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Chapter 50: A Strong Sense of Crisis

No one cares about Concubine Li, she can only find a place to sit down silently.

She watched the prince and Xiao Liangdi flirting, and the sourness in her heart couldn’t stop surging.

She thought she had already looked away.

It doesn’t matter if the prince calls other women to serve, anyway, all women have the same status in the prince’s heart.

But until now, when she saw with her own eyes how the prince and Xiao Liangdi got along, she suddenly realized that the prince’s attitude towards Xiao Liangdi was completely different from his attitude towards other women.

When the prince faced other concubines, he was always cold, and he didn’t even want to say a word.

And now that he is with Xiao Xixi, he will indulge her in making some harmless jokes, tolerate her little waywardness, and even take the initiative to seek her advice.

This is definitely not a good sign.

Concubine Li felt a strong sense of crisis.

She even forgot what the purpose of her visit was.

Now she was full of thoughts on how to grab the prince’s attention from Xiao Liangdi.

She could no longer let the prince and Xiao Liangdi develop.

She must find a way to stop it!

The palace ladies served the meals to the table one by one.

Because it is made in a small kitchen, it is not as particular as the imperial dining room.

It is all simple home-cooked dishes.

Most of the ingredients come from the vegetable garden behind the Qingge Hall.

Concubine Li Bianfei looked at the dishes in front of her, frowning slightly: “Xiao Liangdi, will you eat these for Royal Highness the Crown Prince”

Xiao Xixi asked in confusion: “What’s wrong with these dishes”

“There are rules in the palace.

His Royal Highness must have at least twenty dishes for each lunch, including twelve hot dishes, four cold dishes, two hot soups, and two desserts.

If you look at your dishes again, they add up to less than eight dishes, and there is only one soup.

The others are all hot dishes.

Where are the cold dishes and desserts It is your honour for Royal Highness to come to you for dinner.

How can you neglect Royal Highness so much Even if you are arrogant, you didn’t do this.

You are really too much, and there are no rules at all!”

Concubine Li Bian was very angry, and her eyes were full of condemnation when she looked at Xiao Xixi.

Xiao Xixi didn’t care about her, and turned to look at the prince directly, expressing emotion in a tone full of envy and jealousy.

“Your Highness, can you eat 20 dishes per lunch What kind of fairy days are you living here”

Concubine Li sneered: “Don’t think that you can get away with changing the subject.

You must give His Royal Highness an explanation for this lunch!”

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “If you think the food here is not good, you can leave.”

Concubine Li sneer froze on her face.

Her eyes flushed immediately, and the party committee said aggrievedly: “Your Highness, the concubine is apologizing for you.

Why do you still say that about the concubine”

Luo Qinghan: “I want to eat what I want, and there is no need for others to tell me what to do.”

At this moment, Concubine Li Bianfei couldn’t bear it anymore, so she burst into tears.

She wiped the corners of her eyes with a silk handkerchief and choked.

“Your Highness, the concubine is wrong.

The concubine didn’t mean to tell you what to do.

The concubine only said those things because she cared too much about you.

Please don’t be angry with the concubine, okay”

Luo Qinghan looked at her crying and aggrieved appearance, and then looked at the food in front of her, and the irritability that had been suppressed for a long time surged up again.

He just wants to find a place to have a clean meal.

Why can’t he even satisfy this wish

Can’t these people be at ease

He looked at Concubine Li Bianfei coldly, and said with a cold tone:

“Since you think there are too few of these dishes, then you will eat all these meals for me now, and you will not be allowed to leave a mouthful.”


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