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Chapter 51: Punishing Concubine Li Bianfei

Concubine Li Yan’s beautiful eyes widened, and she asked in disbelief.

“Let the concubine finish these dishes by herself”

With so many dishes, how could she finish eating alone Is the prince going to hold her alive

Xiao Xixi also opened her apricot eyes wide, and asked in disbelief.

“Let Sister Li eat all these dishes by herself”

There are so many delicious things in the trough, and Concubine Li is allowed to eat them all by herself.

You are too eccentric, Prince!

She couldn’t help grabbing the corners of Luo Qinghan’s sleeves, her apricot eyes were full of pleading.

She wants to eat too!

Luo Qinghan looked at her coldly.

She was seen to tremble, she timidly let go of her little hand, and let out a pitiful whimper.

Luo Qinghan felt that his heart was slightly scratched.

He couldn’t help rubbing Xiao Xigong’s head, and ordered lightly.

“Go fishing for another fish and make it according to Xiao Liangdi’s favourite taste.”

Xiao Xixi immediately burst into tears and laughed: “My concubine wants to eat spicy slices of fish, put more spicy seeds!”

Bao Qin responded with a smile and walked to the backyard.

Luo Qinghan saw that Concubine Li was immovable, and said coldly: “If you haven’t finished these dishes in half an hour, you can just wait to be punished.”

Concubine Li had no other choice but to pick up the chopsticks with tears in her eyes and began to stuff food into her mouth bit by bit.

The more she ate, the more uncomfortable she became, and her tears fell down.

In order to keep in shape, she usually eats very little, and only half a bowl of rice, but now there are eight plates full of dishes in front of her, and the weight of each plate is very sufficient.

She had a hard time eating the third dish, and she really couldn’t eat it anymore.

She covered her faintly painful stomach with one hand, feeling nauseous.

She looked at the prince with tears in her eyes, begging the prince to let her go.

Luo Qinghan was very upset when a good lunch was messed up.

Since he was upset, he would naturally not make others happy.

“I advise you to eat quickly, time is running out.”

Concubine Li reluctantly ate the third dish.

When the chopsticks reached the fourth dish, she finally couldn’t help it, got up abruptly, rushed out, and bent over with the trunk of her tree to vomit.

Caiyun asked worriedly while patting her on the back.

“Empress, are you okay”

Concubine Li spit out all the contents in her stomach in one breath.

The face that was originally beautiful like peach and plum was pale as paper.

With Caiyun’s help, she staggered back to the house.

She knelt down on the ground and choked: “Your Highness, the concubine really can’t eat anymore, and the concubine is willing to accept punishment.”

Luo Qinghan asked coolly: “Don’t you think eight dishes are too few”

“The concubine knew that she was wrong, and the concubine didn’t dare to talk too much anymore.”

“Go back to your Golden Wind Palace and copy the Lotus Sutra thirty times.

You are not allowed to leave the Golden Wind Palace until you have finished copying it.”

Concubine Li’s delicate body trembled.

There are eight volumes of the Lotus Sutra.

If you had to copy it thirty times, you would have to cut it off by hand.

But the Crown Prince said to do it, Concubine Li Bian didn’t dare to resist, she could only cry and said, “The concubine knows.”

She got up with Caiyun’s help, wiped tears from her eyes and left the Qingge Hall.

Concubine Li Bian came with full of expectation and left crying.

The matter quickly spread in East Palace.

Everyone was laughing at Concubine Li, thinking that she was too useless.

A dignified concubine, she couldn’t even hold back a little Liangdi.

Xiao Xixi, as one of the parties, didn’t know about these things.

She was now holding spicy slices of fish and eating contentedly.

She has been clear soup and no water for the past few days, and today she can finally let go and eat meat!


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