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Chapter 96: Don’t Leave One step at a time

Xiao Xixi jumped out of the carriage with her hands and feet on the ground, and stood on the side of the road, blowing a cool night breeze, the remaining drowsiness in her mind was completely blown away.

Eunuch Chang led the way in front with a lantern.

As she walked, he asked, “How long have you been sleeping”

Xiao Xi was embarrassed and said, “It’s so boring on the road.

I have nothing to do in the car by myself, so I can only sleep.”

“She slept all the way!”

Eunuch Chang admired her deeply.

Although the road surface of the official road is much smoother than that of the mountain road, there are ups and downs in the end.

It is a bit bumpy for cars and horses to drive on it.

It is difficult for most people to sleep for too long in this kind of bumpy.

Only Xiao Liangdi, a strange person, can actually sleep for a whole day.

According to her sleeping appearance just now, if he didn’t wake her up, she might be able to continue sleeping.

Eunuch Chang whispered: “His Royal Highness said that your identity should be kept secret, so the minions cannot call you Xiao Liangdi outside.

You have to give yourself another name.”

Xiao Xixi thought for a while: “Just call me Xiao Xi.”

“Okay, the minion will dare to call you Xiao Xi.”

Two people enter the guest room one after the other.

Luo Qinghan was discussing things with Nie Changping, Prince Shaofu and Prince Shaobao at this moment.

He heard the movement and looked sideways at the door.

Xiao Xixi stepped forward to greet him: “The minion met His Royal Highness the Prince.”

Luo Qinghan just nodded slightly and didn’t say much.

It was Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun, who glanced at her more.

At this time, Xiao Xixi was wearing navy blue eunuch clothes, her hair was all combed up, revealing a smooth and white forehead, her apricot eyes were moist and translucent, and there was still a little red mark on her little goose egg face.

That was the trace left by her sleeping in the carriage.

Nie Changping thought to himself, this little eunuch was born so handsome, why hadn’t he seen her before

Luo Qinghan noticed Nie Changping’s gaze and said lightly: “Let’s do this today.

You have been on the road for a day and you are all tired.

Let’s all stand down.”

“The minister waited to leave.”

The Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao walked out.

Nie Changping still wanted to stay away, but Luo Qinghan glanced at him indifferently.

“Are you going by yourself Or do you want someone to drive you away”

Nie Changping bitterly said, “I’ll go by myself.”

He left dingily.

Luo Qinghan looked at Xiao Xixi, who was still standing at the door, and said, “Come here.”

Xiao Xixi walked over immediately.

“From now on, you will follow alone.

Wherever you go alone, you will follow wherever you go.

You are not allowed to leave alone one step at a time, remember this.”

“The minion remembered.”

Luo Qinghan expressed satisfaction with her obedience, and he said lightly: “When you are out and about, you have to give yourself another name.”

Xiao Xixi: “The minion has already thought of a name, Xiao Xi.”

“Xiao Xi… this name is okay.”

Eunuch Chang brought dinner.

A full twenty dishes filled the entire table.

Xiao Xixi’s saliva almost falling off.

Damn, the prince is having a great life, isn’t it Actually, one person can eat so many dishes in one meal! Really envy!

Eunuch Chang said with guilt: “This place is remote and the ingredients are limited.

I can only barely make up such 20 dishes.

I also ask His Royal Highness to take care of it.

I will eat some for the time being.”

Xiao Xixi is not only envious now, but also sour.

With so many delicious things, it’s actually said to be “I’m going to eat some”

If this is considered a settlement, she would rather do it every day!

At this moment, Xiao Xixi turned into a lemon essence, and her heart was almost bubbling with sourness.


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