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Jiang Ming had his hands behind his back in the Chaos.

While looking into the distance, he pondered the situation about himself.

He had spent more than a year for this seclusion, spent 18 million, and had 12 million left.

As a result, both his physique and soul had advanced into the utmost limit of the Lord Saint Realm.

Meanwhile, his inner world had advanced into the utmost limit of the great chiliocosm.

Such an achievement in just about a year was an utterly incredible achievement.

‘Now I know why Jun Sanqian had been urging me to go cultivate in the Hongmeng Primordial Land.

This is not only a fortune, but a miraculous encounter. Even now Jiang Ming was still exclaiming the benefits he had received from the Hongmeng Primordial Land.

At the same time, he was in awe of the owner of the Supreme Pagoda.

In just a short while, a figure appeared in front of Jiang Ming.

Wherever the figure had passed, the Chaos would retreat.

He was stepping on an illusionary long river, which would traverse an infinite distance with a slight movement.

Fortunately, the avatar that I left behind, had been monitoring the Chaos all these while.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to spot this guy here.

“To think that youre waiting for me here.” The figure was Lord Saint Lagerstroemia.

He stopped and observed Jiang Ming with hints of curiosity.

But his eyes remained indifferent.

“Youre restraining your aura to the point that even I cant see through.

I wonder whether its because youve cultivated a supreme special ability, or youve a supreme treasure suppressing your aura in your body The fact that youre capable of blasting the avatar of King Xing Yao and almost killing him by cursing through the Chaos has proven the unusual encounter youve obtained.”

“Lord Saint Lagerstroemia, do you have to do this” Jiang Ming snorted.

“Its natural for me to deal with your disciple whos been trying to invade my world.

Its a normal confrontation, yet you intervene.

Youre even willing to traverse the Chaos just to come here.

Lord Saint Lagerstroemia, youre indeed very narrow-minded.”

“No, you got me wrong!” Lord Saint Lagerstroemia shook his head as he smiled.

“Im here just to identify the type of encounter a sentient being of a great chiliocosm has gotten to be able to kill my disciple.

After all, life is just too boring.

Since my curiosity has finally been aroused, Ill have to come around.”

“Youre indeed f*cking boring!” Jiang Ming was rendered speechless.

“Haha, this is due to the fact that Ive cultivated and lived for too long.

When youve lived hundreds of millions of chaotic epochs, youll realize how precious it is to be curious,” Lord Saint Lagerstroemia exclaimed.

“With my current realm at the Lord Saint, its so difficult to improve further that Im in a state of despair.

As a result of living too long, and experiencing too much, the world is no longer that secretive to me.

The vicissitudes of life, the reincarnation of the era, and the grievances, are all insignificant.

For a couple of times I even have the thought to transform myself into Dao.

Alas, the long years have made life boring.”

Jiang Ming heard the unspeakable loneliness, the eternal solitude, the long-lasting desolation, and the pain of living.

“Why dont you just transform yourself into Dao, and all your issues would be solved.

In this case, you no longer have to endure the torment of time.” Jiang Ming smirked.

“There are always some interesting things in this world.

For example, I get to challenge the Chaos Expert and discover a person with sky-defying encounters like you.” Saint Lord Lagerstroemia laughed as he said, “Kid, its rare that Im interested in coming.

Hence, Ill give you a chance to acknowledge me as your master, and all the past resentment shall be forgotten.”

“If you refuse, youll be my enemy.

Itd be either you die or I die if you were to be my enemy.”

“In that case, lets just try it out.

Lets see if youre stronger, or Im better.”

There was nothing else to say at this point.

Jiang Ming knew that Saint Lord Lagerstroemia wouldnt give up since Saint Lord Lagerstroemia had come all the way here.

Even if Saint Lord Lagerstroemia was to give up, Jiang Ming wouldnt let him go anyway.

Since they had become sworn enemies, Jiang Ming felt safe only with the death of Saint Lord Lagerstroemia.

Jiang Ming took a step forward and stopped moving for a while.

He saw Saint Lord Lagerstroemia open up his palm to release a Chaos Beast with a body length of 30,000 kilometers.

Jiang Ming knew that it was not the real size of the Chaos Beast yet.

“Youve been too meticulous, havent you” Jiang Ming looked at Saint Lord Lagerstroemia with disdain.

“To think that you let a beast to test me, I doubt whether you truly are a Lord Saint”

“Being meticulous is the secret to a longer life.

