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Chapter 6 Concubine loves you personally, more than my heart!

Faced with the prince questioning , Xiao Xi smiled shyly.

“To tell you the truth, I was sent to the Xuanmen when I was young because of my fate.

I grew up in the Xuanmen and worshipped Xuanji Zi, the leader of the Xuanmen.

I didn’t leave the Xuanmen until a year ago to return to the general’s house.”

Luo QingHan has heard of Xuanmen.

It is said that Xuanmen is a very mysterious sect.

They are few in number, but everyone is very capable.

The first emperor was addicted to pills and wanted to live a long life.

He once ordered people to visit the people in Xuanmen.

Unfortunately, he failed to do so until his death.

Luo QingHan thought Xuanmen was just a legend.

Unexpectedly, he really met a person from Xuanmen, who was still a woman in his backyard.

He stared at Xiao Xi for a long time.

Xiao Xixi smiled at him in such a magnanimous way that she had no intention of dogging

She knows.

She must dispel the misunderstanding in Luo QingHan’s heart tonight, otherwise with his character he will surely be suspicious of her.

So she didn’t hide it and told the whole story, she told him her origins and details.

She is showing her sincerity to Luo QingHan.

She’s going to tell him

I’m with you.

It was a long time before I heard Luo Qinghan speak in a low voice.

“Why should I believe you”

Xiao Xixi took out a small metal brand that was neither gold nor iron from her arms.

“Your Highness, this is the token of our Xuanmen.”

Luo QingHan took the token.

On the front was a black character in ancient seal script, and on the back was engraved Xiao Xi’s name.

The token didn’t seem fake, but he still couldn’t accept it.

The woman holding her thigh in front of her is actually a member of the Xuanmen

Are Xuanmen’s choices so informal

Luo QingHan said, “let go of Gu first.”

Xiao Xixi said, “those chickens, ducks, fish and vegetable fields in my backyard…”

“You can keep them for the time being”

Xiao Xi immediately burst into tears and burst into laughter.

“Your Highness, you are such a good man! I love you more than my heart!”

Luo QingHan was stunned by her sudden explicit confession.

There are many women who invite him, but there has never been a woman as straightforward and explicit as Xiao Xi.

He frowned and said: “Woman, what do you say about love or not People will say that you are shameless after listening.”

Xiao Xixi puts down her hand and admits her mistake obediently.

“I won’t say it in the future.”

Luo QingHan returned the token to her and asked lightly, “why haven’t you mentioned the Xuanmen before”

Xiao Xixi was innocent: “because your Highness has never summoned me.

I can’t see you.

How can I tell you these things”

There are many women in the east palace.

Some are from the draft, some are given by their elders, and some are sent by his confidants.

Luo QingHan gave these women the title and honor they deserved, but rarely summoned them.

So that today he remembered that there was such a person as Xiao Liangdi in the backyard.

In the final analysis, it was all his own sin.

Luo QingHan asked calmly, “since you are a member of the Xuanmen, why do you commit yourself to me Don’t you think you are too talented”

“I don’t think so, it’s an honor for my concubine to be the Crown Prince’s person.”

When Xiao Xi said this, her face burst into a bright smile.

That smile shook Luo QingHan stunned.

Although I don’t know why Xiao Xi thinks so, he can see that she is telling the truth.

Luo QingHan had prepared a lot of tentative words, but he didn’t want to say it at this time.


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