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Chapter 81: Can’t See Through

Concubine Bai Bianfei came to Mingguang Palace, but was told that the prince was not here.

When I asked, I learned that the prince was called to the Jiaofang Hall by the queen.

Concubine Bai Bianfei pounced, extremely disappointed in her heart.

Liu Xu persuaded: “Since the prince is not here, let’s go back first.”

Concubine Bai Bianfei didn’t want to just give up.

She thought for a while before saying, “Let’s go to Qingge Hall.”

Liu Xu was puzzled: “What are you doing in Qingge Hall”

“Find Xiao Liangdi.”

Although Liu Xu didn’t know her intention, she knew that her master’s idea had always been very correct.

Since the master insisted on going to the Qingge Hall, it was not easy for her to be a slave.

She helped Concubine Bai Bianfei into the sedan chair and headed towards the Qingge Hall.

Before entering the Qingge Hall, Concubine Bai Bianfei deliberately asked a little eunuch to stay outside the door and told her to help keep an eye on it.

If she found that the prince was coming soon, she would learn to call birds three times.

The little eunuch responded.

At this time in the Jiaofang Hall, Empress Qin was looking at the prince in front of her coldly gaze, her cold gaze seemed to penetrate her skin and see through her heart.

When he was first sent to the Jiaofang Hall, he was only more than three years old, a little bit older, and he looked like a cute boy who came out of a New Year’s painting with a pink carved jade bracelet.

At that time, he would still pull her sleeve and shout softly.

“Mother, hug~”

But now, he has grown taller than her.

At this time, he knelt and sat straight in front of her, with the same indifference as her in Qingjun’s sparse eyebrows.

Empress Qin said coldly: “How could you think of holding a rain-seeking ceremony Do you know how badly it will affect you if you fail to ask for rain this time”

Luo Qinghan said calmly: “Erchen just wants to give it a try.

Even if it fails, Erchen is willing to take all the responsibilities.”

Empress Qin couldn’t understand his decision.

In her opinion, the rain-seeking ceremony is simply nonsense.

This practice can only be used to comfort ignorant people, and in fact it has no effect at all.

The prince insisted on begging for rain, undoubtedly to make trouble for himself again, which was typically thankless.

At this moment, I don’t know how many people are secretly laughing at his stupidity and arrogance!

The more Empress Qin thought about it, the more disappointed she became with the prince.

“The palace thought you had grown up, so it didn’t hesitate to use all the power of the Qin family to force the emperor to make you the prince, but now it seems that the palace misjudged you.

You are still a child who has not grown up.

You do things on impulse, regardless of how bad the consequences of doing so will be.

You are so disappointing!”

Every word, every sentence, was like a skate, stabbing Luo Qinghan from the ground to the ground.

Luo Qinghan had heard a lot of similar words from Queen Qin before.

Empress Qin is probably the harshest mother in the world.

She is unsmiling, rigorous and rigid, and cold to anyone.

Even for a young child, she must hold him to the highest standards.

If he does not meet the standards she requires, he will be reprimanded or even punished.

Luo Qinghan was sent to Queen Qin when he was three years old and raised by her.

He stayed by her side for fifteen years, but he never heard a compliment from her.

When he was young, he might hide in bed and cry secretly because of his mother’s reprimand.

But not now.

He had already become accustomed to this breathless sense of oppression.

Luo Qinghan calmly said: “My mother’s lesson is that this son has been taught, but my father has already granted my son’s request to go to the south to ask for rain.

You must not violate your order and look to your mother Haihan.

Empress Qin looked at him steadily for a moment.

She used to be able to see clearly what he was thinking, but at this moment, she suddenly found that she couldn’t see through him.


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