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Chapter 8: The Invitation of Concubine Bai

Xiao Xixi picked a cucumber, wiped it with a handkerchief, and then gnawed it.

The home-grown cucumbers taste extremely crispy!

There is also a small wooden house next to the vegetable plot, where mushrooms and bean sprouts are grown.

Xiao Xixi saw the tender bean sprouts and immediately shouted outside.

“I want to eat cold bean sprouts at noon!”

Bao Qin replied to her from a distance: “Okay!”

For lunch, Xiao Xixi ate the refreshing and delicious cold bean sprouts as she wished, and her heart was greatly satisfied.

This kind of life of eating and waiting to die is so beautiful!

I really hope I can live like this forever.

After eating and drinking, she prepared to go back to the house to take a nap.

Bao Qin reminded: “Royal Highness the prince ordered someone to send a reward.

Won’t you go and thank him”

“Haven’t you already thanked him”

Bao Qin was indignant and indisputable: “The slave meant that you should show your face in front of Royal Highness.

Although you are covered by the identity of Xuanmen, your Royal Highness should not neglect you, but wouldn’t it be better if you could get a little more favour from your Royal Highness”

Nowadays, there are no crown concubines in the Eastern Palace, only two concubines, and there are more than a dozen people such as Liangdi, Liangyuan, and Meiren.

Everyone didn’t say anything on the surface, but they were secretly coveting the position of crown prince and concubine.

If Xiao Xixi is only the daughter of a fourth-rank general, she is definitely not qualified to be the crown prince, but she still has the status of a member of the Xuanmen, which means that she also has the qualifications to compete for the crown prince.

However, Xiao Xixi collapsed directly on the bed, exuding a strong smell of salted fish all over her body.

“It’s too tired to fight for favour, I can’t do it, I’d better get some sleep first.”

After speaking, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Bao Qin: “……”

Although she had already known the nature of the salted fish of her master, she still felt heartbroken at this time.

Xiao Xixi slept for a full hour.

While waiting for her to wash her face, Baoqin said, “Concubine Bai Qin sent someone an invitation just now, saying that there will be a tea party at Cuimingxuan tomorrow afternoon.

I would like to invite you to have tea and enjoy the flowers.”

“Tea party, are there many delicious food”


“Then I’ll go!”

Bao Qin looked at her excited look, and her heart was really broken.

“This tea party is most likely to be a banquet.

You must be careful when the time comes and don’t follow  .”

None of the women in this harem are simple.

Yesterday, Xiao Xixi was imprisoned in the Lengxiang Building.

Everyone thought that she was dead this time.

Unexpectedly, in just one night, she not only moved back to the Qingge Palace, but also received the crown prince’s reward.

You must know that the prince is notoriously cold-hearted, and there are so many beauties in the Eastern Palace, but none of them can attract his attention.

Now that Xiao Xixi has such ups and downs, it is obvious that she has received the attention of Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

How can this not make people jealous

Concubine Bai handed out the invitation card at this time, presumably with another plan.

Bao Qin could think of this, Xiao Xixi could naturally think of it, but as a salted fish, she really didn’t bother to engage in intrigue with those women.

When others invited her to eat delicious food, she will go.

There is nothing to eat.

Anyway, with her skills, the women of East Palace are not her opponents in total.

Luo Qinghan was busy until the evening before returning to East Palace.

He was still eating alone as usual.

Obviously there are many beauties in the backyard, but he has to live like an ascetic and restrain his abstinence.

When he finished his dinner, Eunuch Chang handed an amulet with both hands.

“Your Highness, Xiao Liangdi asked the servant to hand it over to you.”


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