This is the eternal rule!” Saint Lord Lagerstroemia said smilingly, “This is the King Saint Golden Dragon Bast that Ive enslaved on my way here.

Through it, let me see how good you are.”

“Youll be in despair after you see my power!” Jiang Ming shook his head, and punched at the beast.

Meanwhile, he said, “This is boring!”

Along with the punch, boundless power that had surged out, blasting the surrounding space of Chaos in an instant.

The incomparably tyrannical power, which was suppressing the eternity had caused a change on the Lord Saint Lagerstroemias face, revealing a great shock.

“This is the power of Lord Saint Realm.

And its the power of the physique! This is impossible!”

With merely a punch, Jiang Ming had blasted the Golden Dragon Beast into a bloody mist, which was then dispersed as ashes.

Meanwhile, the region where they were at, had become a vacuum.

Even the supreme laws and rules of the Chaos were about to rupture.

“You must be somebody to be this strong.” Saint Lord Lagerstroemia had become unprecedentedly solemn.

“Who are you”

Meanwhile, battle armor appeared on him, a lance appeared in his hand, and a bell suspended on his head.

It was obvious that Saint Lord Lagerstroemia was about to do his best.

“Im Jiang Ming.

Do remember that youre killed because of your own disciple.” Jiang Ming launched the attack as soon as he finished his words.

With a couple of swift punches, Jiang Ming had blasted the Chaos.

The pure yet horrifying power that condensed naturally, had made the space stagnant.

“How arrogant!” Saint Lord Lagerstroemia snorted coldly.

At the same time, the bell on his head rang out, emanating Dao fluctuation, which was directed towards the origin of Jiang Mings soul.

However, Saint Lord Lagerstroemia was stunned in the next moment.

His attack had not affected Jiang Ming at all, not even caused Jiang Ming to frown a bit.

“Just a small trick!” Jiang Ming howled as he punched through the eternity, and into Saint Lord Lagerstroemia.

As for the attack of the bell It was merely a Lord Saint Dao Vessel, which couldnt even affect his unparalleled soul.

Moreover, he had his inner world as the barrier, and the Chaotic World Tree as the barricade.

With a flutter, Saint Lord Lagerstroemia had produced thousands of figures.

Each figure was seen in a layer of space, making the thousands of figures looked as though they had fallen into thousands of worlds.

“The law of Chaos Space Regardless of how fantastix your special ability is, you wont be a match for my super power.” As Jiang Ming punched, he blasted layers of space and his last punch got to the tip of the lance.

Boom…There was an explosion of power, which led to the surging of earth, fire, wind, and water, directly opening up a space which was instantly destroyed by the destructive torrent.

Saint Lord Lagerstroemia was sent backwards at the impact of the explosion.

He exclaimed, “This is the Quasi-Chaos Supreme Treasure.

Yet, youre capable of resisting it with your naked punch”

This time around, Saint Lord Lagerstroemia had hints of despair flashing across his face.

He was only at the middle stage of King Saint Realm, and he got this supreme treasure by chance.

He rarely would take it out, but each time he used it, he would definitely kill his opponent.

Taking out the supreme treasure this time, Saint Lord Lagerstroemia didnt expect to kill Jiang Ming, but he expected to be able to safely retreat with it.

However, the punch just now had left him in despair.

“Are you in the Chaos Realm No, youve the physique of the peak stage Lord Saint Realm!” Lord Saint Lagerstroemia was in a greater despair.

The difference between the middle stage and the peak stage of Lord Saint didnt seem to be big, but each advancement was not only extremely difficult, it would also cause a tremendous change in power after each advancement.

With a flutter, Lord Saint Lagerstroemia formed thousands of figures again.

This time however, all his figures merged into the Chaos fluctuation and eluded into the distance.

Lord Saint Lagerstroemia had made a decision to escape since he was no match to Jiang Ming.

After all, it wasnt a shameful thing to do to save his own life.

“Trying to escape” Jiang Ming laughed, but in a cold manner.

The next moment, a world projection suddenly appeared and swept through hundreds of millions of light-years away in an instant.

It stopped Lord Saint Lagerstroemia from escaping.

“World projection Are you taking on the World Dao Is such a strong pressure the utmost limit of a great chiliocosm Hows it possible!” Lord Saint Lagerstroemia was shocked with hints of an incredible sense of absurdity.

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