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Chapter 54: Soup Delivery

Xiao Xixi rubbed her eyes: “What time is it now”

“It’s two o’clock now.”

Xiao Xixi converted the time in her heart, and within two minutes, it was about half past two.

“It’s still early, I’ll go to bed for a while.” She made a gesture to fall on the bed again.

Bao Qin hurriedly grabbed her: “You have been asleep for almost an hour, and you can’t sleep anymore, sit still and the slave will dress you up.”

Xiao Xi said weakly: “Anyway, there is nothing to do in the afternoon, so let me sleep for a while.”

Bao Qin said anxiously: “Who said you are okay You want to make soup in the afternoon so that you can send it to Royal Highness the prince.

Although you are favoured now, you can’t be careless.

You must seize every opportunity to go to Royal Highness and show your courting, so that His Royal Highness can remember your kindness, so that you can be favoured forever.”

“I’m not going, I want to sleep.”

“Little Master, you really can’t sleep anymore!”

Bao Qin dragged Xiao Xigong’s arm tightly to prevent her from falling down.

Xiao Xi struggled unsuccessfully, so she just sat down and fell asleep.

Upon seeing this, Bao Qin was so admired that she fell to the ground.

She has never seen such an impatient concubine!

Bao Qin really couldn’t wait to wake her master up and tell her not to sleep anymore.

But after all, he still didn’t have the heart to disturb her.

With the feeling of hating that iron is not made of steel, Bao Qin carefully helped her master to lie down and covered her with a quilt.

Bao Qin walked out of the bedroom on tiptoe and walked to the small kitchen.

Since the master is too lazy to move, she, a slave, has to do it for her.

She cooks the soup first, then waits for the master to wake up, and then asks the master to personally bring the soup to the prince.

Then, just lie that the soup was made by the master.

This operation is very common in the harem.

Many concubines do not know how to cook, and if they want to show their virtuous side, they will let the slaves quietly prepare the food, and then the master will come forward to deliver the food.

At that time, the master will be rewarded and the slaves will be rewarded.

Bao Qin sighed.

She didn’t expect to be rewarded.

She just hoped that her master would be more aggressive and stop messing around.

Xiao Xixi woke up from a seductive smell of food.

She got up, shrugged her little nose, and followed the scent all the way to the small kitchen.

“Bao Qin, what are you doing It smells so good!”

As Xiao Xixi said, she stretched out her hand to remove the lid of the pot.

Bao Qin grabbed her: “Little Master, don’t move.

This is an old duck soup prepared for Royal Highness.

You can’t drink it.

The slave will wait for you to freshen up and dress up first, and then you will take the old duck soup to His Royal Highness and tell him that you made the soup yourself.”

Xiao Xixi was particularly disappointed: “How could such a delicious soup be prepared for others I want to drink too.”

Bao Qin had prepared it a long time ago: “Don’t worry, Royal Highness the prince will definitely not be able to finish drinking such a large pot of soup by himself.

The slave will divide out a small portion of the soup and heat it on the stove.

When you come back from delivering the soup, this small portion of the soup will belong to you….”

Xiao Xixi suddenly felt refreshed, and urged: “Hurry up, hurry up, help me freshen up, I’m going to deliver soup to the prince!”

Bao Qin silently praised her wit.

To deal with the little master, you have to seduce him with food.

After dressing up properly, Xiao Xixi carried the food box and left the Qingge Hall with great energy.

At this time, the prince usually handles official duties in the study room, and his study room is located in Mingguang Palace.

When Xiao Xixi was about to arrive at Mingguang Palace, she accidentally met a person.

The loyal general Xiao Lingfeng was standing at the gate of Mingguang Palace waiting, looking at his sweaty appearance, it seemed that there was something urgent.

He didn’t expect to meet his eldest daughter here, so he couldn’t help being taken aback.


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