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Chapter 302 - Life Stage 4 (1)



Twenty minutes ago, swept up by Lee Jaewon’s evacuation skill, Goat and Yooha were dropped off downtown.

“W-What was that right now”

“I’m pretty sure it was Jaewon Hyung’s skill…!”


The skill that had engulfed them was called Emergency Escape.

It moved a disciple to the nearest holy ground. 

However, the place they were in right now was a bit off.

“Isn’t this shelter 1”

Shelters had been placed all around the city in case of calamities.

The two of them were in one of them, and tens of thousands of people were occupying this shelter.

However, that didn’t matter right now.

“There is no way Jaewon Hyung would evacuate us without saying anything.”

Lee Jaewon wasn’t the type of person to suddenly send them away without any explanation.

It meant only one thing.

“I’m sure of it.

Something happened to him!!”

Chun Yooha became serious.

‘He said he found someone suspicious.’

When they had arrived at the location, Yooha had wondered if the situation was already out of control.


“Huhk, huhk! Yooha Noona!”

She heard a familiar voice come from afar.

It belonged to none other than Hahn Jimin.

Hahn Jimin had urgently come looking for them.

“What a relief! Help us! A monster appeared over there! We need an S-rank at least!”


Surprised, Goat quickly tried to follow Hahn Jimin.


“Miss Yooha”

However, Chun Yooha grabbed Goat as if she didn’t want him to go.

“What are you”

“Miss Yooha”

Chun Yooha glared at Hahn Jimin with cold eyes.

“What are you, and why are you giving off that smell”

“W-What Smell” Goat tilted his head in puzzlement. 

However, Yooha’s eyes flashed.

“You better be straight with me.

You came here after you killed someone, right”


Hahn Jimin’s eyebrows instantly twitched.

Goat was taken aback; Hahn Jimin came here after killing someone! “I-It can’t be a human, right There is no way that kid…”

Chun Yooha was sure of it.

If she used the Divine status of Death, she could differentiate between survivors and victims.

She could gather any information related to death.

Hahn Jimin looked embarrassed.

He approached Yooha as he sniffled.

“You’re too much.

I only helped move people who were killed by the monsters….”

As soon as Hahn Jimin moved closer, Chun Yooha’s eyes flashed.

She instantly brought out the magical energy of Death and attacked Hahn Jimin.


It took less than a second for her to summon her weapon and attack.

It really was a blink of an eye as her black magical energy stabbed toward Hahn Jimin.


Goat screamed.

This wasn’t an attack someone would unleash on a human.

Of course, Yooha also wasn’t someone to attack for no reason!

“H-He is still a disciple of the Serpent Bearer temple! What if you are wrong— Ah” Goat let out a cold sweat.

“That’s nuts!”

The light in Goat’s eyes changed as he brought out his bow.

“What the hell You went straight for the neck”

Chun Yooha’s scythe had pierced Hahn Jimin’s neck.

However, it merely broke the skin on his neck.

It couldn’t slice in any further.

Moreover, chaotic magical energy emanated from the ripped-open wound.

It was clearly the power of a monarch rank!

“Why are all the Serpent Bearer disciples like this Every one of you has the nose of a dog.

This is true for you and Lee Jaewon.”

“Shit! He was a spy!” Goat immediately sent his arrows flying.

A frightening bombardment rushed toward him, but when Hahn Jimin laughed, all the attacks were sent back to Goat.


The power of Confusion had changed the target of the attack, and the attack changed directions.

Hahn Jimin looked annoyed that his identity had been revealed.

‘I knew her power would get stronger as Lee Gun’s Death grew.


Chun Yooha’s basic abilities were outstanding enough that she had exceeded his expectations.

Hearing Lee Jaewon’s name, Chun Yooha and Goat glared at Hahn Jimin.

They could already guess what had happened.

‘He attacked Hyung-nim inside that building…’

“I’ll keep him occupied, Miss Yooha! Please go toward Hyung-nim!”

They moved urgently.


They were trying to do their best to exit the shelter, but they flinched.

‘I can’t use my magical energy.’

It seemed Confusion had used his ability to confuse the connection between the Zodiac and the disciples.

‘We can’t use our skills.’

However, they possessed the EX-rank holy items made by Lee Gun.

[Crimson Earth’s Judgment (EX)]

[Made from Goat’s Horn (SSS)]

All the holy items, including the weapons made by Lee Gun, contained Lee Gun’s magical energy independent of him!

That was why these items could be used in battle despite losing connection with the Zodiac.

Lee Gun had purposefully made them that way so that the weapons could be used as emergency power.

‘I’ll have to buy time somehow…!’

At that moment…


Was it called out by Confusion A luminescent beast appeared from the sky.


A monster that looked like a Plesiosaur appeared from the clouds, and a beam of light gathered at its mouth.

Goat and Yooha froze when they saw the energy the monster was about to release.

The power emanating from it was on a different level.

‘I…It is too strong!’

At the very least, it was a black-zone-rank monster! It was way too strong to fight while being unable to use their skills.

So Goat said, “I’ll draw it away, Miss Yooha.

Please get out of here! Quickly!”

“No! You can’t dodge it!”


Suddenly, they had a realization.

Confusion’s attack wasn’t headed for them.

They weren’t the true targets.

“Shit! It’s the shelter!”

If they dodged the attack, the two of them would live.

However, the shelter would be blown up, the shelter with tens of thousands of people.

Goat ground his teeth.

‘Did he perhaps summon us toward the shelter for this…!’

They might have been called here so that Confusion could carry out this plan if needed.

With his power, Confusion confused and changed the destination of Lee Jaewon’s skill.


The beast fired the beam of light toward the shelter.

‘With the power of the holy item, we’ll be able to protect the shelter.’

However, they would die in the process of defending the shelter.

