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Chapter 88: Let’s Go Together

Xiao Xi was puzzled and said, “Just for such a trivial matter, why should the empress do such a cruel thing”

Luo Qinghan’s fingertips gently rubbed the edge of the tea cup, faintly authentic.

“The mother used practical actions to tell her a truth, weakness is the original sin.”

Xiao Xixi looked at him, but she didn’t see the meaning of sadness in his eyes.

For a while, she couldn’t figure out whether she should comfort him, or should she skip this sad topic

Before she could figure out the reason, Luo Qinghan spoke again.

“This time you go south, you will accompany me.”

Xiao Xi was so scared that even the duck roll fell on the table.

Her apricot eyes widened, her face full of astonishment.

“The concubine is going south too why”

Luo Qinghan: “You need to be used in the rain-seeking ceremony.”

Xiao Xixi wanted to say that I can write you a strategy for seeking rain, and you can just take the strategy on the road, but when he said it, she swallowed it again.

In fact, she was also a little uneasy.

It’s okay to accompany him on this trip.

After all, she is the one she chose.

What if he encounters an accident on the road

Although she had already calculated the hexagram for him, he would not have any worries about his life on this trip, but in addition to the worries about his life, there are many other dangers in this world, and she would be safer to follow him personally and watch him.

Xiao Xi sighed: “Okay.”

Luo Qinghan was surprised this time.

Based on his understanding of Xiao Liangdi, this woman can lie down without sitting, and can sit without standing.

She is lazy, greedy and doesn’t like to move.

If she wants to follow him to the south, she will definitely find a way to refuse.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t even struggle, so she agreed in one bite.

Luo Qinghan was a little curious: “There is no such comfortable life as the palace outside.

If you go to the south with me, you may have to suffer a lot.

Are you really willing”

Xiao Xixi muttered: “It doesn’t mind if I suffer, as long as I can stay with Royal Highness.”

Luo Qinghan was startled.

At this moment, he couldn’t tell how he felt in his heart, he just felt warm in his heart, like drinking a bowl of hot ginger soup in the cold winter, very comfortable.

Xiao Xixi picked up the unfinished duck roll on the table and continued to stuff it into her mouth.

After leaving the palace, she couldn’t eat such a delicious roast duck.

While she could still eat it now, she wanted to eat more!

Luo Qinghan came back to his senses, and his voice sounded slightly milder than usual.

“Set off in ten days, take advantage of this time to clean up, and don’t tell anyone else about it.”

Xiao Xi asked sternly: “Can the concubine take Bao Qin with her”

Luo Qinghan’s voice suddenly returned to ruthlessness: “No, I only plan to take you alone, and you will have to change your costume when the time comes.”

Xiao Xi wanted to cry, without Bao Qin by her side, no one would cook her delicious food.

How would this life go on

She turned sadness and anger into appetite, and she ate more.

The roast duck on the table was wiped out cleanly by her, and even the side dishes were swept away by her.

Luo Qinghan was not surprised by this.

He stood up: “I still have official documents to deal with tonight, so I won’t stay with you.”

Xiao Xixi controlled the corners of his mouth that rose, trying to show disappointment: “That’s it.”

It seems that she can sleep alone tonight.

With such a big bed, she can roll around as she pleases.

It’s super cool to think about it!

She quickly wiped her hands and mouth clean, got up and sent the prince out.


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