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Chapter 5 Do you eat hot pot

Xiao Xixi sensed that there was a pit in the question.

She forcibly changed the topic: “Your Highness suddenly visited.

Do you have any orders”

Luo QingHan didn’t answer and asked, “are you going to stand here with Gu all the time”

Luo QingHan raised his feet and crossed the threshold.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw the hot spicy hot pot.

Luo QingHan came too suddenly.

Even though Xiao Xixi and Baoqin had tried their best to clean up, they still couldn’t find a place to hide the hot pot, so they had to let it be placed in the middle of the room.

There are a lot of peppers and pepper in the hot pot, and a thick layer of red oil floats on the surface.

The strong spicy smell filled the whole room.

Xiao Xixi warmly invited: “Your Highness hasn’t eaten yet Do you want to sit down and eat together”

Luo QingHan looked at her expressionless.

“Where did you get the pot”

Xiao Xi scratched his cheek and his eyes were erratic: “well, that’s a copper basin for washing your face.”

Luo QingHan: “….

Eunuch Chang: “….

A maid : “….

Luo Qing smiled coldly, “you cook hot pot in a washbasin and want to invite Gu to eat together”

Xiao Xi hurriedly said, “this washbasin is very clean.

Your highness can eat it at ease and will never eat bad stomach!”

Luo QingHan doesn’t want to eat.

He looked around at the side dishes and found that the dishes were quite rich, including eggs, chicken, lotus root slices, fish, small vegetables, Chinese cabbage and white radish slices.

“Where did these dishes come from”

Xiao Xi asked cautiously, “can you not say it”

Luo QingHan refused cruelly: “No.”

Xiao Xi sighed: “well, we raise chickens and fish ourselves.

We can pick up several eggs every day.

We also grow lotus roots, small vegetables, Chinese cabbage and white radish.”

“… you raise chickens and vegetables in the east palace

Luo QingHan still had no expression on his face, but from his eyes, he should be doubting life at this time.

Xiao Xi can only smile awkwardly: “ha ha, I’m usually idle and bored.

I raised chickens and ducks in the back yard of Qingge hall and planted some vegetables.”

Luo QingHan stopped talking.

The atmosphere in the room fell into a strange silence.

Only the hot pot is still rolling and making a gurgling sound.

It took a long time for Luo Qinghan to speak, quite a bit of gnashing his teeth.

“Somebody, go and clean up all the chicken, duck and vegetable fields in the backyard of Qingge hall!”

His east palace must not be reduced to other people’s chicken farm!

Xiao Xi is like being struck by lightning.

She flopped down on her knees, hugged Luo QingHan’s long legs and began to cry.

“Your Highness, please let go of those poor chickens, ducks and vegetable fields.

They are just children!”

Luo QingHan: “

He doesn’t have such a child.

He said coldly, “let go.”

Xiao Xi sobbed: “those chicken and duck vegetable fields were raised by my concubine little by little.

They have gathered countless efforts of my concubine.

If they are all gone, how can I live in the future Your highness, · please let go of those chicken, duck, fish and dishes for my help today!”

Luo QingHan asked, “how do you know there will be a disaster today”

“I said before.

Your seal is black.

It’s obviously a disaster of blood.”

Luo Qinghan looked at her: “I don’t know how the eldest lady from General Chungmu’s Mansion will know this.”


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