Chun Yooha gritted her teeth.

She was scared, but it was fine.

She’d be like her uncle.

He laughed when faced with countless deaths.

Chun Yooha and Goat immediately charged toward the attack.

* * *

Around that time, Lee Gun had defeated all the calamities that had been threatening the world, yet his expression hardened.

[The energy of your loyal followers is disappearing.]

[The energy of Life has disappeared.]

[The energy of Life has disappeared.]

As a Zodiac, he could feel the energy of Life of anyone under him.

Moreover, he could feel it more surely if his followers were high in rank.

This was why Lee Gun knew.

Three people under the Serpent Bearer temple had died.

The disciples under the A rank couldn't be felt clearly, so he would have to check the log.

However, it was a different story with those who were at least S rank.

It was like being unable to tell the shape of a faint light compared to that of a powerful light.

‘Three are dead.’

He knew exactly who had died.

In an instant, killing intent appeared in his eyes.


However, something within Lee Gun’s possession suddenly emitted a light.

It was Yeonwoo’s soul fragment, which he had taken from Pisces.

This puzzled Lee Gun.

‘Who put this in my clothes’

However, that wasn’t important right now.

He felt a curious body heat come from the soul, and it helped cool down his anger.

It was as if someone was touching the sharp edges of emotions.

[Life says there is still a chance.]

It was thanks to raising Life’s EXP when he had used his defensive ability to save the civilians.

Despite having enough rage to make Death go berserk and make Lee Gun consumed by his anger, Life was able to meddle.

It allowed Lee Gun to think instead of being angry.


It wasn’t as if their souls had disappeared yet. 

Life reacted as if it was responding to Lee Gun’s thoughts.

[You need to fulfill a condition if you want to return them.]

However, someone didn’t want to see this.


Life is reacting to him!]

[Shit! I should have known this might happen when he indiscriminately raised the EXP of Life!]

[I don’t know what he is trying to do, but stop him!]

War heightened the emotions that made humans want to fight.

That was why the humans around Lee Gun attacked him.

“Kill Lee Gun.”

“Kill Lee Gun.”

The civilians and disciples were enraged as they rushed toward Lee Gun.


At that moment, the evolved Red Eye, which was struggling while being pinned by its older siblings, used its power.

It was Fear. 

An unseen attack washed over the city.


It looked like a reverberation.

Red Eye’s Fear curbed everyone’s will to fight.


The frightened people sank to the ground.

However, the problem was the calamities that were controlling them.





Was it because Red Eye had awakened through the power of the Serpent Bearer

[That bastard…!!]

Fear worked against two of its siblings.

War and Death couldn’t move thanks to the pressure.

The Fear that Red Eye was emitting wasn’t normal.

It was the fear that Red Eye felt toward the Serpent Bearer.

When War and Death exchanged glances with Lee Gun, they trembled from head to toe.

At that moment, it was as if Lee Gun had heard something from Life.

“Let’s see you die from the power of Life” Lee Gun let out a wicked smile as he looked at them.

Then, the calamities screamed.

[The Creation ability of Life stage 3 has created fatal malignant tumors within the monsters.]

[The Creation ability of Life stage 3 has created critical wounds against the monsters.]

The calamities vomited blood as they screamed.

[Life has gained a massive amount of EXP.]

[Life has gained a massive amount of EXP.]

He was defeating them with the power of Life instead of Death.

While Death would gain EXP through their death, Life would also gain EXP at the same time.


The calamities despaired as they fell in front of the world.

The people watching this cheered.

“Lee Gun saved humanity!”

“The other disciples stood strong!!”

When the calamities fell, the reporters became busy as they sent out the news.


However, all of a sudden, a gate emanating a powerful light appeared in the sky.

The debris from the destroyed buildings poured out from it.

“Ahhk! What the hell is that”

People screamed.

They were scared that the debris would hit them, but they were fine thanks to the Serpent Bearer’s defensive ability.

However, it didn’t take them long to scream again.

“W-What the hell is that”

“A-Are they humans”


Corpses had appeared in front of them, and people realized who they were.

“What the hell Isn’t that the Archer Saint”

“C-Chun Yooha!”

Among this large commotion, everyone monitored Lee Gun.

One of these corpses was Lee Gun’s Zodiac Saint.

The other two were affiliates under the Serpent Bearer temple.

They knew this well.

In the end, the raucous reporters became silent.


“L-Lee Gun-nim”

Lee Gun approached the corpses.

He headed toward Yooha first.

Amongst them, she was the only one who hadn’t died yet.

Super Regeneration, the unique ability of the Serpent Bearer temple, was still working.

It was very faint.


They had sacrificed themselves to protect the people within the shelter.

Yooha’s body was bathed in blood as she was at death’s door.

She couldn’t even speak.

Despite being close to death, she looked like she was about to cry at this moment.

Moreover, she earnestly mouthed “Please save them.”

It wasn’t about herself.

She was asking him to save Goat and Lee Jaewon.

She knew she was asking for the impossible, yet she pleaded.

Therefore, Lee Gun stroked Yooha’s head to set her at ease.

At the same time, the green light of regeneration engulfed Chun Yooha.

Lee Gun used the EXP he had gained from killing the calamities.

He also used the EXP stored within his temple and directed it all toward Life.

Consequently, he emanated a light.

[Life has leveled up.]

[Life has reached stage 4.]

[You have developed a new skill after reaching stage 4.]

Lee Gun looked at the corpse of Lee Jaewon and Goat.

He had an idea about had happened just from looking at them.

‘You two did well.’

He stroked the cheeks of both men.


Lee Gun’s eyes flashed, and he emitted a golden green light.

It was the newly developed skill at Life stage 4!


Finally, the light headed toward Lee Jaewon and Goat.



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