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Chapter 79: The slave pays homage to the queen mother

Li Bianfei endured the pain and picked up the pen again, wrote a letter, folded it into the envelope, and handed it to Caiyun.

“You help me send this letter to Jiaofang Hall.

The Queen Mother is my cousin, and she will definitely help me.”


Caiyun hurriedly left the Golden Wind Hall with the letter in her hand.

Concubine Li Bianfei’s family background is not as good as Concubine Bai Bianfei.

The reason why she was established as Concubine Li Bianfei was because of her cousin relationship with Queen Qin.

It was precisely because of the queen’s backing that she dared to fight against Concubine Bai Bianfei.

Now Concubine Li Bianfei overturned one after another and was rejected by the prince.

She had no other choice but to ask Empress Qin for help, hoping that Empress Qin would reach out for the sake of her relatives and give her a hand.

Although Empress Qin was not the biological mother of the prince, she personally raised the prince.

The prince’s status today is all due to the gift of Queen Qin.

Concubine Li Bianfei thought to herself that if Empress Qin could come forward to help her talk about her feelings, the prince would definitely forgive her.

Caiyun sent the letter into the Jiaofang Hall.

Pearl unfolded the letter and carefully placed it in front of Queen Qin.

Empress Qin scanned the contents of the letter.

Concubine Li Bianfei is not a very talented woman, and the handwriting she writes is naturally not very good-looking.

In her letter, she said that she had accidentally offended the prince recently, which caused the prince to get tired of her, and she also punished her for copying the “Lotus Sutra” a hundred times.

She was so wronged that she hid in the house every day and washed her face in tears.

She felt that this day was about to pass, and begged the queen’s cousin to help her.

Empress Qin’s expression remained unchanged, and she said lightly: “Go and bring the messenger in.”

Luo Qinghan was raised by her.

She knew the child’s spleen.

He was not a person who liked to be preoccupied with women.

If Li Bianfei hadn’t annoyed him, he shouldn’t have punished Li Bianfei.

As for Concubine Li Bianfei’s cry in the letter, Empress Qin didn’t believe a word.

Everyone is a woman living in a harem.

Lying and selling badly is an essential skill.

No one wants to deceive anyone.

Pearl was ordered to leave.

Not long after, Pearl came back again, and Caiyun came back with her.

Caiyun didn’t dare to look directly at Queen Qin’s appearance, so when she came in, she knelt down with her forehead on the ground.

“The slave pays homage to the queen mother.”

Empress Qin: “Let’s talk about it, what did Concubine Li Bian do to make the prince angry”

Caiyun hesitated and said, “Concubine Li Bianfei didn’t actually do anything.

It was the prince who was in a bad mood…”

Empress Qin interrupted her: “The palace doesn’t want to hear these nonsense.

If you can’t answer honestly, the palace will find other people to answer.

There are so many people in the Golden Wind Hall that you can’t even ask a trivial question.

As for you, deceiving the queen is a capital crime.”

Caiyun was so frightened that her whole body was excited, and her heartbeat almost stopped.

She is just a little palace girl, and she only needs a word from the queen to return her soul to the West.

She didn’t dare to hide it anymore, and shivered to tell the whole story.

After Queen Qin heard this, she sneered: “Concubine Li Bianfei is getting bolder and bolder.

How dare she collude with Concubine Ning”

Caiyun defended with a trembling voice: “Concubine Li Bianfei did not collude with Concubine Ning.

They just happened to meet in the Imperial Garden, and they only happened to meet once.

Usually, the two of them have no contact.”

“I just happened to meet once, and I was used as a spear.

Concubine Li Bianfei’s brain is probably a decoration, right Since it’s just a decoration, it’s okay to take it off.”

Caiyun was so scared that her soul flew away, and she hurriedly kowtowed and begged: “Please be kind to the queen!”


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