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Chapter 52: The Right Decision

Luo Qinghan didn’t move his chopsticks, and looked at Xiao Xixi blankly.

“Your Highness, don’t be stunned, eat quickly, this fish is super delicious!”

After speaking, she picked up a piece of fish and put it in Luo Qinghan’s bowl.

Luo Qinghan frowned at the fish in the bowl.

She used her own chopsticks to pick vegetables for him.

There should be her saliva on the chopsticks, right

He wanted to teach her a few words, but when he saw her smiling face that was bubbling with happiness because of the fish, he couldn’t say anything.

Forget it.

It is rare to see such an easy-to-satisfy woman in the palace, so let her go.

Luo Qinghan picked up the chopsticks and prepared mentally before picking up the fish in the bowl and putting it in his mouth.

Xiao Xixi asked expectantly: “Is it delicious”

Luo Qinghan silently put down his chopsticks, picked up the teacup, and drank all the tea in one breath, only to suppress the choking spicy taste.

Xiao Xixi also wanted to pick vegetables for him, but he coldly refused.

“I don’t like spicy food, you can eat it yourself.”

Xiao Xi was very disappointed: “The chilli is so fragrant, you don’t even like to eat it.”

Luo Qinghan not only doesn’t like spicy food, he is not interested in all heavy-flavoured foods.

He is used to eating lighter foods, put less seasonings and try to keep the food authentic.

This may also have something to do with his character.

He doesn’t like bells and whistles, he prefers simplicity and simplicity.

Soon other dishes were also served one after another.

These are all re-fired dishes, most of which have a light taste and are more in line with Luo Qinghan’s taste.

After lunch, Xiao Xixi was about to go for a lunch break, but was stopped by Luo Qinghan.

“You have to walk around after eating, otherwise it will not be conducive to gastrointestinal digestion.”

Xiao Xixi asked, “Where does Your Highness want to go for a walk”


The backyard of Qingge Temple has been turned into a vegetable garden.

Luo Qinghan had known about this a long time ago, but when he saw the lush vegetable plot in front of him with his own eyes, as well as the chickens and ducks who were chirping non-stop.

He looked at everything in front of him blankly, thinking to himself how kind she was to him, which caused her to have to grow vegetables and chickens in her backyard

Xiao Xixi excitedly pulled him to the edge of the pond.

“Your Highness, please see, the fish raised in this pond are the fish we just ate.

There are still many lotus roots in this pond, and you can pick them in summer.

The fresh lotus seeds are crispy and sweet, which is delicious!”

Luo Qinghan turned his gaze from the pond to the face of the woman beside him.

When she was talking about eating, her two apricot eyes were shiny, and she looked very excited and satisfied.

It seemed that for her, as long as she could eat delicious food, nothing else was important.

Luo Qinghan rarely saw such an easily satisfied woman.

Seeing her cheerful look, he couldn’t help but relax.

Sure enough, it was the right decision to come to Qingge Hall to relax.

Xiao Xi ran to the vegetable garden, stood on tiptoe, straightened her arms and picked a sunflower.

She ran back to Luo Qinghan with the sunflower in her arms, broke off a sunflower seed, poked the shell, pinched the white melon seed flesh, and handed it to Luo Qinghan’s mouth.

“Your highness, try it, this raw melon seed is also delicious!”

Luo Qinghan opened his mouth, bit the flesh of the melon seeds, and her lips inadvertently rubbed her fingertips.

The fresh melon seed meat tastes a bit crispy and a little sweet.

It has two completely different flavours from the fried melon seeds.

Xiao Xixi asked expectantly: “Is it delicious”

Luo Qinghan looked at her round and white fingertips and said lightly, “It’s okay.”


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