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Chapter 76: Thank You for your patronage

When Luo Qinghan got up, it was not yet dawn outside.

Eunuch Chang took the palace ladies and eunuchs into the house and waited for the prince to wash and change clothes.

So many people walked back and forth in the house, occasionally making a little noise, but Xiao Liangdi still slept sweetly and didn’t mean to wake up at all.

It stands to reason that the concubines had to personally wait for the prince to get up and change clothes the day after the concubine was in bed.

No concubine had ever dared to stay in bed after the prince woke up.

Eunuch Chang was speechless, Xiao Liangdi was really courageous!

What made him even more speechless was that the prince didn’t even say anything about her, and let her continue to sleep.

Bao Qin stood at the door and looked inside.

She saw that the prince had already packed up, but her master was still asleep.

She was really angry and anxious, and she couldn’t wait to perform a lion roar on the spot to wake up her master.

While the prince was going to the Flower Hall for breakfast, Bao Qin rushed into the bedroom, grabbed Xiao Liangdi’s shoulder and shook it vigorously.

“Little master, wake up!”

Xiao Xixi opened her bleary eyes and looked at her blankly: “What’s the matter”

“Royal Highness is having breakfast next door, so get up and serve it!”

Xiao Xixi woke up a little bit, and smashed her mouth: “Breakfast Is it time for breakfast so soon”

Bao Qin was really going to kneel for her.

Why is she so focused

In such a long sentence, she actually remembered the word breakfast!

While putting on her clothes, Bao Qin quickly said: “You haven’t waited for Royal Highness to get up and wash in the previous two mornings.

You can also explain that you have been sleeping for the first two times.

Your body is still unable to adapt and you need to rest a little more, but today is the third night.

You really can’t stay in bed anymore! Get up quickly, even if you can’t wait for Royal Highness to change clothes and wash, at least send the Royal Highness out.

Don’t let others think you are arrogant and arrogant.”

Xiao Xi was so sleepy that her eyelids seemed to be a thousand catties heavy, and she kept sinking.

She just stood like this, her brain blank.

Bao Qin asked her to lift her arms, she raised her arms, Bao Qin asked her to lift her legs, she raised her legs.

Two other palace ladies walked in with hot water, waiting for Xiao Liangdi to wash and comb her hair with dexterity.

Due to the tight time, she just combed the simplest bun, and she didn’t even have time to draw makeup, so Bao Qin urged Xiao Xi to go out.

Xiao Xi came to the flower Hall in a daze.

At this moment, Luo Qinghan had already run out of breakfast and was about to go out.

He was quite surprised to see Xiao Liangdi coming.

“Why are you up”

Xiao Xixi yawned, and said weakly: “Your concubine is here to take you out.”

In ancient times, it was really difficult to be a little wife for people.

Not only did they have to wait for sleep, but they also had to send people out.

Bao Qin quietly winked at her to cheer her up, and she must not lose her demeanour in front of the prince.

Helplessly, Xiao Xixi didn’t receive the eye signal from Bao Qin at all, yawning one after another.

Luo Qinghan said, “You’d better go back and sleep.”

Xiao Xixi rubbed her sleepy eyes: “My concubine will take you out first, then go back and sleep.”

Bao Qin helped his forehead.

It’s okay for you to go back to sleep, but don’t say it in front of the prince!

You at least maintain your superficial demeanour!

Luo Qinghan walked out of the gate of Qingge Hall.

Bao Qin quietly pulled Xiao Liangdi’s sleeve and reminded her to say something tender and sweet to the prince so that the prince could come again tonight.

Xiao Xi understood in seconds, and bowed to the prince with a standard ninety-degree bow.

That solemn attitude is like saying goodbye to a corpse.

“Thank you for your patronage, and you are welcome to come again next time!”

Luo Qinghan: “……”

Bao Qin: “……”


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