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Chapter 78: Self-rescue

No matter how the courtiers begged, Luo Qinghan still insisted on his own opinions and did not want to change his mind.

They had no other choice but to write the matter in a note and present it to the emperor, hoping that the emperor would come forward to dissuade the prince.

After the emperor learned of this, he immediately ordered the prince to be called to the imperial study.

“Why did you think of holding a rain-seeking ceremony Do you know what consequences you will face if you fail to ask for rain”

Luo Qinghan lowered his eyes and did not answer his father’s question positively, but talked about another matter.

“In fact, there have long been rumours among the people that the south has been hit by disasters for two consecutive years.

It may be that God is dissatisfied.

The people hope that the father can hold a ceremony to sacrifice to the sky, so as to pray to the heavens and the earth, ask for God’s forgiveness, and stop embarrassing the people of the south.”

The emperor frowned: “Why don’t I know about this”

“Because no one dares to mention this matter in front of the father, if you inform the father of this matter, regardless of whether the father holds a ceremony to sacrifice to the sky, it may attract a voice and affect your image in the hearts of the people, so everyone simply don’t say anything.”

“Erchen thought that this was an escape, but what will happen in the next move.”

The emperor asked rhetorically: “Do you think your rain-seeking ceremony is the best policy”

“It’s not a good idea, but at least it’s much better than avoiding the problem.”

“My father is the body of ten thousand gold, and he works hard for state affairs every day.

It is really inappropriate to worry about seeking rain anymore.

Sui’er was willing to do it for him and personally went to the south to hold a rain-seeking ceremony.

One was to show the benevolence of his father to the people of the world, and the other was to solve the negative public opinion caused by the delay in holding the sky sacrifice ceremony.”

“If the request for rain fails, it is also the fault of the son and the minister, it has nothing to do with the father.

The father is still the emperor who is respected by the people.

For the father, this move is beneficial and harmless and I hope the father will grant it.

The emperor looked at him steadily, and said for a long time: “Do you know that the road to the south is far away, and you are in a high position, which is likely to cause danger”

Luo Qinghan smiled at himself: “Even if Erchen stays in the palace, it’s not necessarily safe to go anywhere.”

The emperor remembered that the prince was poisoned at the birthday banquet and fell silent.

Luo Qinghan: “Under the whole world, is it the king’s land No matter how far the south is, it’s still the land of our great prosperous dynasty.

What is there to be afraid of when a son is in his own country Besides, with a father and an emperor sitting in the country, everything It’s all under the control of the father, how could it be possible for this son to have an accident under your nose!”

These words touched the emperor.

He sighed: “I am old and I have no motivation.

If I can’t take risks, I don’t want to take risks.

Unlike you young people, I dare to break in and do it.

It’s just that, since you have decided to go, then you can go.

Remember to bring more manpower and protect yourself.

When you come back, I will personally go out of the palace to pick you up.”

Luo Qinghan knelt down and paused: “Thank you, thank you for your order!”

In the Golden Wind Hall, Concubine Li Bianfei copied the “Lotus Sutra” for half a day, her right hand was sore and sore.

She really couldn’t stand it anymore, so she simply threw the brush away and said angrily.

“I won’t copy it anymore, whoever likes to copy it will copy it!”

Caiyun hurriedly comforted: “Empress, you can take a break for a while, you can copy these slowly, don’t worry.”

Concubine Li Bianfei said, “Can I not be in a hurry A hundred times of the “Lotus Sutra”, so many, how can I finish copying it Even if I barely finished copying it, this arm must be useless! If I lose an arm, the prince will probably not look up to me even more in the future.”

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

She can’t just sit still, she has to find a way to save herself.


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