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Chapter 66: I’m waiting for your Good news

Of course Zhao Meimei didn’t want to.

With so many women in the East Palace, if the prince is monopolized by Xiao Liangdi, what about other women

Do you want them to be widowed

Zhao Meimei didn’t want to be the flower that no one cared about and could only wither alone.

She also wanted to be loved by the prince.

She raised her head slightly and asked cautiously: “What does my sister think I should do”

Concubine Li Bianfei leaned into her ear and whispered a few words.

After Zhao Meimei listened, a look of hesitation appeared on her face.

“Is this really going to work”

Concubine Li Bianfei curled her lips and chuckled: “The prince’s birth mother is from Chenliu County, and you happen to be from Chenliu County.

This is a great opportunity given to you by God, and it will definitely work.

Zhao Meimei nodded: “I will try.”

Concubine Li Bianfei clenched her hand: “You can’t just try, you have to go all out.

If you don’t succeed this time, Xiao Liangdi will definitely seize the opportunity to step on you to death.

Waiting for you in the future, it can only be the old man who died in limbo.”

Zhao Meimei’s delicate body shook slightly.

She pursed her lips, her tone became decisive.

“I see.”

Concubine Li Bianfei generously gave her a lot of things again, and then said softly: “Sister, you go back and prepare well, and I will wait for your good news.”

Zhao Meimei left the Golden Wind Hall with a heavy heart.

Concubine Li Bianfei leaned on the soft couch, looked down at her bright red nails, and ordered carelessly.

“Caiyun, you let someone stare at Zhao Meimei, and as soon as you find that she is moving, you will notify me immediately.”



This morning, hundreds of civil and military officials discussed the drought in the south.

Many people have said that they must pay for disaster relief.

The group of people in the Ministry of Household cried and shouted that the treasury was out of money.

If they had to take the money, they would have to crash to death on the gate of the treasury.

There was a lot of noise in the court.

The emperor had a headache.

At this time Luo Qinghan stood up and made a suggestion.

“Erchen suggested digging tributaries in the middle and lower reaches of the Yijiang River to introduce the river water into the hinterland of Jingshou County.

With the river water, the people of Jingshou County can avoid the suffering of drought.”

As soon as these words came out, they immediately attracted the ridicule of the great prince Luo Yechen.

The prince said easily: “Do you think that digging tributaries is a child’s play house Do you know how much manpower, material resources and time it takes to dig out a branch When you dig out the tributaries, I’m afraid the people in the south are already thirsty to death!”

Luo Qinghan said methodically: “I have already checked.

Yijiang is next to Jingshou County, and there happens to be a natural ravine in the middle.

As long as we let people dig a hole in the middle and lower reaches of the Yijiang River and find a way to introduce the river into the ravine, the river can flow down the river and enter the hinterland of Jingshou County.

In this way, it does not take much manpower and time to draw a branch for Jingshou County.”

Luo Yechen didn’t expect to be able to do this.

He wanted to refute but couldn’t find anything to say.

In the end, he could only turn his head angrily and stopped looking at the prince.

The second prince Luo Yunxuan spoke up at this moment, his tone was much calmer than that of the eldest brother.

“The prince’s idea is a good one, but it can be considered a success.

At most, it can only save more than half of the people in Jingshou County.

People in other places still have to suffer from drought.

The problem of drought has still not been solved.”

Luo Qinghan said: “It’s better to be able to save one place than to do nothing and look at it.”

Luo Yunxuan smiled: “The prince has a bit of truth in what he said.”

The emperor thought about it again and again, and decided to adopt the prince’s suggestion.

Just like the prince said, one place can be saved, and the drought situation in other places will look back and think of other ways.


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