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Chapter 99: The minion only chatted with His Royal Highness

Luo Qinghan said coldly: “Confiscate all your snacks.”

Xiao Xi was struck by lightning.

I’m a goose! This is too cruel!

This is more uncomfortable for her than just beating her up!

Seeing her scared and scared appearance, Luo Qinghan was very satisfied, so she had to let her know that she was scared before she would honestly follow him.

Luo Qinghan stood up and stretched out his arms: “Change clothes for you.”

Xiao Xixi accepted his fate and undressed him before going to the ground, waiting for him to fall asleep.

As usual, she slept inside, and Luo Qinghan slept outside.

Early the next morning, Xiao Xixi was awakened by Luo Qinghan.

When she first opened her eyes, she was still in a daze, thinking she was in the Qingge Hall, she subconsciously shouted Bao Qin.

As a result, what responded to her was a clear and indifferent man’s voice.

Xiao Xixi looked intently and found that it was not Bao Qin standing by the bed at all, but Luo Qinghan.

Luo Qingshan was still wearing white bedding, his hair was scattered, and Qingshan’s face showed a bit of impatience.

“How long will you sleep”

He called her several times just now, but she didn’t respond until he started to push her, and she woke up from her sleep.

This woman can really sleep!

Also, she actually called him Bao Qin just now

Does he look half similar to that little palace maid!

Xiao Xi got up and said vaguely: “It turned out to be Your Highness.”

Luo Qinghan urged: “It’s getting late, get up quickly.”

Xiao Xi glanced at the window, it was still dark outside, and it was not yet dawn!

Usually she is still sleeping in the quilt at this moment, but now she is going to give up the warm quilt, which is too cruel to her.

She struggled to get out of bed, picked up the eunuch clothes placed next to her and put them on her body.

Luo Qinghan just looked at her coldly.

When she was dressed properly, he called for someone to come in.

Eunuch Chang brought in the palace eunuchs and waited for His Royal Highness to wash and change clothes.

Xiao Xi couldn’t help much, so he stood by and watched.

Looking at it, I couldn’t help but start yawning.

She really didn’t sleep enough, she really wanted to get a good night’s sleep.

The palace eunuchs noticed Xiao Xixi’s sleepy appearance, and thought to themselves that His Royal Highness the Prince should have tossed her hard enough last night.

Tsk Tsk, the picture feels exciting when you think about it.

Because the prince had already told him, today’s breakfast was no longer so complicated, it was just a simple five-course soup.

Luo Qinghan and Xiao Xixi had breakfast, took a break, and then went downstairs to leave the station.

Nie Changping and several other accompanying officials were already waiting at the door.

When they saw the prince coming, they immediately bowed.

Nie Changping’s gaze paused on Xiao Xixi.

The prince was the first to get on the carriage, and then it was the turn of the others.

Xiao Xi wanted to go back to his carriage, but as soon as he turned around, Nie Changping hooked his shoulders from behind.

“Xiao Xi, do you want to take a carriage with me I’m sitting in a car by myself, it’s weird and boring, you can chat with me.”

Xiao Xixi was still very conscious of being the little wife of the prince.

She pushed Nie Changping’s hand away and said solemnly: “The minions are His Royal Highness’s people, and the minions only serve His Royal Highness.”

“Just chat with me.”

“The minion only chatted with His Royal Highness.”

The more Xiao Xixi refused, the more Nie Changping became interested in her.

He didn’t think much about her, it was just that the rush was too boring, and he wanted to find someone to tease.

He didn’t dare to tease the palace ladies around the prince.

Who knows if any of those palace ladies had slept with the prince He didn’t want to rob the prince of women.

The eunuchs were different.

Even if he made fun of it, it would be fine.


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