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Chapter 63: It Came True

After eating and drinking, the two washed and fell asleep.

Tonight they still maintained a one-foot-wide distance and did not invade each other.

Probably because of getting used to it, Xiao Xixi was no longer as nervous as before, and soon went to sleep, and there was no more terrifying scene of being chased by a tiger in his dream.

She slept comfortably until dawn.

Inside the mansion of General Zhongwu.

Xue Shi struggled to get up.

She has been groggy since she fell into the water.

After Tai Doctor Duan came yesterday afternoon, she used acupuncture to wake her up and left her with a prescription002E

She took medicine and slept all night.

She felt better today, so she wanted to go to bed to see her little daughter.

Xiao Lingfeng hurriedly stopped her.

“You are still very weak.


Duan told you to recuperate well.

You can’t move around.

If you have anything to tell people to do, you can do it.”

Xue Shi said weakly: “How is Xiao Zhilan”

Xiao Lingfeng sat on the side of the bed with his arms around her and comforted her: “Xiao Zhilan woke up a little later than you.

She woke up again in the middle of the night yesterday.

She is still sleeping.

There are nurses and maids guarding her.

It will be fine.”

Xue leaned on him, his eyes were red.

“It’s all my fault.

If I hadn’t taken good care of Xiao Zhilan, I wouldn’t have caused her to stumble into the river with me.”

“Don’t think so, you are Xiao Zhilan’s mother.

No one in the world cares more about her safety than you.

You are more sad than anyone else when this kind of thing happens.

Fortunately, both you and Xiao Zhilan are fine.

The doctor said that you only need to cultivate well for a period of time to heal.

You can take a closer look and get your body well quickly.”

Xue Shi nodded with tears in his eyes: “Hmm.”

Xiao Lingfeng asked someone to bring the decoction, feed her to drink, then help her lie down and cover her with a quilt.

“You have a good rest, I’ll go and see Xiao Zhilan ”


Xue Shi watched Xiao Lingfeng leave.

She lay quietly on the bed, but she couldn’t sleep.

The day before yesterday, Guogong’s little grandson held a full moon wine, and Xue took his little daughter to congratulate him.

There is a stone bridge in the Guogong Mansion.

The river under the bridge runs through the entire Guogong Mansion.

If you want to enter the backyard, you must cross the bridge.

When the maid in charge of leading the way walked over the bridge, nothing happened, but when Xue Shi took her little daughter across the bridge, she didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly there was a strong wind.

The little Xiao Zhilan was blown back two steps by the wind, slipped under his feet, and fell straight back!

Xue Shi was shocked and panicked, and hurriedly went to pull her, but she didn’t stand still.

The two fell into the river together.

Neither of them can swim, so they can only pounce desperately in the water.

Even in his death throes, Xue Shi still wanted to take her little daughter’s arm.

But Xiao Zhilan was entangled in the aquatic plants in the river, and she couldn’t break free.

She choked on a few large sips of water, and her breathing gradually became difficult.

When the people from the State Mansion rescued them, Xue Shi was still a little conscious, and Xiao Zhilan was already unconscious.

The mother and daughter were lucky enough to get their lives back this time.

Xue Shi thought of the feeling when she fell into the water, but still had lingering fears.

She and her little daughter almost drowned.

Xue Shi couldn’t help but think of Xiao Xixi’s warning to her

“Mother and sister must not cross the bridge these days, remember!”

At that time, Xue Shi only felt that Xiao Xixi had a problem with her brain, so why did she say this kind of thing so endlessly

She didn’t take this to heart at all, and even threw away the amulet Xiao Xixi gave her.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Xixi’s original words came true.


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