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Chapter 62: Egg Fried Rice

There was a locust plague in the south five years ago, and the affected area happened to be those four counties.

The locusts crossed the border, the rice fields were destroyed, and the people had no harvest, and many people died of starvation.

Two years later, there was still a plague in those four counties, and many people died of illness.

Later, it was the Tai Hospital and famous doctors from all over the world who worked hard to develop a cure for the plague.


Luo Qinghan frowned as he looked at the dense records in front of him.

It seems that every few years, those four counties will suffer a disaster.

Due to the period of time between them, and the occasional natural and man-made disasters in other places, no one took these things to heart, thinking that they were just ordinary natural disasters.

But after Xiao Liangdi’s mention, Luo Qinghan vaguely felt that there might be a real feng shui problem in these four counties.

He had never believed in these gods and Dao things before, but Xiao Liangdi repeatedly hit him in the face with reality, making him have to admit that there are indeed things in this world that cannot be clearly explained by common sense.

Luo Qinghan closed the file and already had a decision in his heart.

By the time he walked out of Mingguang Palace, the sky had turned dark.

At this time, Eunuch Chang stepped forward to greet him and said respectfully.

“Royal Highness, Dr.

Duan Tai has already returned from the general’s mansion.

He said that the general’s wife and the five ladies of the general’s family are already unhindered.

They only need to recuperate for a period of time before they can recover.”

Luo Qinghan responded faintly: “Hmm.”

Eunuch Chang said again: “General Zhongwu asked the minions to convey their gratitude to you.

He said that the general’s mansion owes you two lives.

If you can find a place for him in the future, as long as you say a word, even if it is up to the sword and down to the sea of fire, he will do whatever he wants.”

“Have their family ever asked about Xiao Liangdi”

Eunuch Chang shook his head: “I never mentioned it.”

Luo Qinghan said nothing, raised his feet and walked in the direction of Qingge Hall, Eunuch Chang and the eunuchs hurriedly followed.

Xiao Xixi rolled up his sleeves according to the agreement and cooked the fried rice himself.

The rice is used for the rest of the lunch.

This kind of rice is more delicious when fried.

The eggs are made from eggs laid by hens in the backyard.

The eggs are pure soil eggs, and the beaten egg yolks are particularly yellow and bright.

She knew that the prince’s taste was relatively light, and the egg fried rice he gave him was deliberately not spicy.

In addition to egg fried rice, she also photographed a cucumber by the way, fried a small vegetable, and cooked a pot of winter melon soup.

Her cooking skills are limited, so she can only make such a few simple side dishes.

Bao Qin was beside her to help.

She carefully reminded: “Isn’t it not good to give Royal Highness such a vegetarian dish You have to get at least two meat dishes, okay”

Xiao Xi stretched out her hands: “But I can’t do it.”

Bao Qin volunteered: “But slaves can.”

Xiao Xixi did not hesitate to abdicate to make way for her, and handed over the position of chef to her.

Bao Qin quickly cooked three specialty hard dishes.

All dishes are served one by one.

Luo Qinghan first tasted the fried rice with eggs, and found that it was just rice fried with eggs, nothing special.

He tried patting cucumbers and stir-fried vegetables again, and the taste was still good.

He finished the egg fried rice in the bowl expressionlessly, and by the way, he also ate a lot of fried vegetables and cucumbers.

At the end, he didn’t forget to drink another bowl of winter melon soup.

As for the three meat dishes, he hardly moved his chopsticks much.

In the end, all the meat and vegetables went into Xiao Xixi’s stomach.

She ate contentedly, touching her belly with emotion: “Bao Qin’s craftsmanship is really great!”

Luo Qinghan thought to himself, if you get tired of the delicacies of the mountains and seas in the future, it would be nice to have such a home-cooked side dish occasionally.


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