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Chapter 44: Concubine Bai Xianfei is Sick

The brothers will never ask him out to drink and play again.

They usually rarely even meet, and occasionally they just treat him as if they haven’t seen him.

Not only that, there are even some of them who want to kill him!

Obviously, they were brothers who grew up together, but now they have become enemies who will never die.

Hehe, is this blood and affection

In the face of the temptation of power, vulnerable.

Luo Qinghan walked into the study.

He saw the jade lake pen placed on the case.

It was a birthday gift given to him by his eldest brother on his seventh birthday.

When the eldest brother gave him this pen, he vowed to promise that he would cover his younger brother for the rest of his life.

But now.

The eldest brother is no longer his eldest brother.

Luo Qinghan closed his eyes.

“Chang Xi.”

Eunuch Chang walked in and responded with a low frown: “The servant is here.”

Luo Qinghan pointed to the jade lake pen on the table and said coldly: “Throw it away, I don’t want to see it again.”


Eunuch Chang picked up the jade lake pen with both hands and exited the study.

As soon as he disposed of the jade Lake pen, he saw Liu Xu running over in a panic.

Liu Xu said with red eyes: “Eunuch, I have something to ask to see His Royal Highness.”

“What happened”

“Concubine Bai Xianfei is sick.”

Eunuch Chang thought to himself that this Concubine Bai Xianfei was really delicate.

She had a minor illness for three days and a serious illness for five days.

She looked like a short-lived one, but she had always lived well, and she didn’t know whether she was a real illness or a fake illness.

The women in this palace, they have a lot of scary thoughts.

Although he was groaning in his heart, Eunuch Chang had a look of concern on his face.

“Why is Concubine Bai Xianfei sick again It’s really pitiful, eh, you wait here, and I will inform Royal Highness.”

Liu Xu said gratefully: “Thank you Eunuch Chang!”

If the palace ladies around other concubines come here to see the prince, Eunuch Chang usually finds an excuse to send her away.

The prince is very busy.

How can he have so much leisure to deal with the careful thoughts of those women

But Concubine Bai Xianfei is different, she is the youngest daughter of the Prince Taifu.

And the prince Taifu is also the prince’s teacher.

With this relationship, Concubine Bai’s status is far more important than that of other concubines, so don’t neglect it.

Eunuch Chang walked to the door of the study and said respectfully.

“His Royal Highness, Concubine Bai Xianfei is sick, would you like to go and have a look”

To change to normal times, Luo Qinghan looked at the prince Taifu’s face, and might go to the Yulian Hall to see Concubine Bai Xianfei.

But now he is in a very bad mood.

Concubine Bai Xianfei raised her head at this time, which was tantamount to hitting her muzzle with her head.

He said coldly: “She is sick, not dead.

What did she come to you for You go and tell her, if you want to live, you can ask a doctor, and if you want to die, you can buy a coffin.

Don’t bother me with everything!”

Eunuch Chang shrank his neck in fright, and hurriedly responded: “Okay.”

He ran away in despair.

Liu Xu greeted him eagerly when she saw him coming back.

Before she could ask, Eunuch Chang spoke angrily and drove away.

“You hurry up and go, His Royal Highness the prince is very busy now.”

Liu Xu was stunned.

She knew very well that the reason why Concubine Bai had an old illness was because Concubine Bai knew about the prince’s stay in Qingge Hall last night.

What Concubine Bai needs most now is the prince’s comfort.

That’s why Liu Xu hurriedly ran to beg the prince to take a look at Concubine Bai.

At the same time, she also wanted everyone else in the palace to take a look.

The prince still valued Concubine Bai most in his heart.

But who knew that the prince refused to even show his face, so he had to send her away directly.

Liu Xu was unwilling to just give up.


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