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Chapter 95: Going South

Xiao Lingfeng stood still and watched the team go away.

He didn’t understand why the prince wanted to take Xiao Xixi to the south, and could only attribute this to the prince’s excessive affection for Xiao Xixi.

The prince told him not to spread the matter.

In fact, even if the prince didn’t tell him, he didn’t dare to spread the matter out.

After all, Xiao Xixi was the daughter married from his general’s mansion.

If someone knew that she was accompanying the prince south, she would be charged with a demon concubine for bewitching the prince.

At that time, not only Xiao Xixi, but even he would have to suffer.

Thinking of this, Xiao Lingfeng couldn’t help feeling emotional.

What a pity!

He has several daughters, and if it were other daughters who were favoured by the prince, he would definitely be very happy now.

How could it be that Xiao Xixi was taken fancy by the prince

The prince drove south along the official road.

Before dark, they found a station to stop and rest.

The station had already received the news and cleaned the inside and outside of the station in advance, and all unrelated personnel were also cleared.

Under the escort of everyone on the third floor and the third floor, the prince stayed in the best guest room in the station.

It is said to be the best guest room, but compared with the East Palace, it is very simple.

Father-in-Law Chang looked around, but he was not satisfied with what he saw.

He sighed: “Your Highness, it’s really wronged you to let you live in a dilapidated place.”

Luo Qinghan also felt that this place was too awkward, but before he set off, he was mentally prepared, so he didn’t say much, only faintly authentic.

“Where is Xiao Liangdi Why didn’t you see her”

Eunuch Chang hurriedly said, “Maybe I’m lost, so the minion will go to find her.”

Luo Qinghan said, “Remember, don’t let anyone know her identity.”

“The minion understands.”

Eunuch Chang walked downstairs, grabbed Zhao Xian and asked, “Where is the little master”

In the entire team, except for the prince, only Zhao Xian and Eunuch Chang knew about Xiao Liangdi’s existence.

When Zhao Xian heard him ask, he raised his hand and pointed outside: “The person should still be in the car, and I haven’t seen her come down.”

Eunuch Chang was surprised.

The cars and horses had been parked for a while.

Why didn’t Xiao Liangdi get off the bus What is she hiding in the car for

Because there are too many carriages, the stables of the station cannot accommodate so many carriages and horses.

They can only be parked along the official road, guarded by Yulin Army guards next to them.

There is no need to worry about the theft of carriages and horses.

Eunuch Chang found the carriage where Xiao Liangdi was, and the coachman had already left.

He lowered his voice and called, “Xiao Liangdi”

There was no response in the carriage.

Eunuch Chang found it strange, isn’t the person in it

He tried to open the corner of the car curtain and found Xiao Liangdi, dressed in eunuch clothes, lying asleep in the carriage.

Eunuch Chang was speechless immediately.

He had long known that this little master was a sleeper, but after the carriage had stopped for so long, she still didn’t feel anything, and she slept sweetly as usual.

She was too able to sleep!

Eunuch Chang coughed twice, trying to wake Xiao Liangdi up.

Unfortunately, it’s useless.

This coughing sound did not affect her sleep quality at all.

Eunuch Chang was helpless, so he could only knock on the floor of the carriage with a handful of fingers, and slightly raised the volume: “Wake up!”

Xiao Xi finally woke up now.

She opened her bleary eyes, looked around, and found herself still in the carriage.

She sat up, rubbed her eyes, and asked in a low voice, “Are you there yet”

Eunuch Chang said helplessly: “It’s already here, and His Royal Highness has already settled down.

Hurry up and go with the minions to see the prince.”


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