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Chapter 41: I can Protect You Alone

Luo Qinghan glanced sideways at her, with a very obvious meaning of inquiry in her eyes.

He wants to know what happened to Lonely Star.

“The concubine body told you before that the fate of the concubine body is very special.

There is evil in the life of the concubine body, and she is a natural lone star of heavenly evil.

There was a Taoist Youfang who once declared that concubines, father, mother, brothers, sisters, sisters, and as long as they are relatives who are related by blood to concubines, they will eventually be killed by concubines.”

When Xiao Xixi said these words, her tone was very casual, not as if she was talking about something that was personally related to her, but more like talking about a trivial matter that was irrelevant.

Luo Qinghan frowned and said in a low voice: “That Taoist was talking nonsense!”

Xiao Xixi smiled.

“He didn’t talk nonsense, the fate of the concubine is indeed not good.”

“The concubine actually has a twin brother.

He was born half an hour later than the concubine.

Unfortunately, he died as soon as she was born.”

“My mother was greatly stimulated at the time, and her spirit almost collapsed.

At that time, a wandering Taoist priest happened to pass by the house.

After learning about this, the Taoist priest made a calculation for the concubine.

He said that the concubine was born with evil spirits, and she was the lonely star of the heavenly evil, and her younger brother was killed by the concubine.”

“The Taoist priest also said that the concubine will kill the father, the mother, the brother, the younger sister.

If the concubine body is kept at home, the whole family will be defeated to death by the concubine body.

My parents were very scared and wanted to throw me out.

In the end, my grandfather couldn’t bear it and found a way to send me out of the general’s mansion.

Later, after several turnovers, I worshipped into the Xuanmen and became a member of the Xuanmen.”

Luo Qinghan had already sat up straight at this time, staring sideways at the woman behind him, and asked softly.

“Do you hate them”

Xiao Xixi shook her head: “I don’t hate them.”

She paused, and the words Xue once said to her appeared in her mind.

She lowered her eyes and said, “This concubine is just a little scared and a little dazed.”

Luo Qinghan turned and looked at her, feeling a little pity in his heart.

He vaguely saw a shadow of himself on her body.

Both of them are people without family bonding.

Luo Qinghan held her hand and whispered softly, “Don’t be afraid, you are a lonely woman now, and loneliness can protect you.”

Xiao Xi smiled and bent her eyes: “Is this Highness not afraid of being killed by your concubine”

“I am the prince and the future monarch.

In the words of the group of people in Qintian Prison, there is a real dragon on him.

Even if you are really the lonely star of the heavenly Evil, I can hold it down.”

Xiao Xixi took the opportunity to blow a rainbow fart.

“Your Royal Highness is right.

It is the wisest decision your concubine has ever made in her life that her concubine can marry Your Royal Highness.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Luo Qinghan forced her into her arms.

Xiao Xixi was taken aback, and instinctively wanted to push him away and stand up, but he surrounded her with his arms to prevent her from struggling.

The two of them are too close, and there is a danger of misfire at any time.

Xiao Xixi’s hair stood up all over his body, like a little milk cat that had entered a state of alert, his apricot eyes widened nervously.

“Your Highness, please let go.

If you are like this, it is not convenient for your concubine to wipe your hair.”

Through the thin clothing, Luo Qinghan could clearly feel the tension of the woman in his arms.

He looked into her eyes and said lightly.

“It’s getting late, I just want to sleep.”

Xiao Xi was so nervous that her tongue began to knot: “But, but your hair hasn’t dried out yet, and you are prone to headaches when you sleep with wet hair.”

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid of pain.”

Xiao Xi was stunned.

The prince didn’t even care about her headache in order to sleep.

How hungry is he


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