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Chapter 55: Father’s Request

Xiao Xixi is Xiao Lingfeng’s first child, and it stands to reason that he should care for her.

But because of Xiao Xixi’s fate, she was sent out since she was a child and did not come back until she was fifteen years old.

They are nominally father and daughter, but in fact they are not much better than strangers.

Xiao Lingfeng stepped forward to greet her.

“Wei Chen paid a visit to Xiao Liangdi.”

Xiao Xixi asked curiously, “Why is my father here”

Xiao Lingfeng hesitated repeatedly, and finally decided to tell the truth.

“It was your mother and your sister who were sick.

They accidentally fell into the river when they crossed the bridge yesterday afternoon.

When they were rescued, they were unconscious.

I invited all the slightly famous doctors in Shengjing City to my home, but it was useless.

Instead of getting better, their condition became more serious.

I really can’t help it.

I can only go into the palace to see the prince and ask him to grant me permission to take the doctor home.”

Xiao Xixi blinked: “That’s it.”

Xiao Lingfeng frowned: “Why don’t you look surprised at all That’s your mother and sister.

You know that they are in great trouble.

Shouldn’t you be worried and sad”

Xiao Xixi calculated a hexagram for Xue Shi and Xiao Zhilan.

The two of them would suffer a little, but their lives were unhindered.

Since they couldn’t die, Xiao Xi felt that there was nothing to worry about.

But these words cannot be said to Xiao Lingfeng.

Xiao Xixi just smiled embarrassedly at her father’s question, and then asked, “Has my father seen Royal Highness, the Prince”

Xiao Lingfeng was very dissatisfied with her reaction, but she was now the Prince Liangdi, and no matter how dissatisfied he was, he was not qualified to tell her what to do.

He frowned and said, “No, His Royal Highness is busy, and I can’t go in until he is done.”

He noticed the food box Xiao Xixi was holding in her hand, and tentatively asked, “Are you going to give food to His Royal Highness the prince”

Xiao Xixi admitted calmly: “That’s right.”

Xiao Lingfeng took two steps forward and said eagerly, “Can you take me in with you Your mother and your sister are very sick, and they can’t delay any longer.

I must invite the chief doctor back as soon as possible.”

“No way.”

Seeing that she refused so neatly, Xiao Lingfeng suddenly became angry: “They are all your relatives.

Would you rather watch them die than reach out to help them Why is your heart so cold and hard”

Even if she was scolded, Xiao Xixi was not annoyed, she explained solemnly.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I can’t be sure that I can meet His Royal Highness.

I, like you, have just arrived here and haven’t asked anyone to go in and report it, aas you said just now, His Royal Highness is busy, and he may not be free to see me.

In case he refuses to see me, and I agree to your request, wouldn’t I be speechless”

She made sense, but Xiao Lingfeng couldn’t refute it.

He knew that he was too impulsive and didn’t talk too much, but he was an elder and couldn’t pull his face to apologize to the junior.

So he could only say with a flat face: “If the prince doesn’t want to see you, then I haven’t said anything about lunch.”

At this moment, Eunuch Chang walked out.

He didn’t expect Xiao Liangdi to be here too, so he hurriedly saluted.

“Why is Xiao Liangdi come here today”

Xiao Liangdi is the least favourite woman in the Eastern Palace to go out.

Unless necessary, she rarely goes out.

It is really rare to see her appear today.

Xiao Xixi smiled and said, “I’m here to deliver soup to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

I would like to ask you to help pass it on.”

“Okay, the minion will help you communicate.”

Eunuch Chang turned around and wanted to leave, Xiao Lingfeng quickly stopped him: “Eunuch, is His Royal Highness free to see me”


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