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Chapter 98: No Rules, No Radius

Nie Changping is an old prince, and he is also eighteen years old.

He is wearing an indigo round neck brocade robe, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, and a straight posture.

He looks heroic and handsome.

He is undoubtedly also a rare beautiful man.

But unlike the prince’s cold, indifferent, and refined temperament, Nie Changping is more bohemian, like a wild horse that has not been tamed, with an indescribable wildness in his body.

In the words of parents, it is a bear child.

Xiao Xixi put down the barrel and saluted.

“The minion met the King of Xiaojun.”

Nie Changping held a dog tail grass in his mouth that he didn’t know where it came from, and turned around her in a playful tone.

“What’s your name Why haven’t I seen you before”

Xiao Xixi replied unhurriedly: “The minion’s name is Xiao Xi.

She has just been transferred to the East Palace.

She doesn’t usually show up often.

It’s normal for the King of Xiaojun to have never seen a minion.”

Nie Changping leaned over and stared at her face.

“Your little appearance is quite chic.”

Xiao Xi is in a complicated mood, so I’ll treat you as complimenting me.

Nie Changping seemed to think that just looking at it was not enough, and wanted to reach out and touch it.

As a result, before he stretched out his hand, he heard Eunuch Chang’s voice from behind him.

“Xiao Xi, why did you come here without saying a word His Royal Highness the Prince asked about you just now, and I realized that you were gone.

Come here quickly and follow me to see the Prince.”

Xiao Xi ran over immediately and left with Father-in-Law Chang.

Nie Changping stared at her leaving back for a while, then turned and left, seemingly not taking this trivial matter to heart.

Xiao Xixi went upstairs, walked into the guest room, and saw Luo Qinghan sitting on the edge of the bed with no expression on his face, looking quite unhappy.

She leaned over: “Your Highness, do you have any instructions to find a minion”

Luo Qinghan held everyone back, and only he and Xiao Xixi were left in the room.

He asked in a bad tone: “Did you not follow what I said to you at all”

Xiao Xi said blankly: “What does Your Highness mean”

“Gu told you before, no matter where Gu goes, you have to follow Gu, and you are not allowed to leave one step.

As a result, when you turn around, you are gone.”

Xiao Xixi hurriedly explained: “Minion…”

Luo Qinghan interrupted her: “There are no outsiders here, you don’t have to call yourself a minion.”


“This is not in the palace, and you don’t have to call yourself a concubine.”

Xiao Xi thought for a while: “Can you call me”

Luo Qinghan did not interrupt her again this time.

This should be the default meaning.

Xiao Xixi continued: “I was afraid that I would disturb your bathing just now, so I went out to avoid it.

By the way, I went downstairs to wash my face.

After all, I have to wait for His Royal Highness to sleep.

I have to wash myself clean.”

“You are a lonely woman, and you don’t need to avoid it when you are alone in the bath.”

Xiao Xi said shyly: “That being said, people are still a little shy.”

Luo Qinghan was silent for a moment, his face unchanged and authentic: “You have to get used to it.”

What are you used to

Are you used to seeing your flawless body

Xiao Xixi’s thoughts were erratic for a moment, remembering that the prince was still looking at her, she hurriedly threw out the yellow waste in her mind, and obediently responded: “I see.”

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “If you are a first-time offender, Gu will forgive you once.

If you commit another crime, Gu will punish you.”

Xiao Xi couldn’t help but get nervous: “Gu, is there still punishment”

“Of course, if there are no rules and no boundaries, you have to have clear rewards and punishments for doing things.”

Xiao Xixi tentatively asked: “What exactly do you mean by punishment”


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