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Chapter 47: Isn’t this hitting Xiao Liangdi in the face

Luo Qinghan condensed internal strength in the palm of his hand.

Before Concubine Li Bianfei touched Luo Qinghan’s hand, she felt that she was suddenly pushed back by an invisible force.

Then she fell straight back.

When everyone reacted, Concubine Li Bianfei had already fallen to the ground and squatted on the spot.

Due to her excessive movements, one of the beads on her head fell off.

Eunuch Chang and the eunuchs of the palace ladies wanted to laugh in addition to their astonishment.

They could all see clearly just now, it was clear that Concubine Li deliberately fell into the prince’s arms, wanting to take the opportunity to have a close encounter with the prince.

This kind of small means of throwing oneself is very common in the palace, and it can be regarded as an entry-level trick in the encyclopaedia of means of striving for favour.

Everyone has long been surprised by this.

But he couldn’t throw his arms around, so he was pushed to the ground by the prince, which was very embarrassing.

At this time, Concubine Li felt like a joke, and the gaze of the people around her made her feel like a light on her back.

She was ashamed and angry, and she couldn’t wait to pull out the eyes of the palace ladies and eunuchs, and forbid them to look at it again.

Caiyun hurriedly rushed up to help her up.

“Empress, are you okay Are there any injuries from falls”

Concubine Li Bianfei felt that her buttocks were almost about to crack, and it was too painful, but because the prince was in front of her, she could only gritted her teeth and endured, squeezing out three words with difficulty: “I’m fine.”

Luo Qinghan retracted his hand and said coldly: “Walk and watch from now on, don’t see anyone hitting up.”

Concubine Li Bianfei became more ashamed and angry, her pretty face flushed: “It was the concubine who was wrong, and she almost disturbed her Royal Highness.

Please punish me Royal Highness.”

Luo Qinghan didn’t bother to punish people for this trivial matter, and left directly.

Eunuch Chang and a group of court ladies and eunuchs quickly followed.

Seeing that they were heading in the direction of Qingge Hall, Concubine Li moved in her heart and hurriedly shouted.

“Your Highness, please stay!”

Luo Qinghan paused and looked back at her: “What else is there”

This tone didn’t sound unusual, but Eunuch Chang, who was familiar with his temper, could clearly perceive that His Royal Highness was in a bad mood at this time.

Concubine Li Bianfei endured the pain from her buttocks, pushed away the hand of the palace girl, and stepped forward two steps.

“Your highness is going to see Sister Xiao, right It just so happens that the concubine is also going to see Sister Xiao.

If Your Royal Highness doesn’t dislike it, can you let the concubine walk with you”

“Whatever you want.”

Luo Qinghan left these two words behind, turned around and left.

Concubine Li endured the pain and walked quickly to keep up.

It’s almost noon, Xiao Xixi is urging Bao Qin to cook quickly.

She has recovered, and she can finally eat meat today!

She made up her mind that she must eat a lot of meat today!

Who knew that the dishes had just been cooked, and suddenly a group of people came.

Headed by the crown prince, he was also accompanied by Concubine Li, who was dressed to the nines.

Upon seeing this, Bao Qin’s heart thumped.

The prince had just slept with Xiao Liangdi last night.

Today, the prince brought other women to wander in front of Xiao Liangdi.

Isn’t this hitting Xiao Liangdi in the face

If you want to be replaced by a psychologically fragile woman, it is estimated that you can cry out with sadness at this moment.

Fortunately, Xiao Liangdi is very strong.

Not only did she not cry, she also went to the front to greet her with joy.

“The concubine paid a visit to His Royal Highness the prince.”

After standing up behind her, she blessed Concubine Li again.

Concubine Li Bianfei had already adapted to the pain in her buttocks at this time.

As soon as she saw Xiao Xixi, she immediately took two steps forward, enthusiastically held Xiao Xixi’s little hand, and said with a smile:

“I heard that my sister was poisoned before, but it scared me.

I originally wanted to come to see you earlier, but I was worried that it would disturb your rest, so I delayed coming to see you today.

Don’t blame me.”


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