor.

He then went over to where the Jiang family was seated.

He gave a toast politely as well and chatted with them.

“Baron Wang Teng, these are my son and daughter, Jiang Weisheng and Jiang Chenxi.

You youngsters can mingle with each other when you have the time,” Jiang Hanfeng pointed at the two young people behind and said.

Wang Teng looked behind Jiang Hanfeng and saw two outstanding youngsters.

The man was handsome and charming, and there was a sense of pride in his eyes.

He nodded at Wang Teng.

It was considered a greeting.

The woman was beautiful, had glistening skin, and was elegant.

Her long skirt wrapped around her exquisite body, which was particularly eye-catching.

No matter where they were, this pair would definitely be the cream of the crop.

They would be the focus of everyones attention.

Wang Teng was secretly taken aback.

No wonder they were nobles.

Their auras were incomparable.

Of course there was a difference between Wang Teng and them.

His aura was too special, and his experiences could not be compared to theirs.

Besides his handsome face, his eyes were as deep as the stars.

They pulled people toward him.

That was why Jiang Weisheng wasnt pleased.

He felt that Wang Teng was more prideful than him.

Although Jiang Chenxi didnt show it, she was already a little interested in Wang Teng.

After all, ones looks helped a lot.

“Please take care of me in the future,” Wang Teng responded with a smile.

“Im not worthy.

Baron Wang Teng broke the record left by the prince.

Im inferior to you,” Jiang Weisheng said calmly.

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