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Chapter 91: Going Back to My Mother’s House

The carriage drove out of the palace.

Xiao Xixi opened the window curtain and looked out.

They were walking on Zhuque Street.

This street runs through Shengjing City from east to west.

It is the most central main road in the city.

Walk straight along this street, you can leave Shengjing City through Mingde Gate.

Shuque Street is very quiet, there are almost no pedestrians on the road, and there are high walls of Zhumen on both sides of the street.

At first glance, you know that this street is full of powerful people.

The carriage walked along Shuque Street for a while, then turned right and entered the trail.

This time it stopped without going far.

The squire stepped forward and called the door.

The porter learned that it was a nobleman from the palace, and did not dare to delay, so he hurriedly ran to report.

Soon Xiao Lingfeng came out with his two sons.

Luo Qinghan took Xiao Xixi out of the carriage.

When Xiao Lingfeng saw that the visitor was actually the Royal Highness the Prince, he was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt down and saluted.

“Wei Chen paid a visit to His Royal Highness the Prince.

I don’t know if His Royal Highness the Prince has arrived.

If you have lost your welcome, I hope you will forgive me!”

His two sons also knelt down.

Xiao Xi looked at the familiar gate of the General’s Mansion in front of him, in a delicate mood.

The last time she passed through this gate, it was last year.

She went to the palace to participate in the draft.

After the show, she was left in the East Palace.

Obviously this is her maiden home, but she can’t give birth to a sense of belonging here.

Luo Qinghan saw her looking at the gate of the general’s mansion and didn’t move.

He thought she was scared.

He took the initiative to hold her hand and motioned to her not to be afraid.

With him, no one in the general’s mansion dared to bully her.

Xiao Xixi looked down at the left hand being held, and then looked up at the prince’s side face.

She is actually not afraid of the general’s mansion, but this feeling of being protected is not bad.

So she didn’t say anything, and let the prince lead her into the general’s mansion.

Xiao Lingfeng noticed the two of them holding hands together, and his mood was very complicated.

Because of the prince’s sudden visit, the entire general’s mansion was alarmed, and Xue hurriedly asked people to prepare refreshments.

Luo Qinghan did not stay long.

He was not interested in everything in the General’s mansion.

He came here this time just to send Xiao Liangdi over and tell Xiao Lingfeng a few more words by the way.

After listening to the prince’s order, Xiao Lingfeng was surprised, but he didn’t dare to ask more, so he could only nod in response.

“Wei Chen knows, Weichen will definitely settle Xiao Liangdi properly.”

Luo Qinghan called Xiao Liangdi to the front and exhorted.

“You can stay here with peace of mind.

After changing your clothes tomorrow morning, wait for me near Mingde Gate.”



As soon as the prince left, everyone in the general’s mansion breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Lingfeng called Xue and asked Xue to arrange a place for Xiao Xixi.

Xue was unwilling to contact this evil star, but Xiao Xixi was personally sent by the prince.

Xiao Xixi had the prince as his backer.

Xue did not dare to offend her.

She could only endure the fear and uneasiness in her heart, and spoke cautiously.

“The Nuanxiang Residence where Xiao Liangdi lived before is still there, but it hasn’t been occupied for a long time.

It needs to be cleaned.

Xiao Liangdi is also requested to rest here for a while, and then you will be invited to check in when it is cleaned.”

Xiao Xixi nodded and said: “yes.”

Xue asked someone to serve her refreshments, and then retired.

Not only Xue’s, Xiao Lingfeng didn’t dare to stay with Xiao Xixi.

As soon as Xue’s left, Xiao Lingfeng also found an excuse and left quickly with his two sons.

In the huge hall building, Xiao Xixi was the only one left.

Everyone here is afraid that she will not be able to avoid it.

Xiao Xixi tasted a few preserved fruits and felt that they were not as delicious as Bao Qin.

At this moment, a small head popped out at the door.

Xiao Xi looked around and found that it was Xiao Zhilan, smiling and beckoning to her.



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