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Chapter 69: Singing

In the Qingge Hall, Xiao Xixi was sitting on the cushion with her legs stretched out, her right hand propped on her cheek, her eyelids sinking a little bit.

Bao Qin stood at the door and stretched her neck to look out, muttering in a low voice.

“Why hasn’t Royal Highness come yet Is there something delayed”

She waited for a while, but still couldn’t wait for the prince’s car to drive.

She turned her head to look at Xiao Liangdi, but saw that Xiao Liangdi’s eyelids had completely closed.

This master is actually dozing off!

It’s getting dark, and the prince hasn’t appeared yet.

Not only is her master not in a hurry, can he still sleep

How big is this heart!

Bao Qin walked over with a bitter face, waiting angrily for her master’s sleeping face, and wanted to wake her up, but in the end she was not ruthless, and turned and left angrily.

After a while, Bao Qin came back again, holding a blanket in his hand.

She gently covered Xiao Liangdi with a blanket.

Although it is the end of summer and the temperature is not low, it is still a bit cold at night.

It is not good if you are frozen and sick.

Xiao Xi’s eyelashes trembled.

She opened her eyes and sat up a little straight, her mind still in a state of half-dreaming and half-waking.

It took a while for her to realize where she was.

She rubbed her eyes and asked in a low voice, “When is it now”

Bao Qin said: “It’s already time.”

“Oh, it’s seven o’clock…”

Bao Qin was full of question marks: “What did you say”

“It’s nothing,” Xiao Xixi clutched her belly and lay on the table, like a pool of melted ice cream, “I’m so hungry, when can I have dinner”

Bao Qin felt so distressed that she coaxed softly: “Wait a minute, Royal Highness the Prince should be here soon.”

Xiao Xi hummed: “The prince didn’t say that he would come to Qingge Hall tonight.

What if he didn’t come”

“It shouldn’t be.

The prince has spent the night in our Qingge Hall these days, and we have used it for dinner.

It stands to reason that he should come tonight.

Maybe something has been delayed.

Why don’t the slaves let someone inquire about it”

Xiao Xi was so hungry that she was weak and said, “Go and go back.”


Bao Qin turned around and walked out, calling a clever little eunuch.

“Qingsong, go and find out, and see where Royal Highness is now.

Will you come to Qingge Hall tonight”

Qingsong responded with a full mouth, and ran out of the Qingge Hall in a daze.

Not far after he ran out, he saw the prince’s car driving.

He was about to go forward to meet the ceremony, but suddenly heard a woman’s song not far away.

He couldn’t help but stop.

Not only Qingsong, but Luo Qingshan not far away also heard the song.

The tune of the song is gentle and gentle, and the lyrics are not the common Shengjing elegant words, but the dialect of Country Liujun.

It sounds soft and soft, with a different kind of soft rhythm.

Luo Qingshan couldn’t help hearing it.

When his concubine was still alive, he had heard her sing this ditty.

At that time, he was too young to remember the lyrics, so he only vaguely remembered the tune.

Since the death of his concubine, he has never heard this kind of minor tunes again.

Thinking of his late concubine, Luo Qinghan had thousands of thoughts in his heart.

He walked out of the chariot and walked slowly in the direction where the song came from.

Seeing Qingsong in the distance, he secretly screamed in his heart that it was not good.

It must be some vixen who was deliberately singing to seduce the prince.

Seeing the prince like that, he must have taken the bait.

Qingsong hesitated again but decided to follow quietly and have a look.

He needs to know which vixen is singing


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