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Chapter 4 People in the Profound Gate

Think of the thrill of life hanging on the line just now, and the “bloody disaster” said by Xiao Liangdi.

A guess loomed in Luo QingHan’s heart——

Did Xiao Liangdi already know that he would be assassinated

If she is an insider, what does she have to do with these assassins

Are they together

But if they were together, why did Xiao Liangdi give him an amulet and take the initiative to remind him to be careful of someone’s plot

Countless doubts surged into his heart, which made Luo QingHan stare at the amulet in his hand for a long time.

Luo QingHan didn’t come back until the eldest prince and the second prince came in a hurry with the guards.

He put away his amulet and his face returned to his usual indifference.

“Third brother, I heard you were assassinated.

Are you hurt”

Luo QingHan’s eyes flashed one by one from the faces of the two brothers.

They seemed to be really worried, and their faces were full of concern.


Who knows what they really think

Maybe one of them sent these assassins.

Luo QingHan was named crown prince only a year ago, but he is neither the eldest son nor a legitimate son.

The only thing he can rely on is the support of the Queen’s mother family.

In the eyes of the princes, Luo QingHan is not the Queen’s own son , no matter how close he is to the queen.

Why does he occupy the position of crown Prince!

The princes didn’t show it on their face and were very unwilling in their hearts.

Over the past year, they have made a series of small moves in private, but they are only small means.

Luo QingHan didn’t care since he wasn’t hurt.

Unexpectedly, these brothers even intensified and even hurt each other for the sake of the crown prince!

Luo QingHan’s mood surged in his heart, but his face was calm as usual: “it’s all right.

You two imperial brothers don’t have to worry.”

“It’s all right.

My father is worried about you.

Go and keep peace with my father.

Just leave it to us.”

“Thank you, two royal brothers.”

Luo Qinghan rode away on the guard’s horse, but left his guards behind.

Because the prince almost suffered an accident, the emperor had no intention to hunt again.

Today’s hunting ended ahead of schedule.

Back to the east palace.

Luo QingHan called his confidants into the study.

They discussed for an hour.

Finally, they were divided into two groups.

They first went all the way to the cliff to search for the horse’s body and find out the reason why the horse suddenly went crazy.

Another group went to trace the origins of the assassins to see who sent them

It was already evening when Luo QingHan came out of his study.

He suddenly remembered the woman holding his thigh this morning.

“Where is Xiao Liangdi”

Eunuch Chang bowed and replied, “she is locked up in the Lengxiang building.”

Luo QingHan raised his feet and walked towards Lengxiang building.

When they came to the door of Lengxiang building, they saw that the door was closed and the dim yellow light of candle fire was revealed in the window.

Eunuch Chang came to the door.

“Your Highness the prince has arrived!”

There was a bang bang in the building, and Xiao Liangdi’s urging voice could be heard faintly.

“Put your things away!”

Then there was a rush of footsteps.

The gate was opened.

Xiao Xixi knelt down and saluted with a Baoqin.

“See your royal highness.”

Luo QingHan looked at the woman in front of him and saw that her lips were red and bright.

She could vaguely smell a little spicy and delicious.

He asked faintly, “what are you doing in the house”

Xiao Xi said guilty: “I’m having dinner.”

“You don’t look worried at all.”

“What are you worried about”

“What do you think”


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