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Chapter 7: Grace

“I misunderstood you today.

You can move back to East Palace Hall at any time.”

With these words, Luo Qinghan left without looking back.

When they were far away, Xiao Xixi hurriedly sat back next to the hot pot, picked up the dishes and chopsticks, quickly squeezed out the fish in the pot, dipped it in the sauce and stuffed it into her mouth.

“It’s so spicy, it smells good, and it’s delicious!”

While giving her the vegetables, Bao Qin asked, “So you are a member of Xuanmen”

Xiao Xixi nodded while eating: “Yes.”

“Why didn’t I hear you talk about this before”

“It’s just a trivial matter, it’s not worth mentioning.”

Bao Qin asked again, “Does the general and his wife know about this”

“They don’t know.

Only my grandfather in the family knows about this, but my grandfather passed away three years ago.

Everyone in the family thought that I grew up in an ordinary nunnery.”

Bao Qin thought to herself that this was the case.

If the general and his wife knew that Xiao Xi was a member of the Xuanmen Profound Sect, they would definitely not send her into the palace.

Of course, Liangdi is beautiful, but compared with the identity of a member in the  Xuanmen Profound Sect, it is not worth mentioning.

Luo Qinghan returned to the study.

He told Eunuch Chang.

“Not a word of what Xiao Liangdi said tonight is allowed to go out.”


“Tomorrow, I will send something to Xiao Liangdi, which can be regarded as compensation for her.”


Luo Qinghan opened the notes and began to read them one by one.

Since Luo Qinghan was made crown prince last year, the emperor has given Luo Qinghan the notes he has reviewed every day and asked him to learn how to deal with the affairs of the dynasty.

He didn’t finish reading all the notes until midnight.

After just two hours of going to bed, he woke up consciously, got up to change clothes and wash, simply had breakfast, and went to the council chamber to discuss political affairs with his father and the ministers.

As soon as Xiao Xixi and Bao Qin moved their luggage back to East Palace Hall in the morning, Eunuch Chang came to the door with two large boxes of things.

“Xiao Liangdi, this is a reward from Royal Highness, the Crown Prince as a thank you.”

Xiao Xixi bowed her knees and knelt down: “Thank you, Royal Highness, for your grace.”

A box of silk satin and a box of gold and silver jewellery, all of which are popular this year.

Xiao Xixi smiled happily, and she took out an amulet from her sleeve.

“Eunuch Chang, the amulet that was broken yesterday.

This is my new amulet.

Please hand it over to Royal Highness for me.”

She is now on the same boat with Luo Qinghan, and she must protect his safety.

Only if Luo Qinghan is alive can she continue to make a salted fish with peace of mind.

Eunuch Chang took the amulet with both hands and put it away carefully.

“Xiao Liangdi, don’t worry, the old slave will definitely hand it over to Royal Highness.”

After sending Eunuch Chang away, Xiao Xixi immediately turned into a little butterfly and flew happily to the backyard.

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The backyard of Qingge Temple was originally a small garden, but now it has been turned into a vegetable garden.

On the left is a vegetable field, on the right are chicken coops and duck coops, and there is a small pond in the middle.

There are lotus flowers in the pond, and there are a lot of fish and shrimp in the water.

Xiao Xixi went to stand in front of the chicken coop for a while.

She counted the chickens inside one by one.

There was a rooster and twelve hens, as well as a number of small chicks.

The big rooster is taking its harem to bask in the sun at this time, and his life is very complete.

Then she went to look at the duck ring next door.

There are exactly ten big white ducks.

Xiao Xixi opened the wooden door of the duck ring and let out the big white ducks.

They took neat and orderly steps and swaggered towards the pond.

The vegetable plot on the left contains white radish, Chinese cabbage, small greens, chives, ginger, garlic, chilli, green beans, cucumbers, corn, and sunflowers.


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