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Chapter 53: Honesty

Xiao Xixi peeled two sunflower seeds herself and threw them into her mouth, eating contentedly.

Luo Qinghan looked at the sunflowers.

He originally thought that these sunflowers were for ornamental purposes, but he didn’t expect Xiao Xigong to use them as one of the food sources.

This woman is really a veritable foodie.

Xiao Xixi used sunflower seeds as an after-dinner snack, and accompanied the prince for a walk while eating.

Luo Qinghan listened to the screams of chickens and ducks, as well as the sound of the women around him nibbling melon seeds, and his mood turned out to be unexpectedly relaxed and peaceful.

During the lunch break, Xiao Xixi took the initiative to apply to sleep on a low couch.

Although they had already had the experience of sleeping in the same room last night, there is no difference between sleeping once and sleeping twice, but if they can choose, she still prefers to sleep alone.

Luo Qinghan looked at her steadily: “Why don’t you want to sleep with me Do you think there is anything wrong with loneliness”

Xiao Xi said shyly: “Royal Highness is the most perfect man in the world in the concubine’s body and mind.

Even if the concubine stared at you for three days and three nights, she couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

The concubine does not sleep with you because the concubine does not sleep well, for fear of disturbing your rest.”

“It’s okay, I don’t dislike you.”

Xiao Xi had nothing to say.

It seems that this man is not going to let her go easily.

She can only accept her fate.

Luo Qinghan stretched out his arms: “”Undress me.”

Xiao Xi obediently helped him undress and waited for him to go to bed to rest.

She lay down beside him.

There was still a full foot of distance between the two.

Xiao Xigong lay upright, not daring to move, until the man beside her closed his eyes and did not move for a long time, she relaxed a little bit.

She turned her eyes and looked at the man who was sleeping quietly beside her.

This man usually gives people a frosty feeling, which is very difficult to approach.

At this time, he closed his eyes, and the cold and lonely feeling faded a lot, and the whole person became soft and quiet.

Xiao Xixi couldn’t help feeling emotional.

He still looks more cute when he is asleep.

She fell asleep unconsciously.

When her breath returned to peace, Luo Qinghan, who had already fallen asleep, quietly opened his eyes.

He stared quietly at the woman beside him.

There are many women in East Palace, but there are none who can really sleep with him.

It’s not because he doesn’t look up to those women, but because he doesn’t trust them.

He didn’t know how many people’s eyeliner was hidden in those women.

I don’t know what purpose those women have for him.

The woman in front of her actually has a different purpose, but she is different from those hypocritical women.

She puts her purpose on the table truthfully.

She will not deliberately conceal it in front of him.

She let him see her honesty.

Luo Qinghan likes her honesty.

In this palace where even father, son and brothers can meet each other in order to fight for power and profit, her honesty is precious.

He didn’t know how long her honesty could last.

He just hoped that she could keep it a little longer and not become unrecognizable so quickly.

When Xiao Xixi woke up, the man beside him had already left.

Bao Qin waited for her to get up and change clothes, and said with a smile.

“The little master was really amazing just now, and he solved Concubine Li Bianfei in three or two clicks.”

Xiao Xi hadn’t fully woken up, and her mind was still a little dazed.

She yawned, not quite understanding what Bao Qin was talking about.

Bao Qin happily said, “Little Master, don’t you know The slave just heard that Concubine Li Bian fell ill after returning, and asked the Tai doctor to come over for treatment.

It seems that she will not get better for a while.

First Chen Liangyuan was punished, then Concubine Bai was sick, and now even Concubine Li has fallen down.

Hehe, you will be the most favoured in the backyard of the Eastern Palace in the future.

If you work hard, you might be able to win the position of crown princess.”


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