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Chapter 58: Salty Eating Radish, Worry about It Lightly

Xiao Xixi was so fierce that he didn’t dare to squeak.

She bit her small handkerchief and watched the prince drinking soup sternly.

After Luo Qinghan drank a bowl, he put the bowl down, indicating that it was okay.

Xiao Xixi said, “There are still a lot left, won’t you eat it”

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “I will reward you.”

Xiao Xixi’s eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

She only brought a small bowl this time.

The bowl had already been used by Luo Qinghan.

She couldn’t wait for someone to get a clean bowl again.

She just held the pottery urn and began to pour soup into her mouth.

Bao Qin covered her face and couldn’t bear to look anymore.

The appearance of her master is simply amazing!

Luo Qinghan obviously didn’t expect Xiao Xixi to be so heroic.

He was taken aback.

He had only seen others drinking with jars in his arms before, and he had never seen anyone drinking soup with pottery urns in his arms.

In order to prevent it from scalding the prince, the soup was deliberately cooled a little bit before it was put in a pottery urn and brought over.

Xiao Xixi drank it in this way, and there was no need to worry about scalding her mouth.

She quickly finished the soup, then turned to Bao Qin and said.

“Go help me get a pair of chopsticks.”

She finished the soup, and there was still a lot of duck meat left in the pottery urn.

She had to eat it all, not waste it!

Bao Qin didn’t dare to look at the prince’s expression at this time.

She lowered her head and walked out quickly, regretting it to death.

If she had known that her master could do such a thing, she would not dare to encourage her master to deliver soup to the prince.

Where is this soup delivery It’s just looking for death!

Luo Qinghan looked at the woman in front of him blankly.

“Are you not full at noon”

Xiao Xi licked the soup from her lips and replied honestly: “I’m full.”

“Then you can still eat so much duck soup now”

Xiao Xi defended herself confidently: “Noon is noon, and now is now.

Being full at noon does not mean that the concubine is not hungry now.

No matter how much she eats now, it does not mean that the concubine does not need to eat at night….”

Luo Qinghan sneered: “You can tell quite clearly.”

“That’s natural.

The concubine doesn’t care about anything else, but she is particularly concerned about eating.”

Bao Qin came back with a pair of clean bowls and chopsticks.

Xiao Xixi squeezed out the duck meat from the pottery urn piece by piece, and ate it with relish.

That focused and happy little appearance seemed to be eating some peerless delicacy.

Luo Qinghan watched her eat, but she was a little impulsive to taste it.

He asked, “Is the duck delicious”

Xiao Xi nodded vigorously: “It’s delicious!”

“Give me a chance to taste it too.”

Xiao Xixi didn’t think much about it, so she just handed a piece of duck meat from her bowl and delivered it to his mouth.

Bao Qin opened her mouth to stop: “Little Master, don’t…”

The chopsticks were used by Xiao Liangdi.

How could she pick vegetables for the prince if they were stained with her saliva Moreover, it was sent directly to the prince’s mouth, which was too unruly.

If it was seen by others, Xiao Liangdi would definitely be trained.

But before Bao Qin finished speaking, he saw the prince calmly open his mouth and bite the piece of duck meat.

Bao Qin choked.

She swallowed the second half of the sentence abruptly.

She closed her mouth silently, thinking to herself that she was really worried about eating radishes!

Luo Qinghan ate duck meat and felt that it was not as delicious as he had expected.

He declined the second piece of duck meat handed over by Xiao Xixi, picked up the teacup, and sipped the tea gracefully.

The scent of tea dispelled the smell of meat in his mouth, and calmed his mood.

He watched Xiao Xixi eat and thought to himself that what he liked was not eating meat, but the feeling of watching her eat meat.

That kind of simple and pure satisfaction made him feel very comfortable.

Seeing that she had almost eaten, he asked casually.

“Did you see your father just now”


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