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Chapter 68: I will properly solve this drought situation

Luo Qinghan knelt and sat on the cushion, his waist straight, like a proud snow pine.

“I said, we have to dig tributaries to divert water into Jingshou County.”

The prince Shaobao was impatient and couldn’t wait to interrupt: “Your method can only solve the water problem of some of the victims in Jingshou County, but the drought situation in other places still can’t be solved!”

Luo Qinghan was definitely authentic: “As long as you do what you say, the drought situation in the four southern counties can be solved.”

The seven people present were all confidants of the prince.

It stands to reason that they should believe the prince unconditionally, but what the prince said really made them unable to believe it.

Just one branch can solve the drought situation in the four southern counties.

How can this be possible It’s nonsense!

They discussed for a whole day, but in the end nothing was discussed.

When Luo Qingshan walked out of Mingguang Palace, the sun had already set.

At this time, a little eunuch came over and said respectfully: “Tell Your Royal Highness, the Queen Mother invites you to come over.”



Luo Qingshan didn’t ask any more questions, and said lightly: “Go to Jiaofang Hall.”

As soon as he entered the Jiaofang Hall, Luo Qingshan felt that the air had become cold and heavy.

He saluted respectfully: “Please accept my greeting, mother.”

The bamboo curtain was raised, and Queen Qin walked out slowly.

She was wearing a purple wide-sleeved placket skirt, and the long skirt dragged across the white marble floor.

She always likes to wear this deep colour, just as she feels Deep, depressed, indifferent.

Empress Qin: “I heard that you received the imperial edict to solve the drought in the south today.”

Luo Qinghan: “Yes.”

“Then you have a solution”

“Your son intends to enter Jingshou County with a branch from Yijiang…”

Empress Qin interrupted him: “You have already said this method, so you don’t have to say it.

The palace wants to know if you have any other methods”

Luo Qingshan lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Empress Qin’s tone became colder and colder: “Since you don’t have a perfect solution, why do you want to be strong Do you know how many people are secretly waiting to see your jokes The palace finally pushed you to the position of prince.

If you can’t even keep the position of prince, what’s the use of the palace to support you! ”

Every question was like a heavy hammer fished out of the ice cellar, hitting Luo Qinghan’s heart hard.

It hurts and it’s cold.

Luo Qinghan pursed his lips: “I will properly solve this drought situation, please be relieved.”

Empress Qin moved her gaze away from him, as if she didn’t want to see him again.

“You can do it yourself.”

Luo Qinghan took out an amulet from his sleeve and offered it with both hands: “Mother, this is the amulet that I entrusted to you.

It can keep you safe and healthy.”

Empress Qin didn’t even take a look at it, and said coldly: “Are you cornered now and have you started to beg God to believe in Buddhism”

Luo Qingshan put the amulet on the ground in front of him, and said respectfully: “The mother will rest early, take care of the phoenix body, and the son will retire.”

He withdrew from the Jiaofang Hall.

But the depression that was pressing on my heart still hadn’t dissipated.

He walked down the steps with a heavy step.

Brothers are waiting to see his jokes.

The confidants didn’t believe him, and the mother didn’t believe him either.

Did he ever have a trustworthy person in this palace

At this moment, an indescribable sense of loneliness surrounded him.

Eunuch Chang asked cautiously.

“Is Royal Highness going back to Mingguang Palace”

Luo Qingshan looked at the long night ahead, and it took a long time before he said.

“Go to Qingge Hall.”


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