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Chapter 77: Roast Duck

The prince sat in the carriage with an extremely complicated mood.

Eunuch Chang looked at Xiao Liangdi with endless eyes, waved his hand, started the car, and headed in the direction of the Council Hall.

After they had gone far, Bao Qin collapsed and said.

“Little master, little master, how could you say that just now!”

Xiao Xixi was very innocent: “Didn’t you let me say something nice”

“But you can’t put it so bluntly! You should say it tactfully and implicitly.”

“For example”

“For example, you can ask, what does Your Highness want for dinner today How about roast duck”

Xiao Xi nodded frantically: “Okay, okay! Roast duck tonight!”

Bao Qin was choked badly: “The slave is giving you a demonstration.

I didn’t ask you what to eat tonight.

Can’t you be serious Do you know that Zhao Meimei almost hooked the Royal Highness the Prince away last night.

Fortunately, the Royal Highness the Prince was firm enough to come to you in the end, otherwise you would have to stay alone in the empty room last night.”

Xiao Xixi was quite regretful: “It’s a pity, I almost slept in a bed alone last night.”

Although it doesn’t feel bad for two people to sleep in the same bed, she still prefers to sleep in the same bed alone so that she can roll back and forth on the bed unscrupulously.

Bao Qin is going crazy: “Is this the point! ”

In order not to let his palace girl die on the spot, Xiao Xixi quickly comforted: “I see, you are doing things for my good, I will definitely change it next time, and I will definitely not make the same mistake again.”

“This is what you said, don’t drop the chain again at a critical moment.”

Xiao Xixi vowed: “As long as you let me eat roast duck tonight, no matter what you let me do, it’s okay!”

Bao Qin sighed wearily.

In order to make her master more motivated, she really worked hard.

Thinking of something delicious, Xiao Xixi didn’t want to sleep anymore.

She ran to the backyard and stood in front of the duck ring with her waist crossed, glancing back and forth at the cute big white ducks.

The big white ducks were gathered around the trough, eating with big mouths.

They didn’t know that this meal might be the last breakfast of their lives.

Bao Qin walked over and asked, “Little master, what are you looking at”

Xiao Xixi sighed: “These ducks seem to be in good spirits, and there is nothing they don’t like to move.”

Bao Qin thought of the hen that had been stewed in the pot because she didn’t like to move, and couldn’t help being silent.

Xiao Xixi finally made up his mind and pointed to a big white duck.

“This duck eats the most, let’s eat it tonight!”

Bao Qin opened the duck ring, walked over, and picked up the big white duck that was still eating happily.

The poor big white duck still had an unfinished breakfast hanging next to his beak.

It stretched its neck and made a heartbreaking rattle.

Xiao Xixi said with satisfaction: “Such a fat duck must be very fragrant to roast.”

Bao Qin carried the big white duck, who was sentenced to death for eating too much, into the small kitchen.

After choosing the duck to eat at night, Xiao Xi completed her task, returned to the house contentedly, got into the quilt and continued to sleep.

Luo Qinghan asked the young master Prince to go to the south on his behalf and was responsible for the task of digging the tributaries of the Yijiang River.

Then he announced something that caught everyone off guard.

“After the excavation of the Yijiang branch is completed, we will hold a rain-seeking ceremony next to the branch.”

Everyone was taken aback and yelled at the same time.

“Royal Highness must not!”

“The road to the south is long, and the body of His Royal Highness’s daughter, if there is any accident on the road, the minister and others will be out of reach if they want to rescue!”

“The rain-seeking ceremony is not a child’s play.

If you still can’t ask for rain after the ceremony is completed, the people may be angry with Your Highness.

Please think twice!”


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